Charlotte Angotti:

1001G Let Me Surprise You!

2001G Surprise Yourself

3061G Mountain View Mystery 1

3061G Mountain View Mystery 1


Rob Appell:

4001G 3 Dudes Modified

5001G Color Strata

6001G Burst Block

7001G Easy Reverse Appliqué by Machine


Mel Beach:

3001C Magnificent Mandalas

4002C Slice of Improv

5002C Mod Molas & Bright Blooms

6002C Mod Mandalas


Bobbie Bergquist:

3062C More Being Creative with Tsukineko Inks


Pam Bocko

3068C Hot Spot: A Quilted Trivet

6066C A Fresh Batch: Hand Embroidered Cupcake Pincushion


Lisa H Calle

1002C Rulers for Rookies

2002C Feathers for the timid

3002C The Crative Playground, 3003C Perfect Plumes

4003C Divide and Design


Missie Carpenter:

1003C Starch Basting Technique for English Paper Piecing –

Fast, Easy, Accurate!


Dora Cary

1201G Only One


Teresa Coates:

1004C Easy to Sew Double Gauze Apparel

2003C Stitch & Flip Technique for an Easy Cuddle Quilt

4062C 1-2-3 Steps for a Simple Baby Blanket


Michele Crawford:

1005C Crumb Quilted Wheels Quilt

3067C Explore the World of English Paper Piecing- Hexagons

4006G Art & Stitch: Piano Keys Gone Wild!

4007G Art & Stitch: Doodle Designs


Deb Granger:

4561C Americana Twist


Linda Hahn:

3005C Feelin’ Crabby

4008C Brooklyn Blues

5005C She Can Dance

6066C Purplessence

7003C Junkanoo Jams


Laura Heine:

1010G Pink Pump Collage Class

3006G Paisley Bear Collage Class

5072C Teeny Tiny Dress Collage

6067C Teeny Tiny Fish Collage


Diane Kirkhart:

3007C For Anne

4009C Milifiori, La Passagalia

5006C Tule Nova English Paper Piecing

• Botanical Table Runner


Lynn Koolish:

4010C Mixed Media Fiber Alternative Surfaces to Quilts,

Stitch & Embelish

5007C Color, Texture & Translucency for Fiber Collage

6008C Free- Spirited, Free-form Patchwork Quilt

6007C Artful Fiber Au Naturel

7004C Make a Color-POP Quilt


Mary Beth Krapil:

1011C Jump Start Into Sit Down Longarm Quilting

2009C Ruler Mania for Sit Down Quilters

3008C Jump Start Into Longarm Quilting

4011C Ruler Mania

5008C Fill Frenzy

6009C Find your Feather


Amy Loh Kupser:

2010C Explore Applique & Bead Embroidery

3013G Majesty


Catherine Redford:

4014C Wool Applique Butterfly, 4067C Bold Hand Stitching

5011C Hand Embroidery - Pretty in Paisley

6012C Walking Foot Quilting - Beyond the Ditch!

7006C Free Motion Quilting - Put the Feed Dogs Down and Go!


Jodi Robinson:

3014A Stencil Magic

4015A A Perfect Combination!

4016A Modern Simplicity

5012A Less Stress Feathers

5013A Tile Work

6013A Straight Line with a Modern Twist

6014A Less Stress Feathers


Rosa Rojas Rienda:

1015C Master Class Hawaiian with Appliquick

2015C Apliquick Master Class


Valli Schiller

4017C Confetti Ninepatch

5014C Ruler Quilting FUNdamentals

6015C Quilting on the Half Shell

7007C Folk Art Free Motion Quilting


Maria Shell:

2301C Making Print Out Of Solids

4018C Circle & Curve Sampler

4068C Artful Ove Mitts

5015C Bits & Pieces - Designing form the Scrap Bag


Wendy Sheppard:

1202C A Reprise: Baltimore Quilt Block

3015C Rhyme and Reason from Simple to Complex

4019C De-mystifying Feather Quilting

5016C Roundabout Feather Quilting: A Sampler

6016C Ideas- What to Quilt?


Patricia Simons:

3016C Template Mania

5066C Yes, You can Create a Quilting Design

1018C Hot Flash

2018C Northern Neighbors


Annie Unrein:

3069C Pack It In

5071C Pack It In

6064C Pack It In


Beth Watts:

5069C Landscapes Concepts and Elements 101


Margret Willingham:

4072C Have a Heart: Machine Reverse Appliqué

6065C Have a Heart: Hand Reverse Appliqué


Pat Yamin:

5070C Adios UFO Bienvenido New Projects

6021G Time on My Hands

7010G Borders and Corners

4073C Explore the World of English Paper Piecing – Jewels

5062C Explore the World of English Paper Piecing – Diamonds

6061C Explore the World of English Paper Piecing – Curves


Kimberly Einmo:

3004C Lone Starburst

4004C Spinwheels

5003C Hidden Pines

6003C Celebrations! Mystery Quilt


Susan Emory:

4005C Equal Rights

5004C Flower Power

6004C Happy Place

7002C Paper Piecing with Selvages ( Half Day)


Gudrun Erla:

1006C Aurora & Lupine

2004C Kira & Lexie


Grace Errea

4501G Bird View Workshop – With Free Edge Appliqué

6701G From Inspiration to Amazing Quilt Top


Sandy Fitzpatrick

1007C No Fear Free-Motion Quilting

2005G Appliqué the easy way


Carrie Fondi:

1008C Needle Turn Appliqué

2007C Hawaiian Appliqué

3063C Hand Quilting

4063C Hawaiian Appliqué– Shortened

6005C Hand Quilting


Lee Fletcher:

5063C Creative Master Gardening


Linda Gosselin

1009C Feathers on the Half Shell

2008C Round Peg in A Square Hole

3021G Art & Stitch: Easy as 1-2-3

3022G Art & Stitch Motifs and Creative Fills

3064C Hugs & Kisses Bracelet

4064C Arabesque Bracelet or Necklace

5064C Playful Peyote Lariat


Joan Linahon:

3066C A Room of My Own

4071C Quilter’s Recipe

5067C Stitchin’ Stash


Robin Long:

1012C Sun Flower

2011C Midnight Flower Dance


Nancy Mahoney:

3009C Beginning EQ8

4012C Creative Borders in EQ8

5009C Designing Quilts EQ8

6010C Panama Stars

7005C Summer Heat


Laura Murray:

3010C Kaleidoscope Stars

4065C Color Your Fabric with Paintsticks


Kate Flynn Nichols

2012C Spinning Color Wheel


Gina Perkes:

1014A Appliquilting with Rulers

2014A The Fundamentals of Longarm Quilting

5065A Machine Quilting with Stencils


Nancy Prince:

3012C Thread Painted Landscapes – Spring

4013C Black And White and Red All Over

5010C Enhancing a Photo Through Thread Sketching

6011C Thread Painting and Thread Sketching Combined


Gina Reddin:


Connie Spurlock:

3065C Feeling “Whipped” when it comes to Binding?

4069C See The Light! Paper Piecing

5067C Bethlehem in Batiks


Heidi Stagno:

1016G Beginning Free Motion Fills

2016G Grid & Stitch with Rulers


Linda Sullivan:

1017C Cosmos Liberated Strip Piecing &

No Fear Curves Workshop

2017C Precision Pieced Spikey Triangle Workshop

3017C Appliqué Stitch Lab

4070C Wonky Piecing & Easy Machine Appliqué MadDog

6062C Cut Loose And Fancy Free Piecing


David Taylor:

3018C Rhythm and Hues

4020C Getting to Know the Sweet 16

4021C Yes You Can Stipple

5017C Rhythm and Hues

6017C Getting to Know the Sweet 16

6018C Yes, You Can Stipple

7008C Floral appliqué


Linda Taylor:

3019G Beginning Feather and Fleathers

4022G Practical Quilting for Practically Every Quilt

5018G Freehand Quilting for Beginners

6019G Star Gazing


Joyce Teng:

5061C Tropical Rainbow Silk Scarf

6063C Funky Tree


Gillian Travis:

3020C Quirky Birds

4023C Townscapes

5019C Interlaced Patchwork

6020C Interchange Appliqué

7009C Fabric Flowers


Deb Tucker:


Christina Dolinar:

1020C Spinner

2020C Easy Breezy Pinwheel




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