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Christmas Tradition #2

Collectibles are every where during the holiday season.  There are just so many wonderful items available to collect that expresses the Christmas Spirit. Ever since 1990, Carolyn has collected Byers’ Choice Carolers.  These recognizable dolls are manufactured by the Byers Family in Pennsylvania. In producing the carolers, the company holds the record for the largest use of wire coat hangers in the United States.  While all the dolls share the distinctive wide open mouth, each doll is unique, being individually crafted by one of a team of over 80 artisans at the factory.dolls4

Carolyn began collecting the Buyers’ carolers simply because she liked them. Each year, she would add a few more dolls to her collection. Today, she boasts having more than 200 dolls!!!  She had to stop purchasing them around 5 years ago because she ran out of room to store them all.

During the Christmas season, Carolyn displays her dolls into festive groupings throughout her house: dolls1  









One of Carolyn’s favorite sets, are her original Salvation Army Carolers. Each doll is an original of the collection.  If you look carefully, Carolyn’s mother created a sidewalk for the carolers to stand on.  Made of flat rocks glued to a piece of canvas, the dolls appear to be standing on their trademark street corner. So clever!!!

Carolyn has also branched out in collecting some of the other Byers Choice holiday dolls. She has displays for Fourth of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving. But the Christmas carolers are her favorite. Nothing says Merry Christmas more in the Reese family than Carolyn’s Byers’ Choice Carolers.

What do you collect for your holiday pleasure?



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