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What's Your Quilt Worth?


For many years, Road to California has offered the service of representatives from the Professional Association of Appraisers-Quilted Textiles to give qualified appraisals for any attendee. Appraisers are certified by the American Quilters Society. For a nominal fee, they will give verbal or written notification of a quilt’s value. One of this year’s appraisers, Anne Copeland, answered some commonly asked questions about quilt appraisals:

Why would I want to have a quilt appraised?

1. Economics– If the quilt is worth something, you might want to sell it;

2. Displaying at a Quilt Show– If a quilt is going to be shown outside of your home, it no longer falls under your regular homeowner’s insurance. A quilt rider (requiring an appraisal) is required to extend your policy to include protection at a venue;

3.When Purchasing a Quilt– You want to make sure of the quilt’s actual value before making an offer;

4. When Making a Donation– Museums and charitable organizations require an appraisal before accepting quilts as gifts;

5. Settling an Estate – Due to death or divorce, quilts are sometimes included in an estate’s value, and therefore need to be assessed of their worth.appraisal___i4c5852

What is the difference between an Evaluation and an Appraisal? An evaluation is a verbal acknowledgement that the quilt has some monetary worth. You would get an evaluation if you just want to know if your quilt has any value. An appraisal is more formal. It is actual written documentation showing the worth of the quilt and is needed whenever a monetary transaction is involved (like selling the quilt).

What is considered when appraising a quilt?

Age– This is determined by the prints and colors of the fabrics used. Also, whether the quilt’s design is scrappy or fancy.

Purpose– Is it a utilitarian quilt or was it made for a special purpose like a wedding celebration or birth of a baby?

Style– Is the quilt style antique, contemporary, or traditional? Is it an art quilt or wearable art?

How long does an appraisal take? The appraisal begins with the owner filling out a questionnaire on what basic information they know about the quilt. Then, depending on how unique the quilt it is, the appraisal can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour to complete.appraisal___i4c5846

Whether your quilt is a family heirloom, personal treasure, or historic relic, having it appraised provides valuable information and peace of mind.

Have you had any of your quilts appraised? Why or why not?



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