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How To Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer (Part II)

Summer is the perfect time to encourage the children in your life to sew. With the long, hot days, what could be more fun than staying out of the heat and discovering the fun and sense of accomplishment that sewing brings?

We met several innovative young sewers at Road this year whose mothers encouraged their children to learn to sew:

Haley, Anabell and Michelle are 12 year old triplets who love to sew. Their mother is sewer who started quilting 4 years ago. She signed her daughters up for the kid’s class at Road 2013 to introduce them to sewing. Haley made pillowcases and thought the class “was a fun experience.” She also liked all of the quilt exhibits. Annabell made pillows in the class and enjoyed sorting through all the buttons in the button booths. “Buttons are my hobby,” remarked Annabell. Michelle thought looking at the quilts was “cool” and has started making one herself. They all agreed sewing can be very versatile. Learning to sew has become useful for making clothes because it saves them money. And they have also discovered how all it takes is a needle and thread plus some fabric and they can make blankets._i4c3699_copy

Lizzy is a 7 year old sewer. She came to Road with her mom, Lori, from Temecula, CA. Lori learned to sew from her mother when she was 10 and she has in turn taught her daughter. When Lizzy was just 2 years old, she would watch Lori sew and especially enjoyed turning on and off Lori’s machine!! Lizzie helped Lori baste quilts too. As Lizzy grew, Lori bought some grid Pellon so Lizzie could perfect sewing straight lines. At her young age, Lizzy is already a pretty accomplished sewer. She does both hand and machine sewing and even has her own sewing machine. Lizzie has made napkins, worked with applique, and is looking forward to making her first quilt.Lizzy and Lori

For Road’s 20th Anniversary Show, January 22 – 25, 2015, there will be a youth quilt challenge. More information will be available soon on the Road to California web site: www.road2ca.com.  Who knows? If your children start sewing and quilting now, they may create a winning entry!!!

Sewing+Summer= Tons of fun for everyone!!!





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