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A Reese Family Christmas 2015

You know the Reese family holiday season is in full swing when Carolyn Reese makes her famous treats:

She makes lots of Double Almond Crunchcandy3

And lots of homemade peanut brittle.final pb

Where will the Reese family be this year for Christmas? _i4c4160pg

Carolyn will be traveling with her son David,  his wife, Susan, and granddaughter (Dave’s youngest) Mary Beth to Virginia to spend a week with Dave’s other daughters, Erika and Carie along with Carie’s family– husband Kevin and their three children, Carolyn’s great grandchildren.  Carolyn is looking forward to having Santa visit again.  They are going to do a little sight seeing if the weather permits.  Carolyn will also be visiting her friend Stevii Graves, who helps her immensely with Road each year. Matt Reese and his wife Jennifer will be spending Christmas in Rancho Cucamonga with his parents Michael (Carolyn’s son) and Shellee, and his sister  Sarah and her family that includes two more of Carolyn’s great grandchildren, Addie and Paya. Carolyn’s third son, Darrell and his wife Jill, will be celebrating with Darrell’s children Jillianne, Glenn and Rachel (who is bringing a gentleman friend from Chicago).   How will your family be spending the holiday?    


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