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10 Tips and Tricks For Using an Iron

Eloise Wagers from Oliso shared important tips and tricks to make your iron your best friend forever.148

Elaine’s main message was:

“You should be using your iron as much as your sewing machine.”

Before you start to use your iron, you need to know what you are doing with it. Do you know the difference between ironing and pressing? Ironing is defined as sliding the iron back and forth over fabric. Pressing is lifting the iron up and down over the fabric. Eloise pointed out that you don’t need a heavy iron to do your best work. Heat and moisture is what is needed for a good crease. Using steam will speed up the ironing process. What should you look for in purchasing an iron? The soul plate should be made from stainless steel. A shiny plate or one that has a Teflon coating tends to create a drag when ironing. Also, consider the length of the cord, a generous water tank that is easy to fill using tap water, and an auto shut off for safety.

What were Eloise’s Top 10 Tips and Tricks For Using Your Iron?151

1) Just like pre-heating your oven before baking, you need to make sure your iron is heated up before using. This will also help prevent leaking.

2) Place your iron near your machine but far enough away so that you have to get up and walk over to it.

3) Press all seams twice. First, press the seam like you sewed it. This sets the seam. Then go back and press open or press to one side – depending on the design and how it will be quilted.1474) Press as you go. Press whenever you join another seam. Press on the back when you finish a block and when you have the top completed. Press lightly again on the right side. Never press after a quilt after it has been quilted because it will mash the batting.

5) Use the highest setting with steam when pressing cottons. Turn down the heat for polyester or synthetics. Test the fabric first from the back side.

6) White Vinegar mixed with a little water both puts a crease in and takes a crease out.

7) Never press over pins, markings, or basting threads.

8) Press long seams going across your ironing board to prevent distorting the grain line.

9) Clean the sole plate using a dryer sheet, a Clean Magic Eraser, or try this: ironing over wet table salt on a brown paper bag.

10) Clean the steam vents by pouring hot water into the chamber, heat up the iron, and quickly press out all the water over the sink.

And of course, unplug or turn off electric output after use. To learn more about Oliso and their products, please visit their web site.]]>

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One Response to “10 Tips and Tricks For Using an Iron”

  1. QuiltShopGal says:

    Very helpful article. I’ve actually been researching irons for some time. Have not had much hands on experience with Osilo, but I have liked them when I’ve had a chance to use them (e.g. classes). And I definitely like the safety features with Osilo, which is a strength when I do benchmarking/comparitive research on other irons.
    Thanks again for the helpful tips.

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