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Traveling The World Over For the Love Of Quilts

Luisa and Mary are two quilt loving sisters from northern California, who travel the world going to different quilt shows. They have been to The Hague, Netherlands, Austria, the “all states region” in the south of France, and even Bali to take a “batik lovers” tour. Why so many exotic places? Because they love to travel, and they love to foster their common appreciation for quilting.


Their interest in sewing started with their mother who was a Home Economics teacher that encouraged her daughters to sew their own clothes. Mary got in to quilting in the ‘80’s, followed by Luisa in the ‘90’s. Mary started as a traditional quilter but enjoys the art type quilts today. Luisa prefers applique quilting.exhibits__i4c6441

Since raising their families, Mary and Luisa have more free time to pursue their joint quilt travels. Luisa and Mary choose to travel with quilt and textile tour groups. They prefer this method of traveling because, “You don’t have to worry about your luggage, traffic, or making reservations.” They try to take a quilt tour every three years. This year was the first time they had come to Road. They specifically chose Country Heritage Tours for this trip because Road to California was one of the featured stops. Having heard for years what a great show Road was, they were anxious to check it out for themselves.

When asked if there was a difference between the international quilt shows and Road, Luisa remarked that the international shows are bigger because they feature several different countries at one location. With so many contributors, there is a big mix of quilting styles. They said that no matter where you go, you still see a lot of American influences. At Road, they appreciated the friendly atmosphere and smaller exhibits. They also enjoyed the different vendors.people__i4c6333

Have you ever wanted to go to a quilt show in another country?      



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