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Road 2015 Special Exhibit: Celebrate The Day With Quilts

Some people celebrate special occasions with wine and roses. Some people celebrate special occasions with balloons and cake. And some people celebrate special occasions with quilts.Celebrate

Shannon Gingrich Shirley is curating the special exhibit, Celebrate The Day With Quilts. How did she get the idea for this exhibit? “Years ago, I found lists online of random holidays and thought it would be a challenge that could speak to many different artists.”Celebrate2

Members of Cabin Branch Quilters Guild, Stone House Quilters Guild, Quilt Professional Network and Mason Dixon Quilt Professionals Network submitted 72 quilts for the challenge. The artists chose the day they wanted to represent with unique wall hangings. Some of the days are serious. Others are personal, inspirational and even silly. Celebrate4

Shannon has been traveling around the country with Celebrate the Day with Quilts. She loves “watching viewers in front of the exhibit stop, think, laugh, remember, smile and talk…I couldn’t ask for anything more.” She hopes while at Road that the exhibit inspires other quilters who have never designed their own quilts before to give it a try. She also hopes that guilds might be inspired to expand on this challenge because it has endless beginning points.  Celebrate3

All of the quilts displayed in the Road special exhibit can be found in Shannon’s book, Celebrate the Day with Quilts, on her website, www.onceinarabbitmoon.com.  


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