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Mothers and Daughters Who Quilt

Williams Charlotte and Brittany Williams are from Riverside, California. Both quilters, Road 2016 was their first time at the show. They heard about it from their quilt guild, Raincross Quilt Guild in Riverside.  Charlotte’s running partner taught her how to quilt in 2012. Brittany has only been quilting for 6 months. Since starting, she has made 7 quilts; six of them in the two months prior to the show.  She has done a lot of hand work in the past (knitting and crocheting) so quilting was a natural addition. Her favorite pattern so far is a nine patch and disappearing nine patch.Marina and Everleigh It’s never too early to share your love of quilting with your daughter. Marina Caraway brought her 1 year old daughter, Everleigh, to the show.EverleighMarina loves to quilt. Road 2016 was her first time at the show. She bought a kit for a block-of-the-month quilt and thought the displays “were beautiful.” She can’t wait to come back next year. Vandenberg Grandmother Judy Brink, daughter Lori Vandenburg, and granddaughter Allison Vandenburg (9) like to go to their own quilt retreat twice a year in Palm Springs. It is a great time for them to share, swim, and quilt. Alison’s first time at Road was when she was 6 weeks old. She likes sewing pillowcases and taking the scraps from her mother and grandmother’s quilts and making little handbags. Lori’s first quilt was a baby quilt for Allison that Judy helped her make. Judy has been sewing since she was 6 years old. Judy’s mother taught her how to sew and at age 91, she is still participating in her church’s sewing circle.Yoshimura The first time Valerie Yoshimura and her daughter, Vivian Shay (13) came to Road it was in 2014, two hours before closing on Sunday afternoon. “Whoops!!!” was their reaction. This past year, they knew better and stayed two nights at a local hotel so that they could take their time enjoying the show.  Vivian designs her own clothes and has taught herself how to draw her own patterns. Valerie sews, embroiders, and hopes to be a quilter someday. She liked seeing what people do with their creativity. Remarked Valerie, “Road is not just for quilters. Anyone involved in fabric arts has a place here. It is worth taking a day off for!!”Germain Road 2016 was the third time Angie and Georgia Germain have come to the show. Residents of Escondido, California (near San Diego), Georgia, age 14, said she sees new things every time she comes. She has been sewing since she was 10 with her mom’s encouragement.  She says it is a way for her to use her art skills. Georgia has made one quilt by herself and has helped her mom make others. Quilting is a hobby they enjoy doing together — and going to Road!!  ]]>

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2 Responses to “Mothers and Daughters Who Quilt”

  1. Penny Holliday says:

    For the last five yrs my adult daughter Aimee and I have attended Road to CA together. We like everything about Rd, especially shopping the vendors, seeing other quilters we know & taking a class or two together. We especially enjoy our bonding time of taking a class or two together. Although Aimee knows how to sew & quilt she spends most of her time with her horses. I do so appreciate that Aimee takes time from her horses & goes to Rd with me. In fact Aimee usually suggests a class that I have overlooked & I find that not only to I enjoy these classes I always learn something new and different from the type of quilting I prefer.

  2. Denise says:

    What a nice story about quilting together as a family. I learned the love of sewing from my Mother too. Thank you for sharing those lovely stories. It is nice to read somthing with a heart and feelings. We read too much of the bad and ugly in people. You have made my afternoon. Thank you again, Denise Howard

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