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Posts Tagged ‘Quilt Show’

Take A Quilt Bus Tour With Us

Saturday, August 17th, 2019

One of Road to California’s most popular Special Events are the two quilt bus tours held in conjunction with the show. Road sponsors the quilt bus tours along with The Traveling Quilters.

quilt bus tour

Lynn Crawford and Pam Overton, owners of The Traveling Quilters, have been leading quilt bus tours since 1990. Both Lynn and Pam are experienced quilters. They combine their love of quilting and travel in providing unique experiences for Road to California.

It’s not uncommon to have returning guests on our quilt bus tours. 2019 was the third time for Janice and Roylene. Janice is from British Columbia and Roylene lives in Eastern Washington. They both spend their winters in the Palm Springs area and are “winter neighbors.” Roylene commented, “It’s great to let them do the driving and we get to see the sites.”

quilt bus tour

Even the bus driver, Roger, is a big fan of our quilt bus tours. He has been the lead driver on 15 of our special tours!! “It’s always so exciting to be around quilters. They are so happy and I like to see what they are doing,” says Roger.

quilt bus tour

Previously, the quilt bus tours were offered the day before the show opened and the day after the show closed. We’ve changed things up for Road to California 2020- 25th Anniversary Show. Our special quilt bus tours are scheduled for Tuesday, January 21st and Wednesday, January 22nd. Both bus trips will be headed to the San Diego area.

The first stop for the quilt bus tour will be at Quilt in a Day in San Marcos, CA. This is home base for the one and only – Eleanor Burns.

Guests will have time to shop before and after watching Eleanor tape one of her quilt shows. Eleanor will also be joining the quilt bus tour for lunch catered by Panera Bread.

After lunch, guests will be treated to a behind-the-scenes tour at Quilters Paradise where most of Quilt in a Day’s pre-fused, laser cut kits are made.

As the quilt bus tour makes it way back to the Ontario Convention Center, it will stop in Murrieta at another one of Road’s vendors – and a Road Sponsor – Primitive Gatherings. This wonderful shop has something for everyone:  wool kits and wool, primitive fabrics, reproductions, and a wide selection of bright, contemporary-to-modern fabrics.

***Note: This very special quilt bus tour departs earlier than previous years’ bus tours. The registration fee includes admission to the Eleanor Burns show, lunch and all gratuities.

For more information regarding our special quilt bus tours for Road 2020, please visit our website.

Meet Road 2019 Teacher Mel Beach

Friday, September 7th, 2018

3001C Magnificent MandalasMel Beach Quilt Teacher Quilt Class

4002C Slice of ImprovMel Beach Quilt Teacher Quilt Class

5002C Mod Molas & Bright BloomsMel Beach Quilt Teacher Quilt Class

6002C Mod MandalasMel Beach Quilt Teacher Quilt Class

Making a t-shirt quilt first introduced Mel Beach to quilting. In 2003, she had a stack of old          t-shirts from high school, college and summer camp that she assembled together into a t-shirt quilt. It traveled all over the country with Mel and served as a reminder as to how far she has come as a quilter.Mel Beach Quilt Teacher Quilt Class Mel’s favorite part about quilting is to pull fabrics together for a new project and come up with a fun design.  She also loves transforming her quilt tops with beautiful, modern quilting designs. The least favorite part of making a quilt for Mel is when the quilt isn’t speaking to her, usually when she’s trying to figure out a layout and/or determine the quilting. Using a design wall helps her explore different layouts and compositions.  A sheet of acrylic plastic and some dry erase markers also come in handy for auditioning different quilting motifs. Where does Mel do her quilting? Her studio occupies her formal living room. Her partner is super handy and helped her to transform the room into a fabulous space for her to design and quilt. He converted an IKEA table into a sewing table by carving out a hole and setting Mel’s machine into a set-in shelf so that she had a large flat space for quilting. Her partner also built a custom wall unit to store all of Mel’s rulers and notions, as well as large benches that store batting, travel gear and make for great seating for Mel’s two pups to look out the window.Mel Beach Quilt Teacher Quilt Class The two quilting tools that are always close are Mel’s camera to help her document her quilt making process and aide with design decisions and a trusty roll of blue painter’s tape which is super handy for accurate cutting, labeling blocks, mark-free quilting lines, and so much more! When Mel isn’t quilting, she loves going for walks with her two rescue pups, Panda & Susie Q, and taking pictures along the way. For the past 2 years, she has been taking Comedy Improv classes and routinely performs in comedy improv shows (similar to Whose Line Is It Anyway). Mel shares, “Not only have these classes helped me be more comfortable with public speaking and teaching, they also help me to think quickly on my feet, explore new possibilities, and they are so much fun!!!” Mel started teaching quilt making classes in 2015 when she was asked to lead a quilting demo for her guild. Mel said, “It was such a positive experience all around with lots of happy finishes.  Less than a year later, I started to promote myself to other guilds and soon joined the quilt teaching circuit.” Mel’s favorite part about teaching classes is that she loves “watching the transformation among participants as they learn new techniques. Some may come in feeling initially nervous yet leave feeling confident and excited about learning a new technique.  I also really enjoy watching quilters add their own fun twists to the technique and make it their very own!” [caption id="attachment_6042" align="aligncenter" width="452"]Mel Beach Quilt Teacher Quilt Class Maker:L,Date:2017-9-30,Ver:5,Lens:Kan03,Act:Kan02,E-Y[/caption] What goals does Mel have for her Road students?  There are four:
  1. Have fun!
  2. Try something new and different!
  3. Be inspired!
  4. Make it your own!
While her quilts have ventured to Road several times, Road 2019 will be Mel’s first time being at the show. She will be traveling from San Jose, California and says that she is “thrilled to be teaching several modern workshops.  I am especially looking forward to seeing all the amazing quilts that will be on display and visiting the vendors.”  ]]>

Road's State Of Art Quilt Contest

Thursday, August 30th, 2018

$92,000 in prize money. Road’s Best of Show winners from our quilt contest are consistently shown in other national and international shows. [caption id="attachment_5489" align="aligncenter" width="625"]Quilt Contest 2018 Best of Show, “Fractal,” by Claudia Pfeil[/caption] Are you considering entering your quilt in our 2019 quilt contest? We are accepting entries through October 2, 2018. All upcoming entries must include the official entry form, two pictures (full view and close up) as well as the entry fee of $30. The entry fee is discounted $10 if the entry is submitted online. Road’s new and updated enrollment system not only includes an area to enter your quilt information, but it also allows the entrant to submit return shipping information themselves, so as to not have to rely on Road Staff to enter and/or change shipping directions. Return information is also automatically verified with FedEx to ensure all quilts are directed to the proper destination. Categories for submitted quilts to Road’s quilt contest have recently changed. The new categories include:

  1. Abstract – Quilts entered in this category should reflect principles of abstract design. Forms and compositions should emphasize color, line and design. Quilts should be abstract, cutting edge and non-literal. [caption id="attachment_6030" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Quilt Contest Quilt Show 2018 Best Abstract by Lou Ann Smith[/caption]
  2. Animal – Quilts entered in this category should feature an animal or creature as the centerpiece of the quilt. Can include other sub-design elements, but the animal or creature must be the primary focus of the quilt.
  3. Fantasy – Quilts entered in this category should feature non-realistic animals, insects, people, places or things. Fairytale and cartoon type quilts belong in this category.
  4. Human Image – Quilts entered in this category should feature some recognizable aspect of the human form.
  5. Naturescape – Quilts entered in this category should illustrate an aspect of a natural scenery. Creatures and animals may be a component, but should not be the focus of the quilt.
  6. Pictorial – Quilts entered in this category should illustrate a recognizable image (Cityscape, Wildlife). Use this category if your quilt combines aspects of the other categories listed above.
  7. Miniature – Quilts entered in this category should have overall patterns that show reduced size and miniaturization. Miniature wholecloth quilts should be entered into this category. Quilts entered into this category must not meet the descriptions of Categories 1-6.
  8. Appliqué – Quilts entered in this category should reflect traditional principles but may deviate from tradition. The quilt should be composed at least 50% of appliqué, in any technique (fused, machine, hand, etc.) [caption id="attachment_6000" align="aligncenter" width="575"]Quilt Contest Best Applique Quilt Show Winner 2018 Best Applique by Katy Wylie[/caption]
  9. Pieced – Quilts entered in this category should reflect traditional principles but may deviate from tradition. The quilt should be constructed by piecing, either hand or machine. [caption id="attachment_5949" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Quilt Contest Winning quilt Best Piecing 2018 Best Piecing by Catherine Butterworth[/caption]
  10. Mixed – Quilts entered in this category should reflect traditional principles, but may deviate from tradition. Enter your quilt in this category if the predominate construction method is a mix of both piecing and appliqué.
  11. Other – Quilts in this category should reflect traditional principles but may deviate from tradition. Enter your quilt in this category if it includes one or more of the following construction techniques: whole cloth, crazy quilts, embroidery and fabric manipulation.
Contestants can submit to our quilt contest up to 3 entries, 2 per category of quilts made no earlier than 2016. The deadline for all entries is October 2, 2018 at 3:00 PM Pacific Time. For more detailed information about Road to California’s 2019 Quilt Contest as well as Road’s Copyright Statement, please visit our website. Online entries can be submitted through our online registration site. And as always, if you have any questions, please email our staff at  info@roadtocalifornia.com Good luck to all contestants of our 2019 quilt contest!!!  ]]>

Pair Up For A Quilting Adventure

Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Road to California is a great place for couples to experience a quilting adventure.Quilting Adventure Quilt Show

Linda and Steve from San Bernardino, California were the first people in line waiting to get in to Road 2018 for their quilting adventure. It was their second time at the quilt show. Linda does machine embroidery and Steve sews, doing a lot of sewing for special needs children. Linda said what she likes best about Road are the demonstrations by vendors. Steve looks forward to seeing new things that they haven’t seen before.  Besides being a sewist, Steve also just happens to be San Bernardino’s official Santa Claus!! He covers the entire city in 3 nights. He had just cut off his “Santa hair” right before Road.Quilting Adventure Quilt Show Donna and Mark came for their second Road quilting adventure from Tempe, Arizona. Donna considers herself “a simple quilter” who has been quilting for 7 years. Mark, on the other hand, is a “computer genius,” setting up embroidery for quilts.  Whenever they travel, Mark finds different quilt shows for them to attend. This way, they get to different quilts from different angles. At Road, they both enjoy seeing the variety of vendors, especially those they have made friends with. At one show, Donna was having a hard time using Cuddle fabric. She went to the Shannon booth and made friends with Julie who gave her some great tips on how to sew with Cuddle. Quilting Adventure Quilt Show Pat and Bud are also from Arizona–Tucson, Arizona to be exact. Bud is new to quilting and Pat has been quilting for 12 years. Bud’s interest in quilting began when they went to Houston. He got all excited seeing all the quilts and wanted to start right away creating art style quilts. They have also experienced a quilting adventure on a quilt cruise. Road 2018 was their first time at the quilt show. They came to support their daughter who had an entry in the fantasy category as well as find new quilt ideas and inspiration. Cindy and Johnny’s Road 2018 quilting adventure included attending Jenny Doan’s trunk show. They split their time between two homes; 6 months they live in Big Bear, California and the other 6 months they live in Homer, Alaska. Quilting Adventure Quilt ShowCindy has been quilting since 1974 and Johnny since 2015. Johnny has entered a “men’s” quilt in the Kenai State Fair and won 3rd place. Cindy has attended Road’s quilting adventure 6 times. She comes to see the “Amazing vendors.” Road 2018 was Johnny’s first time at Road. He really enjoyed looking at all the quilts on display. They included seeing Jenny Doan on their quilting adventure because they love her YouTube videos.    ]]>

Quilting Tips From Road 2018 Teachers

Tuesday, August 7th, 2018

Great takeaways and quilting tips from some of Road 2018’s popular Classes and $5.00 Lecture Series

Jenny Doan– Missouri Star

Quilting Tips: Take classes to learn new techniques. Use the ugliest fabric in your stash to practice what you are learning because you will make mistakes. Mistakes are essential to learning.Quilting Tips Quilt Show

Michelle Flores-Hoffman Fabrics

Quilting Tips: Online retailers that carry a wide variety of Hoffman Fabrics: eQuilter, Batik Plus, Hancock of Paducah, and Nancy’s Notions.  Quilting Tips Quilt Show

Hobbs Batting-

Quilting Tips: How to avoid Bearding (batting that pulls up through holes in the fabric): Use a high thread count fabric; Check thread tension to make sure thread isn’t too tight; Use a new needle; and Make sure the batting is good quality.Quilting Tips Quilt Show

Pat Simon-Quilting with Templates

Quilting Tips: Rulers are for measuring; Templates are for quilting. Do not use free motion, darning or other thin feet as they will slip under the template. Instead use high shank feet. Practice, Practice, Practice with a fabric sandwich and moving the fabric around while seated. Start out with smaller templates to get control.   Quilting Tips Quilt Show

Joyce Teng-Painting on Fabric

Quilting Tips: Kona Cotton and Tsukineko Ink are the perfect combination for the best results. Play around with the ink. Mix it with different mediums to create different effects. Use different tools to get the ink on the fabric. Experiment with different patterns.Quilting Tips Quilt Show

Annie Unrein-Zippers

Quilting Tips: Always use zippers 2-3 inches longer than called for. Shorter than that is so much harder to work with. Use “Wonder Clips” to hold all the layers together. Flat on the bottom so they don’t catch on machine; They won’t poke you; They won’t make holes in vinyl; and They hold everything tight.Quilting Tips Quilt Show

Jamie Wallen– Long Arm Quilting

Quilting Tips: Don’t wait until you’re ready to quilt to start learning quilting techniques. Print “contour line quilt blocks” from the Internet and come up with 3 different ways to quilt it yourself.  Practice every day 30-45 minutes with a pencil to build muscle memory. Anything a pencil can do, a longarm can do.    Quilting Tips Quilt Show What is your favorite quilting tip you learned in a quilting class?]]>

What Happened on Registration Day?!?

Monday, July 23rd, 2018

new online registration system for Road to California quilt show Of all the comments we have received regarding our new online registration system, there was one reoccurring remark that I wanted to directly address. It was one that generally followed along these lines: “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Because we saw it many times, it told us that there were several users who did not understand why we would replace an online registration system that on its face has served us well for many years. Why did we feel the need to change out the old online registration system?

  • Security– We take the security of your data very seriously. When I purchased Road, I hired a team of highly qualified IT/Programming and Security professionals to implement some security patches on the software. They told me, at that point in time, that the old system was secure, but that they recommended designing a new system to meet our long-term goals and flexibility regarding ongoing and ever-changing security patches.
  •  User Interface (Experience) – We had received multiple complaints in the past from our attendees saying that the old system did not work on touch devices. Given that the web traffic on our standard website (road2ca.com) is over 40% mobile devices, we needed to create a system that would be touch-interface friendly.new online registration system for Road to California quilt show
The old online registration system was an industry leader for many years and served us well. We were the first Quilt Show in the United States to have automated class registration, quilt jurying online and a dedicated application for return quilt shipping. For all its greatness – the old online registration system required some necessary updates that would have had to be addressed sooner rather than later. So, now you know the “why” we switched. Here’s the “what happened” to our new online registrataion system on Saturday morning, July 14th, and why it wasn’t really all that uncommon of an experience considering today’s technological world: Road’s software is hosted in a world class server farm. Our hosting package is one that  grows with our demand. On Saturday morning, the server was not even close to capacity, yet as many of you experienced, it acted like it was. What we discovered was that  there is one tiny setting in the web server that limits the number of active sessions that the server will allow. The web server was receiving over 500 requests per second – way more than the default setting on the server. We had over 2,000 eager quilters at the SAME TIME trying to register for their favorite class, causing the congestion that some of you and us in the office to experience.new online registration system for Road to California quilt show In other words, think of trying to merge onto a crowded freeway that is at a standstill. You can’t go anywhere and you’re extremely frustrated but once the flow of traffic improves, you are able to navigate to your final destination. What happened that Saturday morning was similar to a crowded freeway, except the server was taking who clicked first at that particular point in time, not who was first in line like on a busy freeway. To put our situation in perspective, Amazon also experienced this kind of problem on their Prime Day. It’snot an excuse, but if a multi-billion dollar company like Amazon can have these issues – anyone (like Road) can too.new online registration system for Road to California quilt show We learned a lot through this experience. Ever since, our developer has been inserting additional code into the new online registraton system to speed it up and make the process smoother. We also have appreciated the additional suggestions we’ve been receiving from our users and are attempting to include many of them in future releases of the software. The bottom line is, our new online registration system is better than ever before to serve you. More positive changes are planned in other areas to continue to enhance your Road experience. We are grateful for all our valued customers and their enthusiasm for Road 2019. It’s going to be an amazing show.new online registration system for Road to California quilt show Matt Reese Owner Road to California]]>

Plan Your Next Family Outing To Be A Family Quilt Outing

Friday, July 6th, 2018

It’s fun to hang out with the family—especially when quilting is involved. These quilters were anxious to share with their family their quilting passion on a family quilting outing:quilt family outing quilt show

Chino Hills, California resident, Tina, has been applique quilting for the past five years. She took her two sons, Yehyicheng (age 7) and Joey (age 4) out of school so they could all enjoy a family quilt outing day at Road to California 2018. They all liked hanging out together and seeing all the quilts on display.quilt family outing quilt show Brothers Patrick and Dennis, Sister Vicki, and Dennis’ wife Mabel planned a family get together at Road 2018. Mabel and Dennis live in Loma Linda, California; Vicki and Patrick live in the San Diego area. Vicki has gone to Road for nine years and thought her brothers and sister-in-law would like attending for their first time. Patrick commented, “Vicki supports us with fun things, so we all decided to support her this time” on a family quilting outing. Dennis enjoyed seeing the Hawaiian quilts; Mabel thought all the quilts were beautiful; Patrick remarked that the creativity was “awesome;” and Vicki said she appreciated all the hard work.quilt family outing quilt show This family was local to the show; they all reside in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Meet Joan (in blue) and her two daughters, Joan and Heidi, Joan’s husband, Dave, and Joan’s Sister-in-law, Darlene. Joan and Darlene have attended Road for several years and wanted to bring more of their family on a family quilting outing to the show they love so much. Joan has been quilting for 40 years, Darlene for 20 years, and daughter Joan is new to quilting. As Joan related, “Those who quilt, quilt together. The others enjoy our quilting.” This family of artists were impressed by all the art quilts on display. The Van Gogh Special Exhibit was another favorite.quilt family outing quilt show Savannah (12) and Miranda (9) came to Road 2018 with their Great-Aunt Judy (who is camera shy). The girls’ mom doesn’t sew so Judy decided she would teach them. Savannah has been sewing for four years and Miranda for two. They visit Judy every six weeks and sew at her home in Bakersfield, California, using Judy’s Bernina machine, including trying some machine embroidery. They have made blankets and pillowcases. Judy says she “loves teaching a new generation” because it is a skill that transcends other handwork. They are accomplishing something every time.” It was Savannah and Miranda’s first time at Road on their family quilting outing. Savannah said it was “really fun” and that she got “lots of great ideas.” Miranda thought it was “very fun to see all the quilts.” Judy has been to Road to California many times and loves the inspiration. “It’s a great place for family time.”]]>

So You Want To Make A Winning Quilt- Best Use of Color

Saturday, June 30th, 2018

Melissa Sobotka was awarded $1,000 by Sponsor, Carriage Country Quilts, for Santorini Sunset, in the category, Best Use of Color, at Road to California 2018.Best Use of Color Quilt  Winning Quilt  Quilt Show

Melissa Sobotka is a familiar winner at Road to California. She won Best of Show in 2016 for her amazing art quilt, Silk Road Sampler.Best of Show Quilt  Winning Quilt  Quilt Show Melissa became a quilter by accident. She was making some banners for her church when a friend suggested to Melissa that if she put some batting in the banners and added some stitching, the banners would become “art quilts.” At the time, Melissa had no clue what an art quilt was. She did some research and was fascinated by the art form so she got some scraps of fabric and taught herself.Best Use of Color Quilt  Winning Quilt  Quilt Show Santorini Sunset was inspired by a trip Melissa took to Greece. She went specifically to Santorini to capture a photo at sunset. Melissa found the town to be “so picturesque.” She wanted to give a different perspective to Santorini so she changed  her original image to be abstract. The quilt was “the most difficult quilt” Melissa has made. That is why it took almost 5 months to complete. Why was it such a challenge? “In abstract there is a lot left to the imagination or implied.  Sewing definitive lines of shapes that have a blurred boundaries becomes a challenge when quilting.” Melissa had entered Santorini Sunset in another quilt show before Road 2018. In her words, the quilt “seemed to be the wallflower at the party; no one noticed it.” So she was both in “shock” and “delighted” that it was recognized for Best Use of Color at Road to California. Melissa intends to use her prize money with her project of building a new studio. What can we expect from Melissa in the future? “I’m chomping at the bit waiting for the studio to be complete so I can get back to work.  I have so many ideas ready to go.  I see continuing with the process I have used but also experimenting with new ideas and techniques.  Always learning and growing as an artist is my goal.” To learn more about Melissa and her work, please visit her website.        ]]>

Special Quilt Exhibit: The Work And Wisdom of HERstory Quilts

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Road to California prides itself on presenting new and timely Special Quilt Exhibits.

One such Special Quilt Exhibit at Road 2018 was HERstory Quilts – A Celebration of Strong Women. The brainchild of Susanne M. Jones, HERstory “celebrates the amazing things that women everywhere have accomplished since 1920 when women were given the right to vote in the United States.” Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts  The Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts included the work of 85 fabric artists from seven countries. They used fabric, thread, paint, and embellishments to honor strong women – some well-known, some not so much — who cracked glass ceilings, made discoveries, broke into fields previously dominated by men, or were the first to do something.Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts  All work in the Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts were original designs that fit a portrait orientation measuring 24 inches wide and 30 inches long.    Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts  The Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts debuted at Houston Quilt Market in October-November, 2017. Road to California 2018 was its second stop. It is intended that the exhibit will travel for two years.Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts  The quilts are also featured in a 240 page book named after the exhibit, HERstory Quilts – A Celebration of Strong Women.Special Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts  Quilts from the exhibit are organized in the book by theme:

Suffragists: Women who fought for women to receive the vote

Strong Women: Women who did something that was a first for humankind or for womenSpecial Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts

Groups: Women who worked together for a common goal, and

Personal Heroes: A relative or individual admired by the artistSpecial Quilt Exhibit HERstory Quilts

Each quilt highlighted in the book has a description of the woman being portrayed including a brief historical summary of what made her famous. There is also a description of the artist, why she chose the woman to be honored, and what methods were used in the fiber art work she created. Thank you, Susanne M. Jones, for the vision and direction in putting together this Special Exhibit. To see where the exhibit is going next or to purchase the book, please visit Susanne’s website.]]>

Men Quilters Are On The Rise

Friday, June 15th, 2018

quilt show men quilters Karl is the quilter in the family. He has been quilting for over 21 years. When his wife, Elizabeth, first met him, she thought Karl had “an interesting hobby.” How did Karl start quilting? He dated a girl whose mom owned a quilt store.  He and another friend thought it was interesting and wanted to learn how to quilt, so they took a class at the store and he’s been quilting ever since. A lawyer by profession, Karl likes to make quilts that are “traditional but complicated with lots of small pieces.” Elizabeth noted, “The stuff he makes is beautiful.” Karl belongs to a mini-group of 10 quilters, Friendship Stars, on the west side of Los Angeles. They like to make charity quilts for Los Angeles area charities. A fun fact: Karl won Best First Time Entry in the Hoffman Challenge in the early 2000’s. Elizabeth and Karl have been attending Road to California for 10 years. They think it is an “awesome show” and like looking at all the new gadgets, tools, and rulers.quilt show men quilters Nicholas (13)  and Matthew (16) are men quilters in training. The learned how to quilt from Matthew’s mom/Nicholas’s aunt. She bought Matthew a Featherweight machine to use for his quilting. Nicholas enjoys quilting as an art form and likes the creative aspect of quilting. Matthew likes experimenting with different designs. Road 2018 was their fourth visit. Matthew is a big Eleanor Burns fan and always seeks her out when she is at the quilt show.quilt show men quilters Men quilters also own quilt stores!! Brothers Teancum, Brodie and Zach are from Las Vegas and opened their quilt store in 2016 in Northwest Las Vegas. Why did they begin this unusual business venture? Prior to the 2008 recession, Las Vegas had 10-15 quilt shops. All but two closed during the recession. Because so many quilters were left with limited quilt store options, the boys felt they had a great opportunity to offer a new kind of quilting service to the area. Their store boasts over 10,000 bolts of fabric, different nationally known teachers offering classes each month, an online shopping site, and quality customer service. Being in Las Vegas and close to Interstate Highway 15, the brothers have met customers from all over the world. The brothers added, “Our store is more than just shopping. It is an ‘experience.’”quilt show men quilters Jon Russikoff is new to the men quilters tribe; he started quilting a little over a year ago. A family tragedy brought him to quilting. He was looking for an outlet to find comfort and happened upon a quilt store and decided to go “whole hog.” He never sewed before so his first purchase was a sewing machine. After six months, he bought another one!! During the past year, Jon has taken 12 classes at various locations. He says, “I am eager to learn.”  He loves piecing—designing and the geometry — and enjoys the community he has found at his local Joanne’s store.  Road 2018 was his first time at the quilt show. He liked meeting people, learning techniques and see all the fabric art. Are you a men quilter too? Do you know any men quilters?    ]]>