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Posts Tagged ‘Quilt Inspiration’

Plan Your Next Family Outing To Be A Family Quilt Outing

Friday, July 6th, 2018

It’s fun to hang out with the family—especially when quilting is involved. These quilters were anxious to share with their family their quilting passion on a family quilting outing:quilt family outing quilt show

Chino Hills, California resident, Tina, has been applique quilting for the past five years. She took her two sons, Yehyicheng (age 7) and Joey (age 4) out of school so they could all enjoy a family quilt outing day at Road to California 2018. They all liked hanging out together and seeing all the quilts on display.quilt family outing quilt show Brothers Patrick and Dennis, Sister Vicki, and Dennis’ wife Mabel planned a family get together at Road 2018. Mabel and Dennis live in Loma Linda, California; Vicki and Patrick live in the San Diego area. Vicki has gone to Road for nine years and thought her brothers and sister-in-law would like attending for their first time. Patrick commented, “Vicki supports us with fun things, so we all decided to support her this time” on a family quilting outing. Dennis enjoyed seeing the Hawaiian quilts; Mabel thought all the quilts were beautiful; Patrick remarked that the creativity was “awesome;” and Vicki said she appreciated all the hard work.quilt family outing quilt show This family was local to the show; they all reside in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Meet Joan (in blue) and her two daughters, Joan and Heidi, Joan’s husband, Dave, and Joan’s Sister-in-law, Darlene. Joan and Darlene have attended Road for several years and wanted to bring more of their family on a family quilting outing to the show they love so much. Joan has been quilting for 40 years, Darlene for 20 years, and daughter Joan is new to quilting. As Joan related, “Those who quilt, quilt together. The others enjoy our quilting.” This family of artists were impressed by all the art quilts on display. The Van Gogh Special Exhibit was another favorite.quilt family outing quilt show Savannah (12) and Miranda (9) came to Road 2018 with their Great-Aunt Judy (who is camera shy). The girls’ mom doesn’t sew so Judy decided she would teach them. Savannah has been sewing for four years and Miranda for two. They visit Judy every six weeks and sew at her home in Bakersfield, California, using Judy’s Bernina machine, including trying some machine embroidery. They have made blankets and pillowcases. Judy says she “loves teaching a new generation” because it is a skill that transcends other handwork. They are accomplishing something every time.” It was Savannah and Miranda’s first time at Road on their family quilting outing. Savannah said it was “really fun” and that she got “lots of great ideas.” Miranda thought it was “very fun to see all the quilts.” Judy has been to Road to California many times and loves the inspiration. “It’s a great place for family time.”]]>

Bringing Up A New Generation of Quilters

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

In an effort to keep the art of quilting alive and well for the next generation, some grandparents are making a conscious effort to teach and encourage their grandchildren in the art. In addition to sharing techniques, sewing machines, and being a sewing mentor, grandparents also take their grandchildren to Road to California for inspiration. Kennie has brought her two granddaughters, Amber (17) and Kylie (12) to Road to California three times. She herself has attended Road six times. Kennie first opened her home for a sewing teacher to come and introduce Amber and Kylie to sewing. Today, the three sew and work on crafts all the time. Road 2018 was the first time the two granddaughters took a class with their grandmother. Kylie said she really liked “sewing stuff with Grandma” and Amber liked seeing lots of “neat stuff you don’t see every day.” For Kennie, she enjoyed the 1 on 1 and 1 on 2 time with her granddaughters. It is especially important for her to have the girls be interested in things they can do all their life. Both from the San Fernando Valley in Southern California, McKenna is Susan’s 11-year-old granddaughter. McKenna has been spending the past year going to her grandmother’s house on weekends. Her first project was making pillowcases. She thinks “sewing with grandma is fun. She lets me choose fabric and projects and then she helps me.” Susan has been sewing for over 60 years. She learned from her mother and still has the 1938 Singer sewing machine that she learned on; “It works perfectly.” For Susan, her satisfaction comes from “teaching McKenna something useful” that has begun as a hobby and could turn into a vocation later in life.     For Grandmother Lu, her daughter Cassie, and granddaughters Hannah, Hope and Alexis, enjoy being together and encouraging each other with their sewing creativity. Lu learned to sew from her mother 47 years ago and has been quilting the past 20 years. Cassie made her first quilt for Hannah when she was born. How did Road spark their creativity? Alexis liked the variety. She is working on a quilt and learned a lot of techniques to incorporate in the future. Hannah liked seeing and reading the stories behind the van Gogh Special Exhibit. Cassie loved seeing all the quilts on display. And Lu admired the artistry on display. With grandmothers like these women, taking the time to share their passion of sewing and quilting with their grandchildren, the tradition and art of quilting has a bright future.    ]]>

Generations Of Quilters And Quilters To Be

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Ben grew up watching his mom, Mary, make quilt for his bed and wall. He wanted to join his mom at Road 2017 to see what others were doing in the “quilting universe.” As Mary related, it is so “different” to see all the art quilts “in real life” than in a picture. A quilter for over 30 years, Mary had been to Road six previous times, always to be inspired. Ben was “blown away at the detail work and creativity” he found during his first visit to the show. Kevin, Brenda, and Ashley (age 7) are from Simi Valley, California. Ashley had just received her first sewing machine the Christmas before Road 2017, a Bernina 330. She got interested in sewing from watching her mom sew. Ashley’s first project was going to be a quilt, of course, picking out the fabric and pattern with her mom. It was Ashley and Kevin’s first time to the show. Kevin found there were “lots of options for my girls.” Brenda has been quilting for two years and is self-taught. She had bought an embroidery machine because she wanted to make pillowcases. She quickly learned that in order to make the pillowcases, she had to sew in a straight line. Quilting has helped her to sew straight lines!!  Brenda’s first project was a king size quilt made of six-inch squares. Jenna came to Road 2017 to model for her girls, Emma and Abby, how to “have fun and explore” new ideas to “make stuff.” The all loved looking at the quilts, fabrics, and different projects. Jenna has been sewing for five years. Her first quilt attempt was a baby blanket for Emma when she was born. Married 41 years, Barry and Brenda McCutcheon have attended Road to California 10 times together and Party Time eight of those ten years. They come down from Northern California for “lots of beautiful quilts, cool ideas, and lots of fun.” Will your family be joining you for lots of inspiration, creativity, and fun at Road 2018?    ]]>