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Give Away #3- BFF Time With Eleanor Burns

The third and final prize package for our Get Ready for Road Giveaway is BFF Time with Quilt in a Day Founder, Eleanor Burns. One lucky winner and three of their friends will receive:

A stay at one of Road’s Host Hotels January 24-27

Lunch on Saturday with Eleanor

Front Row Seats at Eleanor’s Saturday night Trunk Show

Eleanor Burns is a quilting legend.

An innovative sewer since she was a young girl, Eleanor self-published her first “Quilt in a Day” book in 1978, igniting a quilting revolution. She introduced an incredibly rapid stitching system, applying the method of assembly line sewing to piecework. Her concise, step-by-step directions were easy to grasp, allowing anyone to be successful at making a quilt. Eleanor Burns is credited for giving quilt makers techniques that compacted months into merely a day, a quilt in a day.

Through her Quilt in a Day enterprise, Eleanor has become a prolific author (she has written over 80 books), a revered teacher trainer, popular television personality, and celebrated industry role model. In 1990, Eleanor pioneered the way people view quilt making with television. Her Quilt in a Day TV series began airing on PBS and is still broadcasting nationwide and abroad, even teaching in Japan. Adding to all of that, she has developed her own “Signature” fabric lines, several special edition sewing machines, and has received numerous awards and recognition for her lifetime of achievements.  

Eleanor will be celebrating her 40th year in quilting at Road to California 2019 by headlining two stage shows, Forty Fabulous Years With Eleanor, on Friday and Saturday night. The shows are a trip down memory lane with Eleanor entertaining guests with her hilarious stories, outtakes, and timeless memorabilia; all while sharing beautiful quilts and teaching priceless techniques.  Tickets for these shows are still available and can be purchased at Road’s Registration desk.

How to Enter

Comment below by answering the following question: How long have you been quilting?

All comments received count for 3 entries. You can earn more entries by commenting on applicable posts on our Facebook Page and Instagram Account @road2ca for a total of 5 entries for this give away. Entries are accepted through midnight PST on January 14th.  The winner will be announced on January 15th. 

For complete rules and information regarding the Get Ready for Road Give Away, please go to this blog post.     

Good Luck to all who enter this last give away before Road to California.


179 Responses to “Give Away #3- BFF Time With Eleanor Burns”

  1. Cindy Zabuska says:

    I’ve been quilting for 30 years .

    • I have been quilting about 5 years. I started by following Eleanor Burns on TV but did do it correctly so just did long arming for others using my domestic machine on a wood frame. Now I am into piecing and love it.

    • Veronica Lee Marler says:

      i have been quilting for 5 years. Started when my Grandmother passed away.

  2. Kathleen Ash-Flashner says:

    For over 40 years

  3. melody wood says:

    I have been quilting for 20 years

  4. Auranani says:

    My first quilt is an Eleanor Burns Quilt in a day made about 29 years ago when I first started quilting!
    That is still everyone’s favorite quilt to wrap themselves with on the couch!

  5. Kathy Fostet says:

    Four wonderfully amazing years!

  6. Sally Hancock says:

    I have been sewing for many years but am a beginner at quilting. Love Eleanor and have enjoyed her show for many years too. Already have my ticket to her trunk show at Road2CA!

  7. Karen Johnston says:

    Tried to teach myself how to quilt in college with the Ruby McKim book- that was 40 years ago.

  8. Chrissie Griffith says:

    I have been quilting since 2000!! I have so loved this form of sewing. I remember my first class and watched Alex Anderson and Eleanor Burns to learn so much as they have shared their enthusiasm ❤️

  9. Christine M says:

    I have been quilting for about 6 years. Watching Quilt In A Day gave me the encouragement to try quilting.

  10. Cheryl Quesnell says:

    I started quilting in 1984. Hard to believe it was that long ago.

  11. Cheryl Neuharth says:

    I have been quilting for 20 years, but sewing since I was 5

  12. Teri Stiepel says:

    I have been quilting for about 6 years and love it!!!

  13. Kim Stewart says:

    I made my first quilt in 2007. I have learned a lot from watching Quilt in a Day and was thrilled to meet Eleanor when I bought my Babylock machine at a quilt show and she autographed it!

  14. Ellee says:

    So, it’s been almost 40 years for me — ever since I attended an inspiring lecture by Eleanor. I bought her first book that day and have been piecing and quilting ever since.

  15. Jan Furrenes says:

    I took my first basic quilting class in the Fall of 1996 and was hooked for life!

  16. Kathy Irvine says:

    Almost 35 years. I took a class with Eleanor back in the 80’s at the Fall Festival in Orange County. Haven’t stopped quilting since.

  17. Cynthia Greenlee says:

    I’ve been writing about 20 years.

  18. Deborah Simcock says:

    I have been quilting for over 30 years with the queen of quilting…..Eleanor Burns! 😍👍

  19. Nancy Kursewicz says:

    I’ve been quilting for almost 7 years

  20. Debbie Wheeler says:

    I have not been quilting long enough; under 5 years.

  21. Kelly says:

    19 years. I stumbled onto an online quilt site and jumped in head first. I was so hooked that it’s been almost 11 years since I got my longarm. I quilt for hire and I teach. As with so many, Eleanor has been a huge inspiration in my journey!!

  22. Becki Dunham says:

    45+ years! Love it.

  23. Diane says:

    40 years for me, too! My first quilt was a baby quilt for my daughter in 1979. Eleanor’s books have been great helps along the way.

  24. Sara Arnold says:

    I have been quilting for about 47 years now!

  25. Elizabeth Farnum says:

    Although I’ve been sewing since I was a child, my serious quilting adventures started about 17 years ago when my dad passed away and I used his shirts to make memory quilts.

  26. Jodi Brown says:

    I made my first quilt for my sister’s baby-shower in 1985. So…almost 34 years.
    34 years?!?!?? How did that happen? 🙄

  27. I’ve been quilting for 27 years

  28. Caryn says:

    I have been quilting for 15 years.

  29. Jean denton says:

    Classes with Eleanor is always a hoot but full of quilting information.

  30. Patricia Irving says:

    I started quilting 19 years ago when I retired and my sister in law took me to a quilt show..

  31. Jean denton says:

    Quilting for about 6 years and attending Road for my 5th year.

  32. Sara Arnold says:

    I’ve been quilting for about 47 years! My quilting has improved since then.

  33. Melody Lutz says:

    I’ve been quilting for 29 years…April will start year number 30! So that’s a good reason to buy a new machine TODAY and celebrate, don’t you think?

  34. DeeDee says:

    I am in my first year of true quilting..I have dabbed with BOM here and there.. but never made a full quilt. on my table now is a quilt by Eleanor Burns called Don’t Fence Me In.. then its fate I see this today by non other… <3

  35. anneking1 says:

    I’ve been quilting for 27 years and have learned something new all along the way.

  36. LeeAnn Turpin says:

    Have been quilting for 60 years love it

  37. QuiltShopGal says:

    50+ years. Fun to see how quilting has changed over the years. And, I absolutelly love Eleanor.

  38. I started quilting around 1990 when I needed something quiet to do before going to work as an RN. That means about 29 years, wow I didn’t think it was that long ago.

  39. TammyThomas says:

    I started quilting around 7 with my great grandmother and grandmother.
    But really got into it when my kids were small about 30 years ago. Made quilts from sheets and outgrown clothes.

  40. Tammy Thomas says:

    Around 50 years

  41. Jane Childerhose says:

    I started quilting in June 2016.

  42. Cheryl Taylor says:

    I made my first quilt for my mom 24 years ago, but it took another 18 years before I made my second quilt for my youngest daughter. Since then, I’ve been busy making charity quilts, baby quilts for my daughter’s friends, my grandson, and other family members. Making quilts is my happy place.

  43. Deborah Cooper says:

    I made my first quilt as a quilt along online two years ago. Now it seems as if I’ve been quilting for years and years! You should see my stash!

  44. Christeena Miller says:

    My first quilt was a quilt in a day 28 years ago thought it meant you would have it done in one day!
    Everyone stayed till they were done (2:30am) ties them
    One lady laughs how it put her into labor

  45. Becky says:

    I’ve been quilting for 20 years.

  46. Leslie Bussing says:

    I’ve been quilting for 26 years.

  47. odette osantowski says:

    I’ve been quilting 18 years. Didn’t start until I retired in 2000.

  48. Tracy Greenlee says:

    I’ve been quilting almost 25 years and now own a Statler Stitcher by Gammill abd quilt fir hire! #lovemyjob

  49. Hilary C says:

    I have been quilting for about 9 years.

  50. Kathy Conner says:

    I have been quilting in earnest for 10 years.

  51. quilty2 says:

    I started quilting when Eleanor Burns’ books Quilt In a Day came out. I made my daughter a log cabin quilt in the Sunshine and Shadow pattern with mauves, lavender and muslin. She still has it, still takes it with her and….

  52. Terry Beams says:

    I’ve been quilting for about 11 years. I took my first classes at The Fabric Patch and miss that store so much.

  53. Ericka Stewart says:

    I have been quilting for over 20 years! My first quilt was a ‘quilt in a day’ long cabin!

  54. Lois Good says:

    I’ve been quilting for 18 years.

  55. Maridel Armstrong says:

    I have been quilting for 14 years.

  56. Candace Weiss says:

    It has been 10 Happy Years that I have been Quilting and sewing too!

  57. Susan Anderson says:

    My years in quilting have been only 5. I still feel like a new quilter since I am always learning from those in my quilt group and still taking classes to improve my skills and knowledge. But it has been a fun 5 years and so glad to be able to be creative and make beautiful treasures.

  58. Janice Remus says:

    I have been quilting for 25 years. I brought my mom into the quilting community and we loved going to Eleanor Burns’ class a few years ago. Mom is no longer with us to share the fun this year but I will be ecstatic to win this prize!!!

  59. Nancy Kursewicz says:

    I’ve been quilting 7 years since I retired. And I’m loving it!

  60. mshook says:

    I’ve been quilting for about 19 years; a very close friend started a quilt shop. Of course, I had to support her.

  61. Linda Forrester says:

    I have been quiltn since 2005

  62. I have been quilting for at least 20 years, I plan on doing a lot more since I just retired! I have 3 other quilting sisters that have been doing it with me and we have quilted together through weddings, babies and grandkids. <3

  63. I am not sure, I know it is over 20 years. I started with 3 other friends and we have quilted through weddings and babies, then grandbabies! I have made several of Eleanor’s quilts over the years! I love her spunk!! <3

  64. diana says:

    I started sewing in junior high school. I started quilting in the 80’s..join a quilt guild and have been quilting ever since…

  65. Shannon says:

    I have been quilting for the past 20 or so years. Most recently in the last 5 years or so I have really improved my skill and increase production.

  66. Grace Assink says:

    I have been quilting since 1995 and have loved every single minute! Quilting fills my heart with so much joy, it’s what I do to relax!!

  67. Janice Karsh says:

    Thirty plus years, many projects using Eleanor Burns pattern books.

  68. Nancy Sieck says:

    I really don’t know how to answer “how Long Have You Been Quilting”… I made a baby quilt for my daughter almost 40 years ago. Then I didn’t do any quilting for about 20 years or so, and made a quilt for myself. And stopped at that. I started quilting (and this time it stuck) about 12 years ago, thanks to a friend who encouraged my efforts. So I’ll say 12 years.

  69. Sharon Miya says:

    I decided to learn to quilt after my husband died in 1995. It gave me a lot of joy to create a pretty things for those I love and continues to give me that joy more than 20 years later.

  70. Sandy says:

    Excited to take Eleanor’s class at Road. I’ve been quilting 37 years! Started in Middle School.

    • Kay Schurman says:

      I’ve been quilting for 32 years! What?! How is that possible when I’m only 29!!!!! 😉

  71. Paula Dolliver-marshall says:

    Less than 2 years.

  72. Kay says:

    I left my comment a little bit ago but don’t see it showing up on the stream. I’ve been quilting 32 years!!! When I’m in my sewing room I’m in my happy place!!!!

  73. Bobbett says:

    I have been quilting for 41 years. Lived 4 hour from town so had many hours of books and tv learning to quilt with quilt in a day!

  74. I began quilting in 1997 but haven’t been doing any lately

  75. Darlene says:

    I started quilting in 2015. We moved out West from the East Coast. I needed a hobby. Hugs

  76. Gloria Harris says:

    I have been quilting for 40 years. I took an Adult Ed. Class and was hooked! I belong to the Orange Co. Quilt Guild and have taken many classes from our guest speakers and camp teachers. After moving to SanDiego I was able to shop at Eleanor Burns store and also watched her TV classes.

  77. Mary Hull says:

    I have been quilting for a little over 5 years and I am still learning new things

  78. Kathalynn Theing says:

    I’ve been quilting for about 38 years.

  79. marymertz7336 says:

    My best friend Linda aske me to take a class at The Fabric Patch some 25+ years ago and I’m still quilting!

  80. Debra Cole says:

    I first learned how to sew in home ec class in Jr high and high school. The first thing I made was a pair of pants , they didnt look like pants. One leg too long and the other sewed to the wrong side. But I was so excited to sew. My first quilt was made from old fabric that was given to me. In 1975. It was sewn by hand each square 5×5. And then put on a quilting loom and hand sewn until I finished. It fits a queen bed. I still have that quilt. I cherish it. My oldest son loves it, when he would get sick I covered him with it. He use to tell me, it makes me well. I need to do a little repairs now to the backing in 2 small spots. I plan to give it to him so it can make his kids well when they are sick. I may not make prize winning quilts but I love all the different ways you can make one. You never stood learning. I love it, hopefully my granddaughters will someday as well.

  81. I have been quilting since 1983, I made a photo quilt for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. Later I actually bought my first quilting book….by Eleanor, and was a Quilt in A Day Trip around the World for my college age son. love Knots followed soon after for a niece and her husbands wedding gift.

  82. Rebecca Ganbard says:

    I have been quilting for 15 years.

  83. Joanne Miller says:

    I started quilting in the early 80’s. We used cardboard templates and cut with scissors. All our piecing was done by hand.

  84. Tamara Espinosa says:

    I started quilting about 8 years ago when I retired. I am completely addicted and have a serious thread and fabric addiction now 🤪

  85. Lisa Latimer says:

    Geez… I guess I’ve been quilting for about 42 years now and piecing even longer! It was my grandmother’s passion and she got me hooked! In fact, she bought me my first sewing machine… a Singer Featherweight for $5 at a yard sale!!

  86. Denise Ross says:

    I started quilting in 2000 with my first Quilt In A Day Class in San Marcos!

  87. Joy Irene Lunneborg says:

    I’ve been quilting for 5 years now, self taught and used Quilt In a Day YouTube videos to guide me along!

  88. Pat Knight says:

    Ive been Quilting@ 25 years. Ive been a fan ever dince I started.

  89. gijane279-Liz says:

    Since the mid 80’s learned from Eleanor’s Quilt in a Day Log Cabin book

  90. Sandra Carrigan says:

    I was introduced to quilting by my sister-in-law about 15 years ago..

  91. Laurie Nahay says:

    I can’t believe that it’s been 33 years! My first quilt was Quilt in a Day’s Log Cabin!

  92. Laura Benton says:

    For about 12 years now

  93. Arlene Basilico says:

    25 years

  94. Bonnie says:

    2 years

  95. Carol Currid says:

    I have been quilting for almost 40 years.

  96. Pamela loftis says:

    Since 1978.

  97. Julie Cross says:

    Love Eleanor Burns! Have dined with her several times at Quilts Around Chautauqua! Such an inspiration!

  98. Sharon Pagendarm says:

    I have been quilting for over 30 years. Seriously quilting (more time now that I have retired) for about 5 years.

  99. Roni Howery says:

    I’ve only been quilting for about 6 yrs but I’ve been watching you for at least 25 yrs.

  100. Dawn says:

    I have been quilting for 22 years….too much fun!

  101. Michelle Smith says:

    Thirty years

  102. Michelle Ownbey says:

    I have been quilting off and on for 35 years! My first quilt was Quilt in a Day’s Log Cabin for my grandmother!

  103. Heather says:

    I’m a quilting newbie that has less than a year of experience.

  104. K Brunner says:

    Hello! I have been quilting about 6 years. Its amazing how when you have grandkids makes you feel like quilting for them! 🙂

  105. Marge Campanyl says:

    I began sewing in high school in the 60s. In the 70s I bought the black and white paper version of Eleanor Burns log cabin quilt. My first quilt and I was hooked. I watched every tv show and purchased several of her books and treaure them today . Thank you to Eleanor Burns for guiding me in mybpassion to express my love through quilts. Marge Campany

  106. Linda says:

    I have been quilting for about 6 months. I found Quilt in a day on PBS and I now tape all the shed to review and help teach myself to quilt.

  107. Melissa Polk says:

    Thanks to El and her pbs shows I was able to learn techniques that would begin my love for quilting. I don’t spend a day piecing without her videos playing in the background.

  108. Michelle Ownbey says:

    I have been quilting 35 years. My first quilt was a Quilt in a Day Log Cabin for my grandmother for Christmas.

  109. Cindy Shima says:

    Just about 10 years

  110. Virginia Mietus says:

    I have been quilting for about 10 years. My first quilt was an Eleanor Burns quilt. I was able to do this quilt by watching Eleanor videos.

  111. Maria Dannel says:

    I’ve been quilting for 19 years. My friend and I would watch Quilt in a Day and tape all the shows. She knew how to quilt and wanted me to learn from her and watching the videos. She passed away but I learned a lot from her.

  112. Yvonne Scheren says:

    I have been quilting on and off for 40 years.

  113. Teressa says:

    Ms Burns I have been quilting for almost 2 years. I love learning new things and seeing my attempts actually turn out like the patterns I try! 😂 Meeting you would be a dream come true but having lunch with you would be like heaven!!!

  114. Debra Bank says:

    I’ve been quilting for over 50 years.

  115. Robyn Davenport says:

    I have been quilting for 20 years

  116. Kelly Horn says:

    I’ve been quilting for 4 years now . My Mom is a quilter and she is teaching me and Eleanor is her favorite!

  117. Alice says:

    As old as my first Grandson, 18 1/2 years. I did make one top back in 1980.

  118. Marlene Miller says:

    I have been quilting for 33 yeas, started when I was young!

  119. Mari Szabo says:

    Started quilting in 05 after completing treatment for breast cancer. Making survivor quilts for other cancer patients. Love her tv programs and have used her ideas and techniques which make it easier to createn beautiful quilts for others.

  120. Ann Brown says:

    ive been quilting for over 25 years my first quilt was the Log Cabin. I still have it boy do I see my mistakes

  121. Kellie Wayman says:

    I have been quilting for 14 years! I learned in textiles class in high school and never stopped.

  122. Donna Sheffer says:

    I started quilting in college 42 years ago.

  123. Dodie Graham says:

    Forty seven years ago I made a little baby quilt for my firstborn. Many baby quilts followed. I took a class or two, made Eleanor’s log cabin quilts; few more classes which led to more quilts and UFOs. Finally I can really call myself a quilter after a week learning so much at Quilt in a Day Camp last year!

  124. Jeanne says:

    I’ve been quilting since 1986. My first quilt was a Jacob’s ladder. In the many years of Quiltmaking, the one that sits on my bed every night is Eleanor Burns’s log cabin star! I love it!

  125. Kayley Walcher says:

    I am a young 26 years old and have been quilting for 2 years this February. I was never taught how to sew, I never took a home economics class, and I did not have parents that really sewed anything. I have always admired Quilts. Saw them and thought there was something beautiful about taking fabric, cutting it into pieces, only to stitch it all back together in an orientation that was simply breathtaking. I had a friend who learned to sew and quilt from her mother at a young age, and I was envious that I had no such talent and didn’t think I had a hope to learn. When my husband and I had our son, I was 23 and a new stay at home mom with lots of time on my hand. It was while I was feeding my son that I decided I would teach myself!! While I fed my son, I rent library books on my phone and read. I learned how to piece, baste, pin baste, I learned terms like appliqué and English paper piecing! Most importantly I learned how to quilt. When out anniversary came around, my husband gifted me with a sewing machine and the rest is history! I have found my talent, and passion!! I cannot wait to see what 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years brings to me in this magical community!!!

  126. Cynthia Bruemmer says:

    I started quilting in 1989 using patterns from quilting magazines. Then I discovered Quilt in a Day and the Irish Chain Quilt. So fun to make. Imagine how happy I was to rediscover Eleanor Burns on Facebook!

  127. Kathleen Chapman says:

    I’ve been quilting about 30 years

  128. Chriss Moore says:

    I’ve been quilting for 15 years

  129. Marilyn says:

    I’ve been quilting for 3 years . After the death of my Mom, a quilt in a day quilters

    • Joyce Wernsman says:

      It official, been quilting for one year now! I still struggle with cutting fabric and accepting there will be waste, errors and imperfections!

  130. Janice Svercek says:

    I’ve been quilting for 30+ years. My first was a Quilt in a Day for my friend’s first baby. I had lent out my book and it was never returned so I recently found an old copy on ebay..score!!

  131. Dezi Waterhouse says:

    I have been quilting on a regular basis since July 2017. My mom taught me how as I was recovering from some health things and I haven’t stopped since. My first quilt was a mile a minute quilt and I had a great time doing it. Mom and did the 40 Fabulous block party this past year as well and it was great. I love quilting as it is my stress relief and I get lost in it. Mom and I are excited to go to road this year as it will be my first experience! Mom and I also watch the Saturday morning Quilt in a Day episodes on PBS and it is a Saturday Morning routine!

  132. Marlene Clark says:

    I Love Quilting. It’s been about 14ish years. One of my 1st quilts was Eleanor’s, “Trip around the World.” Still a favorite. ❤️

  133. Helen C Dyer says:

    I have been quilting for 2 years

  134. Terri Sparks says:

    I’ve been quilting about 4 yrs so I’m a newbie but I so want to learn more.. I love it and it’s such fun!!!

  135. Evelyn (Elle) McKim says:

    I’ve been quilting for 12 years and in that time made several EB quilts. I often gift EB books because of their well written directions, pictures, and personal story behind each book.

  136. Jan Walker says:

    Started taking a quilt class in 1985 in Pleasanton CA…and the rest is history…so therapeutic and calming for the soul.

  137. I have been quilting for over 40 years, pre rotary cutters

  138. JoAnne Hull says:

    I took my first quilting class in 1992. It was handquilting. The instructor repaired quilts for the Smithsonian.

  139. Marlene Clark says:

    I’ve been quilting for 14ish years. One of my 1st quilts was Eleanor’s, “Trip around the World”. Still a favorite.

  140. Rhondi says:

    I’ve been quilting for about 55 years ! Love love love Eleanor

  141. Kelly Horn says:

    I started quilting four years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since!

  142. Glenda oliver says:

    You have taught me a lot started quilting 16 years ago

  143. SondraHill says:

    I have been quilting about a year and a half. I’ve always wanted to learn and decided when I retired I would. It has been the most fun I’ve had in years. I even remembered an old friend of mine that loved to sew and crochet and called her and now she and I go to our local quilt shop every Tuesday for class. We are having a ball.

  144. Heidi McFadden says:

    I have been quilting for 26 years.

  145. Arleen Simbro says:

    I’ve been quilting for 3years.

  146. Sharon VanNoy says:

    I’ve been quilting for 38 years.

  147. Ashley Haywood says:

    I have been quilting probably 30 years. My grandmother hand quilted and she started me out young. It is the most relaxing thing to do. Quilter for life.

  148. Liz Kuennen says:

    I first learned to quilt when I read about 10 years old from my grandmother the old fashioned way using cereal box templates and scissors. That was 47 years ago.

  149. Violet says:

    I made my first quilt for my husband when our daughter was a baby, so he could have a picture quilt while he was deployed. He was able to.see pictures of her while he was gone. I have been making quilts every since.

  150. Liz Kuennen says:

    My grandmother taught me when I was about 10 years old so I have been working about 47 years.

  151. Diana Gore says:

    I began quilting when I retired and my husband bought me a sewing machine for a retirement gift. That was in 2001. The first book I bought in order to learn was Still Stipping. I was hooked and have been quilting nearly every day since.

  152. Alice says:

    I’ve been quilting for 3 years and would love to meet Eleanor!

  153. Lauren Rogers says:

    I’ve been quilting for a little over 3 years. Started late on life but loving it and trying to learn everything I can

  154. Susan Trainer says:

    Hello, sweet lady! I’ve been quilting for the last 4 years. My 6 kids are now grown and raising my precious 21 grandchildren. I’ve sewed for over 50 years. I made my kids clothes and mine. I love piecing quilts! My last one was using your pattern, Quick Trip! See picture on your Facebook post. I made it for my great aunt, Lorna. She has devoted her life to others as an RN. She’s now elderly, but will always be one tough beautiful Mississippi Lady.😘

  155. Sylvia Summers says:

    I’m following in a line of 4 generations of quilters for 47 years. I’ve purchased my granddaughter her first sewing machine , she’s 8, and she has designed 2 quilt blocks at her elementary school. She will be our 6th generation on record!

  156. Jennifer wilby says:

    Been quilting for 8 years and never enough time to do everything I want to try. 🙂

  157. Susan M. Cooke says:

    I have been quilting almost 20 years! Boy, the time has flown by.
    I first became interested because of PBS Television airing two quilt instruction shows … Eleanor Burns was one show, and Alex Anderson was the other.
    Many years and many quilts later, i find I enjoy it more as the quilts go by.
    Thank you Eleanor.
    Thank you Alex.

  158. Nancy Nusbaum says:

    I dabble in quilting for 5 plus years so much to learn yet !

  159. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I’ve been quilting since 1987.

  160. Gwen Humphries says:

    I have been quilting for seven years.

  161. Michele H Zawada says:


  162. Cynthia says:

    I have Ben quilting 35 years

  163. diane says:

    About five years including a very short “stint” pre-marriage, family and teaching. It’s what keeps me going in retirement!

  164. Tara Jiminez says:

    I have been quilting for 8 years

  165. Roxana Stobaugh says:

    Since i made my first r
    ‘Real’ quilt at Elenor’s 1st quilt camp in Julian, CA. ohhhhh those hills!

  166. Congratulations to Marianne Frasca-Troccoli for winning this prize and thanks to everyone who entered!! See you at Road to California January 24-27 at the Ontario Convention Center.

  167. Diana Bicknell says:

    I’ve been quilting for 4 years! It’s great fun!

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