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Posts Tagged ‘University of La Verne College of Law’

Matt Reese: Road’s Show Manager And New Law School Graduate

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

You might think that managing a premiere quilt show that hosts over 39,000 attendees from around the world and features over 500 vendors is a challenge, try adding to that law school student!! That’s exactly what Road’s show manager, Matt Reese, has been doing the past four years. Matt's Graduation5

Why did Matt want to pursue a law degree in addition to his Road duties? His undergraduate degree was in music performance. Knowing that one day he wanted to have a family, he knew that he needed a career.  Gigging was fun, but it wouldn’t pay the bills and allow Matt to start his life the way he had imagined.  Because he had always liked winning arguments, (so much that his family had joked that he would make a good lawyer), Matt decided to go for law school. It didn’t take long for Matt to discover that he really enjoyed the study of law.images

Matt started law school at the University of La Verne, in the fall of 2011, going part-time in the evening. He chose that school because it was close to home and offered him a great scholarship. His favorite classes have involved property and business organizations.  Biz Orgs was taught by a professor who specialized in fortune 500 mergers and acquisitions. Matt learned all about the inside world of large corporations and how to take a corporation public.

He did not like Constitutional law.  Matt thought it was too dry and based on the decisions of nine people who may or may not see the law as black and white or grey or blue or who knows what.  (For those who disagree and enjoy con law, Matt recommends they read Wickard v. Filburn and then explain to him why a farmer can’t grow a little extra wheat on his farm to feed his family).   

During Road 2015, while Matt was finishing up his law school courses, he was leading a double life. He would work at Road from 6 am to 6 pm and then go to class from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Thanks to his family and especially wife, he was able to balance both of these demanding responsibilities.

Matt graduated with his Juris Doctorate in Law on May 16, 2015. Matt's Graduation4

He is currently undertaking a ten week, seven days a week, twelve hours a day comprehensive test prep program at La Verne.   It covers the thirteen subjects that will be tested on the California Bar Exam over three days at the end of July. Matt’s wife Jennifer points put that Matt is totally consumed right now with his test preparation and is devoting his full attention to this endeavor.Matt's Graduation

But Roadies need not fear: Matt assures us that he worked very hard before he began studying for the bar to make sure Road would run smoothly this summer. Currently, the Road office staff is finalizing the Road 2016 class schedule so that registration can open the beginning of July.Matt's Graduation3

We wish Matt the best of luck on the bar exam and look forward to his return to his Road duties in August.


Meet Matt Reese: Road to California Show Manager

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

What makes Road to California so unique among premier quilt shows is that it is family owned and operated.  Carolyn Reese, the matriarch of Road, utilizes her talented family in producing the show. Currently, grandson Matt carries the title and responsibilities of show manager. How did this 6’2” hulk of a man come to be in charge of the biggest quilt show this side of the Rocky Mountains? Read on….Matt Reese head shot

Matt Reese is the youngest of two children (and only son) of Carolyn’s eldest son Mike. He was born in Upland, California and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, California. His interests and passions growing up revolved around music. He played bass trombone in the Jazz Band and tuba in the Concert and Marching Bands at Etiwanda High School. From there, he went on to California State University-Long Beach and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in Tuba Performance.Matt Reese with tuba

His initial intent and dream was to have a career in studio performance. But his dad counseled him that it would be wise to pursue a back-up plan as he prepared to be the breadwinner for his future family. Matt took to heart his father’s advice and decided to make law that back-up plan. He is currently attending the University of LaVerne College of Law at night on its campus in Ontario, California. Matt plans on graduating in May, 2015 and taking the bar exam the following JulyLaVerne College of Law

Matt is Carolyn’s fourth grandchild working for Road to California. His introduction to Road employment came in 2005, helping Uncle Darrell move equipment around in the vendor area before and after the show. In 2007, he was still moving equipment but had his responsibilities expanded when he and a buddy were asked to be on site for the entire show, doing “gopher” duties, helping wherever they were needed. Later, when his cousin Erika Reese went on to grad school and could no longer manage the show, Matt was asked to take over.

What does the show manager of Road to California do?  Everything associated with putting on this huge event. Nothing is out-sourced with Road. All decisions are done in-house by either Carolyn or Matt. Matt assists with the class selection process in February for the following year’s show and works throughout the year to make sure each class has everything it needs for the best classroom experience. He also oversees the vendors for the show, and under Carolyn’s guidance, assigns vendors their booths and gives them hands-on support before and during the show. Matt really enjoys prepping for the show. He designs the attendee bags (“The bags for 2014 are going to be really cool”), t-shirts, souvenirs, advertisements, and show book. Matt modernized the registration and contest procedures, putting them on-line. He works with the volunteers for the show, coordinates special exhibits with Carolyn, and communicates with winners of the quilt contest. During the week long show, Matt is on site over twelve hours a day, helping attendees, teachers and vendors as needed and making the sure that Road to California remains a quality show. All of these responsibilities are in addition to his law school studies. He is one busy young man!!!vendor floor 2

What does Matt enjoy most about being the show manager of Road to California? Helping people get in to their classes. He does all he can to make sure everyone’s requests are fulfilled. For Matt, good customer service is what really matters. Matt thinks quilters are the “most kind-hearted people I have ever met.”

Has Matt ever made a quilt himself? No. But his grandmother Carolyn has taught him to make pillowcases and his great-grandmother Marie helped him learn how to do hand embroidery. He does have a great respect for quilts and feels the construction of today’s quilts is “unbelievable.”

What does Matt see for the future of Road to California? A continued legacy of strong quality shows for many years to come. With the addition of the pavilion in 2014, Road continues to grow and accommodate its large following of loyal attendees.

And what about his personal future?  Did you happen to catch his proposal to fiancée Jennifer at Road 2013? It was one of the highlights of last year’s show.IMG_0839

They plan to be married next May. Along with a promising law career, Matt intends to be the show manager of Road for years to come. Matt loves what he does and it shows in the personal attention he gives to the “Best in the West” quilters’ conference and showcase.Matt and Jen on Harley