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Meet Jerry Granata- Retired Navy Veteran, Artist, Quilter

How does a 21 year Naval Veteran become an award winning quilter?Navy Seal

For Jerry Granata, his quilting journey began when he was a young boy, watching his mother and sister in their work as high level, garment sewers. His sister noticed his interest and taught him how to sew garments, first for babies then for himself. Later, in high school, Jerry was introduced to quilting but put it aside when he graduated to join the Navy.

His Naval experience included playing the flute, jazz saxophone, and singing vocals for different Navy rock bands. While playing for the Naval Academy Band in Annapolis, he was introduced to musical theater and utilized his sewing background in doing costume design. After 21 years of service, he left the Navy, went to Florida, and opened a night club, providing him with another opportunity to use his music and costume designing background.

He stayed in Florida for nine years when in 2012, Jerry sold all of his belongings, bought a motor home, and spent the next year traveling the country looking to find a place a land. Where did he finally settle? Palm Springs, California where he began oil painting. He soon realized that his love for color and composition was limited with painting, so he embarked on finding a new medium to express his creativity and artistic talent. Fabrics became that new medium.


Jerry began quilting by learning the basics of patterns and piecing. From there, he moved into art quilts which have become his passion. In his quilting, he loves experimenting with color, painting, art deco, and beading.

He is relatively new to quilt shows, entering his first quilt design in 2009. At Road 2013, Jerry had two award winners:




What is in Jerry’s future? More quilting and more experimenting. He also hopes to get in to teaching art quilt design.

Whatever Jerry Granata does, he does it with enthusiasm and dedication. He sums up his philosophy this way: “Everyone has a voice, an artistic side. You just have to find out what it is. Quilting does it for me.”

How have you found your artistic voice?




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10 Responses to “Meet Jerry Granata- Retired Navy Veteran, Artist, Quilter”

  1. SewCalGal says:

    First, I want to say thank you to Jerry for his service. And, I’m also delighted to see his spectacular quilts. I think Jerry is going to make his mark on the quilting scene and be an award winning quilter/teacher. Absolute great eye for design, color. I’d definitely sign up to take a class where he is teaching. At a minimum, I’m looking forward to following (stalking) his quilting career. I’m sure he’ll dazzle it!
    Thanks for sharing. Love this post.

  2. Jerry Granata says:

    Well I am utterly honored and humbled to be featured on the Road to California blog. I can’t thank Road To California enough for their wonderful support and encouragement.
    Also, thank you to everyone for your kind words.
    I’m just so blessed to have found my passion and meet so many wonderful people. What an amazing community.
    Here we go and let’s enjoy the ride together!

    • Jerry- Your passion is obvious. Thanks for sharing your talent and friendship this year at Road.

    • Mark Horn says:

      I don’t quilt, but it is obvious these things are gorgeous. I worked with Jerry many years ago in the Navy, and I didn’t think it was possible to do anything better than he played his instruments; I stand corrected. Beautiful work.

  3. Jerry Rocks!!!
    He is so deserving of being featured! His amazing work blew my socks of this last January at Road.
    His workmanship is off the charts and his personality is even more appealing…
    🙂 -s

  4. Carmen Wyant says:

    What beautiful quilts! I love the color choices and I would love to see what he could do with an art nouveau theme.

  5. Luis Lebron says:

    Jerry, AWESOME stuff!!! Miss you buddy!

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