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A Pet Friendly Place

Everyone is welcome at Road to California: men, women, young, old — and even some dogs!!

Meet Narita and her owner, quilter Janie Bernstein of Santa Cruz. California. Narita is a 5 year old Labrador retriever. Trained by Dogs4Diabetics, Narita and Janie were brought together 2 years ago by Guide Dogs for the Blind. When Janie is quilting, Narita lays down at Janie’s feet. Narita enjoys going to quilt shows. The 20th Anniversary Show was both Narita’s and Janie’s first time at Road. They loved coming and they look forward to returning next year. 454  

Susan Butler and Coco live in Victorville, California. A Pomeranian, one year old Coco is a service dog that will sit on Susan’s lap when she quilts. Susan had gone to Road the past three years but 2015 was the first time for Coco. Susan loved seeing all of the quilts and visiting with the vendors. Coco seemed to like the show as well – but she didn’t particularly care for all the attention and fondling she received from the other guests.437

And we can’t forget about Carolyn  Reese’s dog, Harley. He is a familiar face at the Road office in Upland, California.  He loves to greet visitors, especially the UPS man when he is delivering all the quilts accepted for judging for the showcase.  Harley

Do you have a pet that is “quilt friendly?”


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One Response to “A Pet Friendly Place”

  1. anne sidell says:

    My dog Maggie comes into my studio and sits near my feet whenever I go in to work on a quilt… sometimes she even lures me into the studio when I have lost my mojo, encouraging me to work through it!
    I also have a quilting cat, Pandora, who sits on my quilting table behind the machine and bats at the fabric coming out from behind the presser foot. She also loves to lean against and rub her head on the machine head while I’m sewing, enjoying the vibrations from it.
    Between Maggie and Pan, I am never alone in my studio!

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