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Road 2016 Vendor: Meet A P L I Q U I C K ®™

A P L I Q U I C K ®™ comes to Road to California from Spain. A P L I Q U I C K ®™ features innovative appliqué tools for turned-edge appliqué.download (4)

A P L I Q U I C K ®™ had always been fascinated by appliqué. They worked long and hard to find the perfect technology and tools to help ease the workload of quilters and provide an easy and fun way to appliqué. Little by little, A P L I Q U I C K ®™ continues to perfect their product. It has been very gratifying to A P L I Q U I C K ®™ to hear how quilters have appreciated their innovation.   When using A P L I Q U I C K ®™ tools, an appliqué shape is traced onto light-weight fusible interfacing, cut out, and ironed onto the wrong side of the fabric. A P L I Q U I C K ®™rods and glue stick are then used to easily and precisely turn under the seam allowance before hand or machine stitching. Former Road faculty member, Kathy McNeil gives an overview of A P L I Q U I C K ®™  [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1B4kh1L_dbg[/youtube] Road to California 2016 will be the first visit of A P L I Q U I C K ®™ to California. They are looking forward to visiting the area, especially local quilt stores because they expect them to be very different from stores in Spain. Most of all, they are excited for the opportunity to teach their new technology and everything their products have to offer to Road’s guests. In their booth, A P L I Q U I C K ®™ will be demonstrating all of  their various products and techniques on different shapes and sizes of quilts.  They welcome Road’s guests to come and try out their tools.   images Join us in saying Bienvenida (Welcome) to A P L I Q U I C K ®™


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One Response to “Road 2016 Vendor: Meet A P L I Q U I C K ®™”

  1. I use and love these tools. We are US distributors for Rosa’s awesome tools.
    Kathy McNeil

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