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Road's Baltic Sea Cruise

Gillian Travis lives in a small village in the north of England. Her classes present modern uses for embroidery and quilting. Gillian’s cruise classes have been designed to provide memory pieces for this special cruise. I attended a class with Gillian last summer and loved the class and her. Jen Kingwell is a well known quilt designer. Her quilts are crowd pleasers. She will be offering a hand piecing class, a curved piecing class and an applique class. The highlight of Jen’s classes are her unique sense of color and print. She has a lot of information in her creative brain, which she shares willingly. I’ll be teaching a hand piecing class, an embroidery class and an English paper piecing class using a half hexagon shape. The embroidery class will be sewing on a cutout of your initials. These are all fun, no- stress classes. I know all the teachers on this cruise. I know them as friends and I know them all to be excellent teachers. I am looking forward to spending time with them on the cruise. I also look forward to meeting all the students. Husbands are welcome too. My husband will be on board… and he’ll talk to anyone! If you haven’t signed up for the Road to California Baltic Sea Cruise, please do. We offer lots of fun, interesting experiences and lots and lots of yummy Holland America food! The ship is filling fast and reservations are about to close so don’t delay! For pricing and more details go to: Worldofquiltstravel/Baltic.htm]]>

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