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Sisters Who Teach at Road

Sisters Helen Robinson and Jenny Pedigo, creators of Sew Kind of Wonderful and the Quick Curve Ruler, will be teaching several classes during Road to California 2022.

Helen will be teaching:

On Tuesday, 2009C – Step By Step Custom Quilting

On Wednesday, 3018O and on Saturday, 6019O – Posh Penelope

On Thursday, 4017O – Diamond Daze

And on Friday, 5016O – Flower Pop

Jenny will be teaching one class, 1009C – Wonder Feathers, on Monday

Quilting Sisters

Helen Robinson and Jenny Pedigo are two of four sisters that share their love of quilting through their business, Sew Kind of Wonderful. How did these two sisters get started in quilting?

About 25 years ago, Helen taught herself to quilt from a Fons and Porter book when she had to teach an after-school sewing/quilting class to junior high students. She taught Jenny how to quilt soon after that. 

Helen and Jenny’s quilts have a mostly modern feel. The sisters find inspiration for their designs in everyday objects: patterns in floor tiles, weaving, nature, and also through a desire to challenge themselves to go to a different place than the usual.

Sew Kind of Wonderful

Helen and Jenny’s business, Sew Kind of Wonderful, began with Jenny’s brain child, the Quick Curve Ruler. She wanted it to be something the sisters could share together and give them a chance to see each other more.

The sisters are equally involved in the design, piecing, and quilting process.  They have a constant group text running and do lots of FaceTime sharing their ideas.  Jenny mostly manages the distributor orders and Helen handles the online store and wholesale orders. Another sister, Sherilyn Mortensen, does the blogging and trunk shows.  

Quick Curve Ruler

Of course, the Quick Curve Ruler and the QCR Mini Ruler are the sister’s favorite quilting tools.  They haven’t sewn a quilt without a curve in ten years because their Quick Curve Ruler made quilting fun again! 

Each sister also owns their own longarm quilting machine. Their machines allow them to do the whole creative quilt process from design, fabric selection, piecing and finishing it off with the quilting.

During Road to California 2022, Jenny’s class, Wonder Feathers and Helen’s class, Step By Step Custom Quilting, will be using Handi Quilter stand-up longarm machines. Two students share a machine head, and time is split equally on the machine.  

Teaching at Road 2022

Teaching classes at the same show says Helen “is the cherry on top” because they get to see quilters when they have their ‘lightbulb’ moment; when the methods and processes they use click and their students fall in love with sewing curves. Helen adds that the sisters ‘have a great time being together!  It is the best part of our business.   If you spend any amount of time with us there is way too much conversation about ‘gluten free’ and ‘bathroom issues’….LOL”

What can Helen and Jenny’s students expect to get out of their classes? “Lots of energy, conversation, hands-on help, and uniquely different snacks,” reports Helen. “We want students to enjoy a no stress approach to quilting and piecing curves.  There are not any quilt police that will knock on your door at 11 pm and tell you you did it wrong.  Enjoy the quilting process.”

Besides teaching their classes, you will also find sisters Helen and Jenny, during the show in their vendor booth for Sew Kind Of Wonderful.

To learn more about Sew Kind of Wonderful and the Quick Curve Ruler, visit their website.

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