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Archive for the ‘Uncategorised’ Category

Meet Road 22 Teacher Sue Bouchard

Friday, September 17th, 2021

Sue Bouchard will be teaching one class during Road to California 2022:

3001C – Moon Dance on Wednesday, January 19th

From Weaver to Quilt Guild President

Everyone Road to California meets has a unique quilting journey and Sue Bouchard is no different. Back in the early 1990’s, Sue was teaching 4 harness weaving to an after-school program at the Rancho Alta Vista Adobe in Vista, California. (Four Harness weaving utilizes a loom with four shafts that hold heddles through which the warp passes). During that time, A friend asked Sue if she would be interested in attending the local quilt guild.  Four months later, Sue was president of El Camino Quilters and says she has never looked back.

Sue believes that quilters are so supportive of each other and share their passion by attending quilting events all over the world virtually and in person. She has a selection of Apple products that she keeps plugged in to the Internet to stay in touch with the quilting community. Her favorite social media platform is Instagram. You can follow her @sbbouchard.

Working and Learning with Eleanor Burns

For over 25 years, Sue had the opportunity to work at Quilt in a Day.  While she was there, Sue learned from “the best,” Eleanor Burns. Eleanor showed Sue how to turn traditional quilt designs into clear, concise instructions. She also taught Sue valuable skills in preparing and teaching techniques. 

In the last ten years, Sue Bochard has pivoted to the many styles of modern quilting such as negative space, asymmetrical design and improvisational piecing. She has become very active in the Modern Quilt Guild on both the local and national level.

Fall time for Sue means making handmade gifts for others and also providing items for local non-profit organizations to raise money for the community.

Teaching at Road to California 2022

Sue has been teaching quilt classes for over 30 years. Her favorite part of teaching is giving confidence to her students so they can successfully complete their project.

Sue is looking forward to teaching in person again. She says, “There is no substitution for being able to work with the students one-on-one and not relying on cameras to see what is happening.  I love the laughter and conversations between everyone as well.”

Sue Bouchard’s goal for her students at Road is that they will “go away with new skills which inspire them to apply the techniques in their own future projects. I want them to be excited to try new things and ask themselves “What can I make next with what I just learned?”

Besides teaching at Road 2022, Sue is looking forward to seeing all the quilts on display in person at the various exhibits. “Photographs are great but it’s not the same.”

To learn more about Sue Bouchard, please visit her website.

Welcome Back David Taylor

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021

David Taylor will be teaching three classes at Road to California 2022.

Two Handwork Classes:

 0002C – Pictoral Hand Appliqué: Little Chickadee on Sunday

And 2017C – Floral Hand Appliqué: Sweet Pea on Tuesday

David Taylor will also be teaching 1018C – Precision Machine Piecing: What A Flake! Sewing Machines from Juki will be provided for this class.

Life Long Love of Fabric

David Taylor was raised in Peterborough, New Hampshire, one of six children: three boys and three girls just “like the Brady Bunch.” His mother “tied” quilts while David was growing up but as a single mom with six kids, she didn’t have much free time to devote to quilting. David first focused on apparel construction. In 1998, a longtime friend who knew of David’s life-long love of fabric, suggested he try quilting. He was reluctant at first as he didn’t want to cut up his “precious fabric collection.” Since then, he has never looked back.

Stitching Past Adversity

In 2016, a gas explosion and subsequent fire destroyed David Taylor’s home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Since the fire gutted the living room and the sewing loft, David was without his tools and supplies for over nine months. Both of his Berninas were melted; his serger was gone; rulers were twisted and turned and his Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen was a major loss. Needless to say, it was a very devastating experience.  David recalled that ever since the fire, for him, life got both “a little easier and a little harder at the same time.” He was able to slow down, take long walks, read, and do jigsaw puzzles to occupy his thoughts while he rebuilt his studio.

A Familiar Face at Road

David Taylor has been a frequent teacher at road, overseeing classes in applique techniques and long arm quilting using the Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen sit down longarm machine, which uses the same skills as a regular sewing machine.

In 2019, David was one of three judges for that year’s Quilt Contest. The Best of Show chosen that year was Garden Variety Sampler, made and quilted by Janet Stone.

Because he has never taken a quilting class, David believes that the best way to learn is to practice, practice, practice, practice, practice, practice and makes a lot of mistakes. In addition, he believes that quilting “should be a team sport,” He recommends joining a guild or a group and getting together with like-minded “fabric fondlers.” And if there isn’t a group where you live, David says, “Start one.” For David, there is no greater satisfaction than “seeing a student’s face light up when they realize they CAN do this!”  He hopes his students will learn that if they create from their heart, the rest will follow.

To learn more about David Taylor, please visit his website.

Dee Brown: Road 2022 Teacher and Vendor

Friday, September 10th, 2021

Dee Brown will be teaching two evening Handwork classes during Road to California 2022:

On Thursday Evening, 4061C – Healthcare Angel

And on Friday Evening, 5061O – Road To California

Handwork Designer

A resident of Monroe, Washington (“a smallish city an hour northeast of Seattle”), Dee Brown began her quilting journey in a small quilting group at church for just a few months where she “learned the basics.”

With her sewing background, Dee was accustomed to making her own patterns or modifying existing ones. She quickly found the rigid precision of traditional quilting too stifling. Once, when she made a huge mistake on a Christmas table runner, instead of ripping it out to fix properly, Dee appliquéd a poinsettia over it and discovered the freedom and “cheatability” of appliqué.

Dee Brown admits that “although the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest has inspired a few of my projects, I seem to lean towards tropical settings or the uniqueness of other states” such as with her “States” series.

Because Dee considers herself more of a designer than a quilter, she says that her “most indispensable tool is an eraser. Having no artistic training beyond junior high, drawing for me is draw-erase-edit, over and over. Hence, my work is more whimsical than realistic.” Her other indispensable tool is her “old Pfaff 7570…If it ever dies, I may be done.”

Quilting Friendship

Dee shared that her best quilting friend is actually a knitter. Robin Halliday and Dee have been best friends for 50 years. They travel to quilt shows and work their vendor booth, The Quilted Trillium, together. Although wool is her first love, Robin attends many quilt related activities just because it has become Dee’s passion. Robin has learned to appreciate the art, time and talent of other quilters and totally supports and encourages all of Dee’s designs.

The Quilted Trillium vendor booth has been to Road to California several times. The “cozy, little cabin” is always a fan favorite. Coming up with the idea for their booth has been “life changing” for The Quilted Trillium. The booth is small enough to feel comfortable and is the perfect size for displaying their kits, patterns, fabric and tools. People are always telling The Quilted Trillium that they sought them out specifically to see the cabin and experience the “Art Gallery” feel. Then they stay for the demonstrations.

(As a side note, Dee is currently looking to sell The Quilted Trillium)

Teaching at Road 2022

Dee Brown has been teaching since 2013. Her first teaching experience was with “5 lovely women in Leavenworth, a quaint Bavarian themed town in the Cascade mountains. I was a little wary about spending the night with strangers (in a private home) but she was the town Vet and he was State Patrol so I felt pretty safe. Although she had a wonderful sewing room, it was a little tight for the 6 of us. I was nervous but like to think I’ve become a much better teacher since then.”

Dee’s favorite part of teaching her technique is seeing that light go on when her students “get it.” Dee Brown hopes that her students “will learn my time saving method and find the freedom in raw edge appliqué.”

This will be Dee’s last time teaching at Road to California. She said she will “be 70 and things get heavier, I get slower and the booth takes longer to set up and take down. I love Road to California and just want to enjoy every minute of it. I look forward to being around some dear vendor friends and customers I may never see again.”

Road 2022 Teacher Desiree Habicht

Tuesday, September 7th, 2021

At Road to California 2022, Desiree Habicht of Desiree’s Designs will be teaching two all day classes:

A Painting Class on Monday, 1005O – Color Me Quilts – Sunflowers And Roses

And a Design Class on Tuesday, 2003O – Color Me Quilts – Chameleons

On Friday Evening, Desiree will be teaching a 3 hour class, 5071C – Color Me Quilts – Sunflowers Or Wild Roses

Turning Sadness Into Quilting Design Comfort

A dark time in her family’s lives is what introduced Desiree Habicht to quilting.

A drunk driver had critically injured her third daughter. She spent almost a year in the hospital before Desiree and her husband were able to bring their daughter home. Desiree remembered, “Working as an artist and muralist, I had lost my creative mojo and needed to find something I could do that would bring me some comfort during those first few years. It was a time of reinventing myself so I could care for her and still find a creative path for self expression. It was this journey of discovering a new artistic medium in which I could play. I took a beginning quilting class and learned quickly that points and piecing weren’t my favorite things. I wanted to share my art in fabric form and set out to push every boundary and figure things out. I quickly branched out into applique quilts and art quilts. The freedom to design and paint on fabric fed my soul and gave me a new creative outlet. I used my art quilts to tell my story and my murals transitioned into quilts.”

Desiree’s Designs

The first quilt Desiree Habicht made and designed was a baby quilt for a friend’s first grandbaby. She also painted a mural to match in the baby’s room. Desiree was asked repeatedly if there was a pattern for her design, which started her designing and writing patterns. Starting with just 6 small patterns, Desiree and her husband decided to venture out and do a tradeshow under the name of Desiree’s Designs. They got a ½ booth at Spring Quilt Market and had no idea what they were doing! Desiree said they “learned a lot that year and our quilts were well received.  I was asked to design fabric a few years later and added machine embroidery years after that. It has been a great journey, a journey of discovery and friendship. I always say I needed a friend and gained a community.”

Desiree finds inspiration for new designs in her garden. She says that their business is always growing and changing; “it’s like a living thing, it can’t be stagnant.” Today, they design between 6-8 fabric lines a year and are focused on their online clubs and in the hoop embroidery where they do quilt projects in the hoop.

Fall Traditions

Desiree Habicht was asked what she enjoyed about the upcoming Fall Season. She replied, “I love the Fall as the colors start changing and the sun casts a wonderful peachy glow over everything… I love to paint and start sewing for the holidays. For the past 15 years, Halloween has been spent in Houston (at Quilt Market) but I spend hours making and creating goodies for our grandchildren to be sent before we leave.”

Teaching at Road 2022

A teacher of both art and quilt classes for over 20 years, Desiree likes to teach unconventional quilt classes that allow the participant to create something special. She only teaches classes that combine art and quilting because she recognizes that “there are enough traditional quilt teachers.”  Most of her students have no art training and get so excited seeing what they created unconventionally.  Desiree Habicht has taught “painting on fabric, acrylic inks on fabrics, colored pencils on fabrics along with other techniques.” She says that she loves to move people outside of their comfort box into something different and more exciting. Taking the fear away opens lots of doors of creativity.

Desiree is excited to be teaching “live” at Road 2022. “Just seeing everyone again is exciting. We have been locked away too long. Having that one on one contact and interaction with students is really hard to replicate online. Art is always better live. When teaching I am always walking around checking on my students. Giving them tips, suggestions and support. In person I can also spot a perfectionist or a naturally talented and gifted person in a room. I love to see their eyes light up when they see what they can do!”

To learn more about Desiree Habicht and Desiree’s Designs, please visit her website.

Free Motion and More With Teri Lucas

Friday, August 20th, 2021

Terri Lucas will be teaching a variety of classes during Road to California 2022:  

Beginner Free Motion Quilting on Monday (1007C) and on Wednesday (3007C) – Bernina machines provided

On Tuesday, 2005C – Spilt The Complement: Color, Thread And Rulerwork – Bernina machines provided

And a Wednesday evening, 3 hour Design Class, 3063C – Doodle Your Way To Better Quilting

Free Motion Machine Quilting Journey

Teri Lucas began her free motion machine quilting journey working on a project with kids at her Church. That experience led to her making patchwork placemats for her sister and her sister’s fiancé. While working on those projects, Teri’s husband watched how happy Teri was and suggested to Teri that she “needed a hobby.” The patchwork placemats led to quilting. A friend showed Teri how to hand quilt and off she went.

The aspect of quilting that Teri likes most is free motion machine quilting. She enjoys the whole process: “The hum of the machine, the designs in my head forming under the needle, seeing the whole work come together.”

Teri says she is actually “an accidental free motion quilter.” She had been working on a hand quilting project for several years and just wanted to get “that quilt done,” so she dove right in to free motion machine quilting.

Since 2014, Teri has been an Ambassador for Bernina, creating tips, techniques, and projects for Bernina’s WeAllSew blog

A Quilt Teacher

Teri “formally” began teaching quilting in 2009. She likes to help her students realize that with free motion quilting, it’s okay to make mistakes, and then she likes to present to them different solutions to move past the mistakes. She also tells her students that quilting outside the lines is “kinda cool” and that wherever they are in quilting is the right place to be.

A Quilt Book Author

Teri calls herself a Chief Creative Weirdo. Her creativity led her to publishing her first quilt book, Color, Thread & Free-Motion Quilting: Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon in July, 2020.

Teri explained the reason why she focused on thread for her book: “As machine quilters know, thread color can dramatically affect the look and mood of your quilt.”  By using color theory and solid design principles, Teri uses her book to explain how specialty threads in different weights can make motifs stand out the most against the fabric. She shares free motion quilting tips and tricks as well as her “Impractical Color Wheels.” Teri’s intent is to help quilters learn the thread choice rules so they can be broken!!

During Road to California 2022, Teri will have a Special Exhibit where she will be signing copies of her book.  

To learn more about Teri, please visit her website.

Meet Nancy Roelfsema Road 2022 Teacher

Monday, August 16th, 2021

Nancy Roelfsema will be teaching four classes during Road to California 2022. All classes will have Husqvarna Viking Machines provided.

On Wednesday, 3012C – Great Quilt Making Basics

On Thursday, 4012C – New York Beauty

On Friday, 5011C – Design and Create A Quilted Tile

And on Saturday, 6011C – Paper Piecing Basics

From Farm Auction to Quilter

Nancy Roelfsema began quilting when she was just 10 years old. Her family had just moved to the country and her mother loved going to farm auctions. At one auction, she purchased an old “rustic” quilting frame. Nancy and her mother put two sheets and some batting together and hand quilted her first quilt. Nancy still has that quilt today!!!

Nancy was one of 10 children and the only way to get a new outfit was to make it. When she was 14, her parents gave Nancy her own sewing machine . She started making clothing for herself and doing alterations and repairs for her family. When she went off to college at Western Michigan University, her “extra” money came from making simple alterations and repairs for her college friends. Shortly after she was married, she began making custom formal dresses, including many wedding dresses and continued to make my own garments.

Today, Nancy Roelfsema is known for her quilting books and teaching quilting to individuals, quilt guilds, and on her YouTube platform, On-Point-TV.com. Nancy has over 50,000 subscribers!!

Experienced Quilt Teacher

Nancy Roelfsema began at a quilt shop about 28 years ago.  The owner needed teachers and Nancy suggested that she could teach a kid’s class. According to Nancy, “It went really good so I just started teaching more and more classes for all ages.”

Nancy says that she especially loves “teaching beginners and seeing them leave my class and start to create using the basics I have taught them.  I believe you need to learn great basics to be the foundation of your quilting – then you can create with confidence.”

She hopes that her students at Road 2022 will gain confidence to design very interesting and creative quilts.

To learn more about Nancy, please visit her website.

Road 2022 Teacher Annie Smith

Friday, August 13th, 2021

Annie Smith will be teaching 4 Quilt Classes and 1 Design Class at Road to California 2022:

On Tuesday, 2018C – A Is For Applique (Pfaff machines will be provided)

On Wednesday, 3014C – Build Your Own Color Sense – A Design Class

On Thursday, 4015C – The 1:10 Quilt (Machines provided by Bernina)

On Friday, 5014C – Aurifil Thread Matters (Machines provided by Bernina)

And on Saturday, 6014C – The “A” Word By Machine (Machines provided by Bernina)

From Garment Sewing to Quilting

Annie Smith came at quilting from a garment sewing and design background. She made all of her clothes in high school and had a cottage industry sewing for her friends’ moms in college. In 1980, Annie decided to make a quilt for her first baby which she sewed all by hand.

Annie shares that she has two areas of expertise: Fabric selection and Machine Applique. From teaching and observing her students struggling to find the right fabrics for their quilts, she realized that no one had ever taught them how to choose the fabric. Says Annie, “Everyone thinks that they have a problem with color — and what we really have is a lack of confidence in choosing fabrics from what the manufacturers give us.”

Regarding her knack with machine applique, Annie Smith took a weeklong class with Sue Nickels and was hooked. She just loved the technique that Sue taught. Annie proceeded to take two years off from teaching her own classes to hone her machine applique skills, which led to her designing quilts and coats and eventually writing two books for C&T Publishing.

Creative Space

When Annie Smith moved to Texas from California, she went from sewing spaces of 12 x 20 and 12 x 3 to just one 10 x 12 room with a walk-in closet. She set it up exactly how she thought the layout would work best, and after two years, she realized that it wasn’t working the way she thought; it made her feel claustrophobic.

She set out to reorganize her whole workspace, complete with new storage options. Annie relies a lot on Ikea, the Container Store, and repurposing. Now, she loves her sewing space.

Annie’s favorite quilting tools are her Bernina sewing machine and Serger (she is a Bernina Ambassador), her design wall, and her Clover fork pins. And Annie uses the CORA App to organize her patterns and garment fabrics.

Teaching at Road 2022

Since 1984, Annie Smith has taught at every quilt shop in the San Francisco Bay area when she lived there. She has been a national/international teacher since 2006. Says Annie, “I love to teach.”

Her favorite part of teaching is “the people I meet and the experiences that I have with them that really makes me the most happy. I love to share what I know about quilting to help quilters expand their knowledge, but I love getting to know them by the small conversations we have while they work. Many of my students have become dear friends.”

Annie hopes that her students at Road will experience exactly what they came for: to learn something new so they can grow their skills and think of things in a new way, to feel a part of the class community, and be inspired by what she has to share.

To learn more about Annie Smith, please visit her website.

Expert Garment Sewing Tips

Monday, August 9th, 2021

Certified Fit Specialist, Joe Vecchiarelli, will be conducting 3 Evening Lecture Classes during in-person Road to California 2022:

On Wednesday, 3065C – Get The Most Out Of Your Body Form

On Thursday, 4066C – Commercial Notions For The Home Studio

And on Friday, 5068C – Fitting A Dress Form To You

Getting a great fit requires expert garment sewing. And at Road to California 2022, attendees will have the opportunity to get tips from the owner of a world renown dress form company.

Meet Joe Vecchiarelli

A Certified Fit Specialist, Joe Vecchiarelli has made a career in the garment industry, making dress forms so that when garments are constructed, they properly fit their owner. He is best known for his work with fitting television celebrities. He has helped create the body forms for outfits made for stars of the Seinfeld Show, Drew of Property Brothers and Dolly Parton (Joe said she was challenging. He felt a huge sense of accomplishment because he created a form that matched her body perfectly).

Perhaps Joe’s most popular work has been with the hit television show, Dancing with the Stars. Before a season starts, Joe and his team create body forms for all the dancers. Then, the dancers and celebrities begin the arduous training for the show, dancing every day for weeks. As the season progresses, Joe is able to adjust the dress forms up or down to make the various costume changes work throughout the season. Some of his most memorable – and challenging — celebrity clients on Dancing with the Stars included Kristi Alley, Paula Deen, Candace Cameron Barre, Sean Spicer, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.    

Vendor French European

Joe shares his expert garment sewing tips through his company, French European.

French European started 45 years ago. It began as brothers doing scissor sharpening all over the United States and today it is a 3rd generation establishment that has added selling fashion and sewing supplies.

Three years ago, French European became known as the premier manufacturer of dress forms. They specialize in helping people with garment fitting issues. The reason why the company is called, French European, is because the dress forms are made in Paris.

Creating A Body Form

It took French European years of trial and error plus modern technology to develop their patented body forms. Each body form is unique to the individual. Their construction is based around weight: the weight of the individual at the time of the pre-cast and the projected weight if the person loses 10-20 pounds. A 3-D body scan is taken of the person with all of their clothes on and is kept in a data base. The body form can then be adjusted as the weight goes down.

Road 2022 is thrilled to give attendees the chance to experience expert garment sewing tips with these three lectures. To learn more about Joe Vecchiarelli and vendor, French European, please visit their website.

It’s Almost Time to Register for Classes!

Monday, August 9th, 2021

We can’t believe it’s almost time to register for Road to California In Person Classes! This has been a long time in the making! We are so appreciative of our faculty for sticking with us through the pandemic and to our new teachers for joining the team! We are always working on picking classes that offer a wide variety of techniques and styles of quilting.

Registration will be opening on August 14th at 8 am PDT which will be this Saturday! (Somehow Matt also planned Registration on the same day as his oldest son Braden’s 4th birthday.) Our team will be in the office to help during registration. (We always suggest email over a phone call for a faster response.)

Take a look at this blog post to find out our tips for registering for classes.

What should I do before Saturday?

It is important whenever planning on registering on opening day to go in with a plan. We have four tips that are a great start to your plan.

Tip #1 Check Your Login

For our returning Roadies you need to make sure you can login into your account and reset your password if needed. If this is your first time registering you will need to make a new account!

If possible please register on a computer using Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Morzilla Firefox. Do Not Use Internet Explorer as it is out of date and our website does not function correctly. If you are registering on a mobile device (phone or tablet) we do suggest switching to a computer for an easier experience.

When you first come to the website it will say in the upper right hand corner Log In or Sign Out. If it says Sign Out you are already logged in and are set to sign up! If not you will want to click the Login button. You can also find Login under My Account if you do not see it in the upper right.

On this page you will see the two places to enter your username and password. Your username will be your email address that is listed on your account. If you do not already have an account make sure to click Create an Account in red so you can make a new account. (If you already have an account with us please do not make a new one.)

If you are not sure what your password is or you enter it in wrong you will be taken to the Reset Your Password Page. It will ask for your email address and email you a reset password link. (This email may end up in your spam/junk box or under promotions for gmail email addresses please check there first.) If you did not receive the email fill out our contact us form so we can help you.

Once logged in, it will return you to the home page with the top right now saying Sign Out. You are all set to register on the website once it opens. Registration can be found under the My Account tab, but until the 14th it will say Registration is closed.

Tip #2 Pick & Prioritize Classes

It is important when you get ready to register to list your classes on how much you want to take the class. Registration is a live process that does have some classes fill quicker than others. Especially classes with teachers like Eleanor Burns and events like Party Time and the Bus Trips. Our team here in the office always advocates to make a detailed list of the classes you want to take and prioritize them. Take a look at one we made as an example.

Shown above is an event and two classes I want to hypothetically sign up for. Party Time, for example, fills up very quickly. To improve my chances of getting in I can register for just that event and then go back into the system later and register for my other classes. Sometimes when you are adding all your classes to your schedule a class/event can fill and when you click register you added to a waitlist.

Tip #3 Make sure you have a stable internet connection

When registering your internet is in communication with our server and you want to make sure your internet is stable when you begin to register. Normally registering from home will work just fine as long as you don’t have any known internet issues. On our end we have worked with our developer to make sure there is no bugs or slow downs.

Registering on the Road or using Public wifi should be avoided at all costs as you are trusting that they have a good connection. Sometimes the website might seem slow but it is actually the internet and server trying to communicate and it can take time.

Do not add classes to your cart and then attempt to register for them later. The system is not saving your spot until you process your payment for the class. Trying to save classes in the cart will cause all sorts of not so fun problems, and may result in not getting the classes you want.

Tip #4 Set your Alarm/Notifications

Make sure to add registration to your calendar so you are ready at 8 am PDT. As we mentioned above classes do fill up fast and you want to make sure you are ready in front of your computer to get your class. You can click Register under My Account or on the Class Information page click Register Here.

Bonus Tip #5 Students who registered for Road to California 2021

If you signed up back in 2020 for the 2021 show your classes were postponed to 2022. You are still registered unless you requested to be cancelled. Not sure you can check on the My Schedule Page shown under the My Account tab. You need to be logged in for your classes to show. You can also email us if you are not sure.

If there is a class you want to transfer out of you must email us before Saturday by Friday the 13th at the latest to transfer without a $5 transfer fee. After this date you will be charged the $5.

What do I do on Saturday the 14th?

It’s Registration Day! It is time to register for those classes and events you want to take in 2022! We are going to give you the process on how to register for classes. These steps will walk you through registering for classes.

Step #1 Login to Your Account

If you have already practiced logging in you want to double check that in the upper right hand corner it says Sign Out. This means you are in your account and are ready for registration to open. If not go ahead and login to your account.

Step #2 Open the Registration Page

When 8 am hits the Registration Closed under My Account will turn into Register and the Register Here on the Class Information page will open the Registration page instead of the homepage.

Step #3 Start to Add Classes to your Schedule

When you get to the registration page you will see an empty schedule on the left and a list of classes on the right. Classes on the list are grouped by day and are listed by start time.

To add a class to your schedule you will want to click Add to Cart if the class is full it will say Add to Waitlist. Once it is in your cart it will add to your schedule and get listed under the Events/Classes to be Purchased. (Any classes that conflict with the class will become hidden.)

As a reminder – the system has not saved your seats for classes until you complete the registration process and pay for the classes. We can’t help you if you forget to pay for the class and complete the registration process and your class reaches capacity. We do not over sell our classes.

Step #4 Pay and Register

You will need to fill out the payment section on the page and check your address (pulled from your account) and then click Register. There is also listed the cancellation and transfer policy for Road to California 2022.

Only click Register once do not click the back button, do not spam the button, and do not refresh the page. The system tries to charge your card each time you click the register button and it will invalidate your entire registration as it will come across as a duplicate payment. Please be patient and let the system work.

Step #5 Check your Confirmation Email

Once the system has processed your registration you will receive an email showing what you signed up for. Do not skip this step double check your registration immediately after to make sure you did not accidentally sign up for the wrong class. You have 7 days to transfer or get a full refund, make sure to double check the day you register so you don’t miss this period.

Your email may have gone to spam/junk, it is immediately sent so please check there first. (Gmail users should also check the Promotions tab as well). If you do not see your email please send us an email at info@roadtocalifornia.com so we can double check your account.

Registration Problems?

If you have any problems registering or logging in make sure to send us an email at info@roadtocalifornia.com so we can help you.

What Classes are you most looking forward to Registering In? Make sure to tell us in the comments!

Hawaiian Quilter Carrie Fondi

Friday, August 6th, 2021

Carrie Fondi will be teaching two handwork classes during Road to California 2022:

On Monday, 1004C – Traditional Hawaiian Applique

And on Tuesday, 2002C – Design Your Own Hawaiian Appliqué Quilt

The Path to Aloha Quilting

Carrie Fondi’s path as a Hawaiian quilter began with her love of crafts as a child. Her grandmother first taught Carrie how to quilt and crochet. Carrie started making Hawaiian Quilts as a teenager as a way to combine her love of the islands and her love for doing hand work.

In 2006, a quilt store in California asked Carrie if she would share some of her Hawaiian Quilts to their local quilt guild. Carrie remembers, “I had no idea people wanted to hear how the Hawaiian Quilt came to be.” Lecturing and teaching Hawaiian Quilting led to the need to have a website to display her quilts. Shortly after, she started selling her designs and by 2008, Aloha Quilt Shop was born.

Quilting at Home in 2020

During the Covid pause last year, Carrie discovered she loved to stay home where she could slow down and re-focus on her true love of being a traditional, Hawaiian quilter. Her favorite quilting tools at home are her silver thimbles. She has one for two fingers on each hand. She also gets a lot of use from her “great” small scissors. Carrie confides, “I keep a pair in every sewing bag.”    

Started years before, Carie finished this quilt during Covid. Ku’u Hae Aloha (My Beloved Flag) was common in late 1800’s. Women made flag quilts after the overthrow of 1893 (when flags were torn down) to keep their beloved emblems around them . The flag quilts were hung on the bedposts above the bed.

Fortunate for Carrie, during the lockdowns, her business hit a boom in March 2020 due to the high demand of fabric sales for face masks. Because Hawaiian fabric is fun, bright and upbeat, Carrie thought that “a lot of people chose Hawaiian prints for such a scary time.”

Teaching Experience

Hawaiian quilter, Carrie Fondi, taught her first quilting class at a quilt store in California in 2007. Her most favorite thing about teaching quilting is the inspiration she gets from her students. “I leave every class with fresh ideas, new perspectives and knowledge. Everyone’s creative process is different, teaching Hawaiian Style Applique I get to see the students use and interpret my applique techniques in different ways.” 

The handwork for Hawaiian quilting is best taught one -on one. Carrie taught her Hawaiian quilting techniques online during Road@Home which required her to slow down and record all of her hand techniques with close up cameras. She is looking forward to getting back to in person teaching at Road 2022 where she will be able to help students understand the history of the art and confidence in the basic techniques. “My goal is to make sure everyone goes home with confidence and a new love for handwork.”

To learn more about Hawaiian quilter, Carrie Fondi, please visit her website.

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