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Posts Tagged ‘Espadrilles’

Meet Road 2017 Faculty: Sharon Miller

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

Sharon Miller will be teaching on Friday, 5067C  Espadrilles  and on Saturday,  6063C     Espadrilles  sharon-miller-one-shoe

Road to California 2017 will be featuring several handwork classes, including these beginner to intermediate level classes on how to make espadrilles shoes by Sharon  Miller. sharon-miller Espadrilles are casual, flat, shoes that originated in the Pyrenees. They usually have a canvas or cotton fabric upper and a flexible sole.sharon-miller-brocade Sharon has a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics, clothing and textiles. She began sewing, crocheting, and tatting when she was 10 years old and has created everything from clothing and costumes to home décor, bridal gowns, crafts and quilts.sharon-miller-dress How did Sharon get started in making espadrilles? “I love new things and when I saw the espadrilles I could hardly wait to start making them.  I envisioned them with kids clothes, casual wear, in leather, and a fun bridal party activity.”sharon-miller-childs There was a bit of a learning curve in learning how to make the shoes. Sharon tried all kinds of fabrics and had to figure out how to adjust the fit for unique feet.  Luckily for Sharon’s students, she has developed many quick tips to make the process easier that she will be sharing in her classes. Does Sharon have a favorite espadrilles style? She likes — and has a pair — of both flats and wedges. In her Road 2017 classes, students will be making the flat version. At Road 2016, Sharon demonstrated her espadrilles shoes in the EE Schenck Company booth in the Marketplace. It was such a popular demonstration that the Reese family asked her to offer a class at Road 2017. Previously, she has taught her espadrille class for shop owners in Portland, Oregon in 2015. Sharon is excited to share something she loves to make that has become natural to her. Students can expect to finish at least one pair of shoes and hopefully start the second pair before the end of class. Sharon describes her classes as both “fun and educational.” She adds, “We have a good time.”      ]]>

Meet Road 2016 Marketplace Vendor: EE Schneck Company

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Last year, Road introduced Marketplace where top manufacturers in the quilting industry shared their knowledge and expertise directly with our guests. Located right in the center of the main show floor, Marketplace is the destination for innovation and inspiration on the latest and most popular quilting products. This year, there will be 6 companies in Marketplace, starting with the E.E. Schenck Company.

E.E. Schenck Company, located in Portland, Oregon, is one of the oldest and largest wholesale distributors of fabrics and notions in the United States. Founded in 1921 as an importer of silks, E.E. Schenck has evolved to become a leading supplier of fabrics for quilting, apparel, utility and crafts, also offering a varied selection of notions, books, patterns and gift items. They carry over 50,000 items, shipping to all 50 states as well as customers all over the world.SchenckLogo2015 Twenty years ago E.E. Schenck Company began designing under the Maywood Studio brand, now known for timeless, beautiful cottons, Shadow Play blenders and the famously soft Woolies Flannel. Maywood Studio has come to represent reliable, exceptional quality and basics that can be reordered for many years. Maywood Studio adds something for every fabric lover with a growing array of design choices and a continuing tradition of classic beauty.Maywood Logos For the Road 2016 Marketplace, E.E. Schenck will be featuring and demonstrating some of their most popular products: Soak Wash Inc. The owner of Soak Wash Inc. will be on hand to demonstrate several of their product lines: Soak (cleans quilts and other fine delicates), Flatter (a light spray starch which does not scorch or leave residue on the bottom of irons) and Handmaid Crème (a luxury hand crème that leaves no residue on hands). Products come in both fresh scents and scentless.soak-logo Zirkel Magnetic Pin Cushion.  A magnetic pincushion that separates pins for easy pick up. Curve Runner.  A rolling 8” and 12” ruler that makes measuring curves a breeze.  Just roll it along and measure any length. Espadrilles.  This new Dritz product line provides a quick and easy product to make both child and adult sized custom shoes.espadrilles Galaxy Electric Seam ripper.  Quickly and easily rips seams out in seconds. Easy Binding Winder.  Keeps binding clean and neat while ironing. Maywood Pre-Cuts.  Sharing new fabric lines of strips, squares, and charm packs._MAS_Gentle_Breeze_1 The E.E. Schenck Company philosophy is to provide the best products with the best value. Come check them out and bring your questions to the Road 2016 Marketplace. To learn more about EE Schenck, please visit their web site.  ]]>