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Posts Tagged ‘Square in a Square’

Author, Vendor, Teacher: Meet Jodi Barrows

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Did you know Jodi Barrows has authored three quilt-themed novels and 26 quilt pattern books?

Her novels take place during the 1856-time period and is based on her own family. Since she enjoys the 1800’s, she likes to look at fabrics, clothing, museums, antiques, homes – just about everything that comes from that time period. She also spends a considerable amount of her professional time giving lectures on women and quilting. In addition to being an author, Jodi’s quilts have appeared in numerous publications and she has been a guest on several television programs.

Did you know Jodi Barrows started her company Square in a Square® over 25 years ago as a way to promote her own quilt technique and tools?

Jodi says “that one tool does all triangle units and all of them can be done in any size.” During Jodi’s early days of quilting, she felt that “cutting out templates one at a time and putting them back together always seemed like a big waste of time.  My grandmother always did multiple projects at the same time similar to today’s modern strip piecing techniques.  So it was natural for me to realize that there has to be a better way to produce triangle units without all of the hassle.  Doing, quilt biology, I was able to dissect the units in my head and it started my way of thinking that lead to the Square in a Square piecing technique.” In her booth at Road 2018, Jodi will be featuring  Square in a Square® books, rulers, patterns, fabric, fabric kits and education.  In addition to everything Square in a Square® , she will also have her newest novel, Threads of Courage, to go along with her two others.  Plus, being a fabric designer, she will feature her latest fabric collection complete with quilts made from the new designs.

Did you know Jodi Barrows has been teaching quilting classes for over 24 years?

Jodi has a family history of quilting. She “really got in to piecing” at her local church attending an outreach class that combined bible study with quilting. Jodi will be teaching 2 classes at Road 2018: On Monday, 1001C  Square in a Square (Concentrating on Square) and on Tuesday, 2001C  Square in a Square (Concentrating on Diamond) What does Jodi enjoy most about teaching? The “thrill” of seeing “the student when that lightbulb moment” happens; when they first see “the unlimited possibilities” of her teaching.  Jodi says that she likes to inspire her students to realize that they can achieve projects that they never thought possible. In her classes, Jodi likes to “teach knowledge” — something that the student can still have long after the class is over. Instead of taking home an unfinished project (UFO), Jodi refers that her students take home information and knowledge which provide motivation for the student to keep sewing and working on projects.

Did you know Jodi Barrow’s best quilting tip has to do with a sewing machine?

“When doing any sewing, including quilting, always keep a “runner” in your sewing machine.  Our sewing machines are happier when they have fabric in them, so always put your “runner” in before you clip off or take your project off of the machine.  I teach this in every class and it doesn’t take long to convince the student of its value.  Give it a try.” To learn more about Jodi and her books, her company, and her teaching,  please visit her website.          ]]>

Road 2014 Faculty/Vendor/Sponsor Spotlight: Meet Jodi Barrows

Saturday, December 14th, 2013

Jodi will be teaching a two day class, #1201 Option Overview of the Square in a Square Technique on Monday and Tuesday. She will also be teaching two evening classes, #5031 Constellation on Friday and #6031 All Spruced Up on Saturday.Jodi half length pic in white

Personal: Jodi Barrows led a quilting revolution before anyone knew there was a revolution. Twenty years ago, she created an easy to follow way to improve the quality and ease of putting quilt plans together known as Square in a Square.  Jodi calls herself a quilting visionary. She is also an author and presenter, having spoken to quilting audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Italy, and South Africa. Originally from the small town of Hugoton, Kansas, she is the mother of two sons, and since 2012, a grandmother to one granddaughter. She and her husband also have two yorkies, Cotton and Paisley, who have appeared in some of her books and videos.  

What was the last book you read?  I just got a copy of my own new novel Threads of Change and just finished it.9780802409379 (2) -threads of change jpg

How did you get started in quilting? My family sewed and I grew up with the sewing machine on the kitchen table that was moved only during meal time.  My mother and grandmother made quilts as well as garments.

Where do you find inspiration for your quilting?  My love for both history and tradition has been my inspiration for sewing.

What is the one quilting tool that you can’t live without?  The one tool I could not live without would be the rotary cutter.  It makes your work easy, fast and accurate.  I remember the first time I saw a rotary cutter.  An older woman I knew from church asked me to meet her in the parking lot after the service.  When we arrived at her car, she opened the trunk and there was an eye glass case. (Her husband was an ophthalmologist).  She opened the case and inside was a yellow Olfa rotary cutter. That rotary cutter changed my quilting life forever.

What do you like to do when you aren’t quilting?  With a new granddaughter, my favorite non-quilting activity is seeing and playing with her.  In addition, I like to read, write and visit with friends and family.  I also find enjoyment in cleaning and playing in my fabric and sewing room.

What is the best class you have taken?  I am learning to knit and it really helps me as I teach beginners in quilting.  Being a novice knitter has taught me to make sure I start at ground zero as I teach to new students.

What do you like best about teaching? It gives me a thrill to see the ‘light bulb’ go on in the face of a student as they learn the system.

What do you want your students to get out of your class?  It gives me great joy to hear from students after class about what they have learned.  Many times what they learn is a technique that can be applied immediately to their way of quilting.  It is nice for beginners and seasoned quilters to go away from a class that is memorable.

What is your best tip for quilters? Be yourself but stretch yourself. Always be willing to learn new things.  Be positive and teachable.

Jodi and Square in a Square will be in Booths 202, 204, and 206 featuring Square in a Square rulers and tools, pattern books, and fabric kits. R-8 ruler with book pic 

You can find Jodi at www.squareinasquare.com

Road appreciates Jodi Barrow and Square in a Square for being one of the sponsors of the show.




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