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Posts Tagged ‘Studio 180 Design’

So You Want To Make A Winning Quilt? Road 2015 Outstanding Innovative Quilt

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Kathie Beltz and Mara Novak were awarded $5,000 by sponsor SewBatik for their winning entry.Innovative Quilt

Skyfall was the second time maker Kathie Beltz and quilter Mara Novak have collaborated on a quilt project. They began the quilt in 2013 and finished it in 2014. Skyfall was born of the desire to marry Kathie’s love of innovative piecing with Mara’s interest in translating everything she sees into quilting designs. Both ladies are established quilters. Kathie got her start when she was invited to join a group of friends who were quilters and they started her with the basics. Mara began in quilting by taking a class with Deb Tucker. It was Kathie’s idea to create as many different stars as possible in one quilt. Kathie had recently become a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, and wanted to fully explore the Studio 180 tools. She was inspired to create as many different stars as possible in one quilt.  Kathie pieced fifty-eight unique stars and, instead of a basic block-by-block and row-by-row construction, she set them in a cascade across a deep blue sky.  The stars range in size from 2 inches to 10 inches and vary in brightness, to add to the perspective and depth of the quilt.  Kathie also added three Lemoyne stars in a blue fabric different from the background, which represented stars so far away and faded, they can barely be seen.  The cascade of stars left plenty of room for Mara to add secondary star falls, as well as an elaborate border, made entirely of thread. From design, to shopping for fabric, then to construction and quilting, it took about 9 months for Kathie to make the quilt. This project taught Kathie that she needed to schedule more time for quilt making, because she was always up against a deadline. Mara’s quilting took even longer as she had to learn that it takes very bright thread to show up on dark fabric. When they found out they had won, Mara did a “happy dance” and Kathie was “incredibly excited.” Kathie still isn’t sure what she is going to do with the prize money. Mara has bought a treadmill. Mara and Kathie intend to continue collaborating in the future, as they “keep looking for the perfect balance of piecing and quilting” that will “push our abilities and stretch our imaginations.”]]>

Road 2015 Faculty Spotlight: Meet Deb Tucker

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Deb will be teaching 1010C Constellation on Monday and 2015C Rapid Fire Hunter’s Star on Tuesday.Deb Tucker Publicity Photo

Personal: Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design is a family business. Her husband of 32 years, Jeff, is the CEO, daughter Haley is the art director, and sister-in-law Sue is the “business guru,” keeping the taxes paid, the bills paid, and all of the business’ future planning on track. Even her 5 cats are involved. They all think that every quilt Deb makes is just for them!! Only son Toby is not involved — yet.Deb Tucker4

How did you get involved in quilting? I started quilting in 1981.  It was the year before I was to get married and I thought that the tradition of every girl having a quilt when she got married seemed like a good idea so I headed off to the local adult education center for my first classes.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that quilting was a perfect fit for my love of creating, making something useful, and drafting (I started out in college studying Architecture).  Teaching ended up being my chosen profession in college and that too has served me well over the years.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs? Everywhere.  Generally, I lean toward traditional type designs, but I’m always motivated to add a current twist to a pattern or a technique.Deb Tucker 2

What is your favorite quilting tool? Well that’s like asking me to choose a favorite child!!!  As a tool designer, I truly love all the tools that I’ve created, but there are several that always seem to be out on my cutting table when I’m making quilts.  First choice would probably be my Tucker Trimmer, but hot on its heels would be my Wing Clipper and Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star.  They are two of my oldest tools and one of my newest.  Basically my favorite Studio 180 Design tool is the one that I’m using to complete the current project!

When you aren’t quilting, what do you like to do? I love to walk, bike, garden, and cook for family and friends.

What do you like best about teaching? The best thing about teaching is the “Ah Ha” moment.  It’s that moment when students discover the secret to high success with something that may have frustrated or eluded them for years.  I thrive on smiles from happy quilters when they see the end results of a day’s efforts.Deb Tucker3

What would you like students to get out of your class?  I would like for every student in my classes to leave with two things: 1) increased knowledge and 2) motivation.  Knowledge will guide your choices and decisions about how you approach future projects and how you will spend your time.  Motivation will carry you through so your projects will be completed.  These two factors, along with high success from the techniques being taught, will be key to their long term addiction to quilt making.

What is your best quilting tip?  Learn all that you can about every aspect of your craft – techniques, tools, processes, products – so that you can create the quilts that best fit your life style.  There’s room in the quilt world for every type of artisan.  Do what makes you happy!

To learn more about Deb, visit her web site: www.studio180design.net