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Posts Tagged ‘#Mother’s Day’

Mothers Who Share the Love of Quilting

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

These moms share their legacy of quilting by going to Road to California with their daughters.

Debra has been quilting for 11 years and has been attending Road to California just as long. She is a long arm quilter and likes seeing thread and fabric in person. Her daughter, Nicole, came with her to Road 2018 to “support my mom. She is really good at quilting.” Beate loves to share her German heritage and her love of quilting with her daughter, Alison. Beate makes her own designs which she describes as “wonky style” She doesn’t care if her work is perfect; she enjoys the creative aspect of quilting most of all. Beate first taught Alison to quilt in 1976 when Alison was in the 3rd grade. It was a “sailboat improve” that they “threw together.” Both women got away from quilting for a while and picked it up again when Alison was in college. They joined the San Diego Modern Quilt Guild and go to all kinds of retreats together. “We enjoy bright, happy modern quilts,” remarked Beate. They have attended Road to California for over 5 years. Alison looks for the “complicated” quilts on display and in the classes offered. “The more complicated, the more interested I am in the quilt,” she remarked. Kathie and Laura choose Road to California as a place to meet up. Kathie lives in Surprise, Arizona and Laura lives in Riverside, California. Kathie started quilting in 1982, buying fabric to make a log cabin design. It remained a UFO until 2017 when she finally finished it!!  She is quick to note, “I made a bazillion quilts in-between.” Kathie likes the inspiration she gets from attending Road. As for Laura, she likes to help her mom find new ideas, spend money and see all the new products.  Chatting with other people at the show is also fun for Laura. “I made an Instagram friend last year with one of the vendors.” Will we be seeing you and your mom at Road 2019?  ]]>

Thanks, Mom  

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

What better legacy than for mothers to pass on their appreciation for quilting to their children — the younger the better.  Just ask these three moms who brought their babies and young children to Road 2015:440

Violet Evans, age 10 weeks, sits in her bouncer while her mom, Megan Evans, sews. Violet is happy that Megan met her quilting friend, Michelle Barbee, at the LA Modern Quilt Guild because they encourage each other with their modern quilting projects. Michelle started quilting twenty years ago when her son was little (he’s 23 now) and Megan has been quilting for the past five years. Road 2015 was Megan’s fifth time at the show and Violet’s first. They all had “a fun time looking at all the quilts and shopping.”



2 year old Ben Yoshizawa, came to Road 2015 with his mom, Erika, and dad, Taka. Erika started quilting six years ago when she and Taka were engaged. She thought it would be fun to take a class and start a new hobby. Taka supports Erika in her quilting. He bought her her sewing machine, a Bernina 550, that she uses to not only sew but to also do free motion quilting on her quilts. Taka also made Erika a sewing table for her machine. Ben liked looking at all the “neat stuff” and watched as his mom “tried out some new equipment.”



Destiny (age 7) and Makayla (age 16) had a great time having their mom, Tamara, guide them around the vendor floor.  Tamara is a busy quilting mom. She has ten children – six girls and four boys – and they all know how to quilt!! Tamara said she has always loved to sew. Her first project was a baby quilt that she had to “cut out a ridiculous amount of squares.” She later enrolled herself and a daughter into a parent participation quilting class so that they could both learn the “right way” to quilt. Makayla first learned to quilt from her mom five years ago. One of her favorite projects she has made is a hidden nine patch quilt. Destiny started out as her mom’s official seam ripper when she was just three years old!! Destiny began quilting two years ago and has made her own twin bed quilt out of flannel squares. All three ladies enjoyed seeing the quilts on display and getting ideas for their next projects.   


Happy Mother’s Day to quilting moms everywhere.




Hanging Out With Mom

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

 Road 2014:  The perfect way to spend the day with mom!! 

 Shelby and MelanieShelby and Melanie

This was Shelby’s first time to accompany her mom to Road. She has helped her mom make a quilt and is getting interested in being more crafty. “I like that my Mom sews. She makes unique things that no one else has.”  Shelby came with her mom to Road to get more quilt supplies.  Melanie first learned to sew in middle school when she was 13 years old when there were Home Ec. classes. Her grandmother got her interested because she was a quilter. She recently made Shelby a quilt for Christmas.

Carrie and ColinCarrie and Colin

This mother and son duo has been coming to Road together for the past three years. Carrie has been a quilter for 35 years. She comes to Road because “there are always great things to see and she likes to buy fabric, thread, and tools.” Colin, 19, thinks “quilts are cool” and enjoys watching how the sewing machines work. He also helps out his mom carrying her bags. Carrie loves that her son likes to come with her.

Lavella and Sharla  Lavella and Sharla

Lavella began quilting 32 years ago. She always wanted to quilt. She grew up around scraps on the floor, tossed aside by her quilting grandmothers. Sharla’s first quilt was made for her, by her mother when she was 3 years old, to cover her first “big girl bed.”  During the summer between her junior and senior year in high school, Sharla was bored so she decided to make a log cabin quilt for her boyfriend. Ever since then, she tries to keep her sewing machine out and aims to make one quilt a year. Lavella and Sharla have made two quilts together. They love to share their common love for the history, fabric, charity, and bonding that quilting brings. Attending Road together “starts the year off with friends, inspiration, and motivation,” said Lavella.  Remarked Sharla, “Sharing something with your mom is so important.”

Do you share your quilting hobby with your mother?