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Posts Tagged ‘Patt Blair’

Meet Patt Blair: Road 2016 Winner and 2017 Teacher

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

Patt Blair won 3rd Place in the category Art, Critter for Summer Hunt at Road 2016Patt Blair-3rd place

Patt Blair is no stranger to Road to California. A resident of the mountain community of Mt. Baldy, California, she is surrounded by inspiration for her quilt designs. The idea for Summer Hunt came several years ago from another piece of hers, Winter Hunt, where an elusive mountain lion hunted in the late afternoon snow. Patt knew for years that Summer Hunt would come into being; it just took a while to come up with the look she wanted.   An east coast artist, B. Hautman, had produced a similar piece and was kind enough to allow Patt her own modified interpretation of his image. It took Patt about 11 weeks to finish Summer Hunt. First, she immersed herself in paining the subject so that she could really come to know it. Patt spent 8 weeks on the quilting. The further along she got on the quilt, the fewer hours were dedicated each day in the project. The blocking and facing only took a few days.Patt Blair-summer hunt detail As a quilter, Patt puts a lot of introspection in her pieces. She feels that it “absolutely pays off to really think about the elements of a piece; to decide what importance they will play in telling the quilt’s story. For example, Patt normally loves quilting airflow (the sky) using a motif that draws attention to its easy movement across the horizon. No such attention was warranted in Summer Hunt’s sky so a much more subdued motif was used. Patt was happy to hear she had won third place in the Art, Critter category, which had the highest number of entries for the 2016 show. “A piece becomes like one of my children; I was proud of it.” As a teacher, Patt LOVES the peaceful, playful rhythm that comes from a classroom of people all working and learning together.  She has just one classroom goal: that when students leave class, she wants them to feel just a bit “cocky.” In other words, that they will have the realization that they did the project and they’re proud of their work.Patt Blair-cardinal Patt will be teaching painting and quilting classes at Road 2017.  She is teaching both a two-day version of Painted Quilt Art as well as a one day Painting with Inks. In these two classes, students can use one of Patt’s many drawing options or bring one of their own as instructed on her web site. ( www.pattsart.com   button:  EZ drawing). Patt will also be teaching The Filling Station, a skill building class on quilting motifs,. This class will allow students to learn and practice stitching motifs that they can use in their own work. Patt Blair-windsong Finally, Patt will be doing a Media Mixer class exploring variety and freedom in using several surface design techniques.  Patt says this class is “totally fun and represents what my former teacher Robert E Wood Jr. coined as the meaning of CREATIVITY:  a winding path to an unknown destination.  We’ll all learn where we were going once we get there!!!”    ]]>

Road 2014 Faculty Spotlight: Meet Patt Blair

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Patt will be teaching a two day class on Monday and Tuesday, 1202 Painted Quilt Art and two evening classes, one on Thursday 4030 Media Mixer and on Saturday, 6034 The Art of Quilting. Patt will also be one of six instructors on Cruising with Road to California April 15-29, 2014.Patt Blair

Personal: The two t’s in Oklahoma born Patt Blair’s first name can easily stand for teacher-traveler. Patt loves traveling to find interesting new places and people as well as relaxing in familiar surroundings with nature all around. She has done quilt traveling to such faraway places as the Baltic and Ecuador. And as an experienced teacher, she “LOVES the peaceful, playful rhythm that materializes in a classroom of happy quilters/artists…Many of my students are new to my artistic approach to quilting and I work hard at making them a success.’

How did you get started in quilting? Had To!! Weekend walks with quilter friends left me out of conversations for a long time so I had to get into it and of course was hooked.

Does anyone else in your family quilt? My math minded fire captain brother in law  abandoned his wood shop for a while as he loved  quilters tools so he jumped in to learn and produced 2 beautiful quilts so far.

Where do you find your inspiration for your quilting? Having been born on the plains of Oklahoma with nature and a special dog being my earliest ‘friends,’  I find my favorite subjects in nature and am generally drawn to images that include a heartbeat.  I love driving home the connection between two beings. As to the actual quilting of the piece,  I sometimes think I need to join(or maybe just start)  a special addiction group for quilters as I find interesting patterns of line everywhere… freeway walls, advertisements, bottoms of shoes, floor mats, fabric samples, etc., etc.Blair_MyGentleGiantBen_FULLJPG

My Gentle Giant Ben ( Best Painted Surface Road to Ca 2012, Master Award for Machine Artistry 2012 Houston International)     

What is the one quilting tool you can’t live without? I used to say my seam ripper 🙁   … but now I would say it is a Supreme Slider.  Quilting atop this product makes my quilt life MUCH easier and eliminates some occasional stitching problems.

What has been the best class you have taken? That is easy to say… the one that got me started painting on fabric. In the year 2000, I took a two day, Hollis Chatelain painting with dyes class, at Road to California.  I had been a long time painter on canvas and paper, and longing to transition to painting on fabric. That class opened the door for me to search for a medium that possessed the elements of transparency I so loved in watercolors.   I eventually found permanent inks as my most used medium for painting fabric and  I am eternally grateful for that first chance to explore wet medium on fabric.In Quito's Market

In Quitos Market 

What is the funniest or most embarrassing moment you have had while teaching? I find the funniest things often come up in class from lips of students… all in fun. 

What do you want your students to get out of your class? I have always said I have one rule and one goal in my painting classes. The RULE is theirs ( no self-criticism) so they have a freedom to explore without anxiety.   I do say that they can criticize me but hopefully when I’m out of earshot. 😉   And the GOAL is mine.  I want students to leave at the end of the class feeling a wee bit “cocky” that they produced something of which they are enormously proud.