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Posts Tagged ‘Flower Box Quilts’

Color and Quilting

Monday, July 18th, 2016

2017 Road Teacher, Michele Crawford, knows a lot about color and quilting. A quilt designer since 1989, Michele presented a $5.00 lecture at Road 2016 on The Value of Color  which explored the use of color value to enhance quilt design. [caption id="attachment_4175" align="aligncenter" width="368"]Photo by Brian Roberts Photography Photo by Brian Roberts Photography[/caption] Michele began her lecture talking about the psychology of colors which often dictates what a person wears, lives with, and puts in their quilts:

Red: action, confidence

Pink: romance, tranquility

Orange: close relative to red; sets apart from surroundings

Yellow: happiness, optimism

Green: soothes, relaxes

Blue: calm, cool, trustworthy

[caption id="attachment_4177" align="aligncenter" width="336"]Photo by Brian Roberts Photography Photo by Brian Roberts Photography[/caption]

Purple: uplifts, spirituality

White: hope, purity

Black: power, authority

Grey: knowledge, wisdom

When creating a quilt, color provides the basic design principles: Movement, Repetition, and Variety. Michele gave some added tips for repetition and variety.  She said a Resting Spot should always be included in a quilt including a different color or value or border. She also warned about not having the quilt be too busy.  If a quilt is too busy, it’s not pleasant to view because the eye is constantly wandering. And because variety is the spice of life, a zinger color (something not even in the quilt or border) can “make the quilt” sparkle. The color wheel is divided into 3 categories that are considered the pure colors: Primary colors – red, yellow and blue with (*Yellow being the most dominant pure color) Secondary colors – orange, green and violet Tertiary colors – red/orange, red/violet, yellow/green, yellow/orange, blue/green and blue/violet Complimentary Colors appear on opposite sides of a color wheel – red/green for example. Black is the mixture of all the pure colors. White is the absence of color. The true neutrals are the achromatic colors: black and white plus grey. The rule of thumb to remember when working with pure colors is that LIGHT ADVANCES ON DARK and DARK ADVANCES ON LIGHT. [caption id="attachment_4176" align="aligncenter" width="336"]Photo by Brian Roberts Photography Photo by Brian Roberts Photography[/caption] Color Value refers to how light or dark a color is. Michele said that understanding this concept is vital in making effective scrap quilts. Quilts will be more interesting not if the colors (or fabrics) do not match, but rather when different colors work together when they are in the same color value. [caption id="attachment_4173" align="aligncenter" width="336"]Photo by Brian Roberts Photography Photo by Brian Roberts Photography[/caption] Every fabric in a certain color can be divided into three main groups: LIGHT, MEDIUM, and DARK. Within these groups, they can be subdivided again into three separate areas of light, medium and dark (i.e. light-light, medium-light and dark-light). Light: Fabrics in these colors (white, cream, ecru, etc.) are effective as backgrounds, for contrast and to soften the look of a quilt. Medium: Fabrics in these colors (medium blue, red, green, etc.) provide a rich look as a blender or contrast between light and dark fabrics. Dark: Fabrics in these colors (black, navy, forest green, etc.) create a strong bold contrast. These are the colors that are going to pull together all the rest of the colors or “pop” in a quilt and are good for borders. [caption id="attachment_4174" align="aligncenter" width="364"]Photo by Brian Roberts Photography Photo by Brian Roberts Photography[/caption] When deciding on the colors for a quilt, Michele recommended starting with the block design first and pull the colors to the outside of the quilt. Whatever colors are used in the center of a quilt should be the border fabric/color. To learn more about Michele and her quilt designing, please visit her website.]]>

Road 2016 Faculty and Vendor: Meet Michele Crawford Plus A Giveaway

Wednesday, December 16th, 2015

Michele Crawford will be teaching on Monday, 1003R Carpenter Star, and an evening class on Saturday, 6066C  Crumb Quilting

Michele’s company, Flower Box Quilts, will have a booth on the vendor floor.Michele Crawford - head shot - 5 x 5

Michele Crawford has a long history with sewing, crafting, and pattern making. Since the age of 9, she has always had a needle and thread in her hands whether it was stamped cross stitch, crewel, crochet, knitting, embroidery or sewing clothes. Michele taught herself to sew. Her first projects were sewn on her grandmother’s featherweight sewing machine. Michele’s first business was making woven potholders on a loom and selling them in her neighborhood. While in high school, she wanted to be a fashion designer and go to New York City to school. She ended up being an elementary school teacher, getting married, starting a family, and then began her life as a self-employed designer and business owner. Michele’s first business was Cross ‘n Quilt. Started in 1986, Michele designed and sold her patterns combining counted cross stitch and quilting. Through this experience, Michele has created over 4,500 published sewing, needlework and quilting designs in over 40 different publications. She has worked with over 35 fabric, thread and batting companies to date. In 2002, a few quilting magazines started offering kits for the projects in their magazines featuring new fabric collections, and that was the start of Michele’s internet business, Flower Box Quilts. By 2008, she began designing her own quilt patterns to sell on her website as Flower Box Quilts, and also offered other quilt fabric kits exclusive to her site.Michele Crawford booth The Flower Box Quilts booth is known as the “happy booth.” She likes to showcase many different styles and techniques to inspire her customers. Featured in her booth are seasonal and non-seasonal fabrics as well as 100 of her original quilt patterns including those for quilts of all sizes, runners, place mats, pillows, Christmas ornaments and tree skirts, and other decorative items. She still likes to combine counted cross stitch with quilting and has started to offer other types of handwork including working with wool felt and embroidery, and hexagons.Michele Crawford quilt Michele is looking forward to teaching her two classes. She enjoys interacting and being with the quilters, and sharing her tips and techniques for quilting. She wants her students to have FUN and reminds them that there are many ways and techniques to achieve the same results in quilting. Her motto?  “We cannot achieve perfection but we can strive for excellence.” She especially loves it when she sees the “light bulb” come on in a student’s face when they have tried something new that she taught them and it works for them. There are several sewing tips that Michele likes to share. One is Don’t wash fabric before piecing. She believes that the finishes help achieve a “cleaner” cut with a rotary cutter. Some other tips: Iron as you go; It’s OK to sew over pins; and Use 100% Cotton thread. To learn more of Michele’s tips, you’ll just have to take one of her classes!! Michele is looking forward to being at Road 2016: “I LOVE the amazing and positive energy of all the quilters – vendors – staff at Road! The extreme excitement of being at the cutting edge of quilting and being inspired by so many incredibly talented and creative people is mind boggling, humbling, and fabulous!” To learn more about Michele, please visit her web site.Michele Crawford JCTS cover Now for the giveaway: Michele is giving away 5 copies of her book, Just Cut The Scrap. To enter, simply comment below what you are looking forward to the most at Road 2016. You have until midnight on Sunday, December 20, 2016 to enter. Five lucky winners will be chosen using Random Number Generator and will be notified on Monday, December 21, 2016. Good luck to all who enter.  ]]>