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Posts Tagged ‘Georgia Stull’

Winning The Statler Educational Program At Road 2016

Friday, February 12th, 2016

Thanks to Road’s Platinum Sponsor, Gammill Quilting Systems, and to Road to California, Barbara Atwell from Reno, Nevada, won class registration for the Statler Educational Program. Barbara attended four classes taught by Georgia Stull, Thursday through Sunday, January 21-24, 2016. The prize also included entry to the show all four days. download

Barbara Atwell saw the Statler Educational Program Giveaway advertised on Road’s Facebook Page and was chosen as the winner from 279 total entries!! Barbara said she was “shocked and amazed” to have won. She had never attended Road before and winning the contest gave her the encouragement she needed to attend.

[caption id="attachment_3805" align="aligncenter" width="543"]Teacher Georgia Stull with winner Barbara Atwell Teacher Georgia Stull with winner Barbara Atwell[/caption]

A quilter since 1979, Barbara had been quilting on a domestic machine for the past 4-5 years and was considering purchasing a longarm machine. She had actually been looking in to the Statler by Gammill and after attending the classes for four days, her desire for this machine was reinforced. “I learned a ton, a lot more than I had expected.”

[caption id="attachment_3514" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Statler Creators Paul and Mildred Statler Statler Creators Paul and Mildred Statler[/caption]

When Barbara first saw the Statler by Gammill up close, she thought it was “a thing of beauty.” After working on the machine, she found it to be “a lot easier to use” than she expected. Of her experience, Barbara said, “The software program is amazing. The creative studio is easy to play with before you actually go to quilt a project. If you don’t like something in the planning stages, you can go in, figure out what you want to change, then make the change before you get started.”

All of the students in the Statler Educational Program received a thumb drive to take home with notes from their training and some coupons too.012 Barbara came away feeling more confident with her quilting skills. “I’m going to be a better quilter after attending these classes.” She felt that some of the training she received could be applied not only to longarm quilting with a computerized system but with quilting in general. In particular, she learned how to best attach quilts to a machine and the order in which to do the quilting.

The classes were taught in a lecture hall format by Georgia Stull. Barbara thought Georgia was an “excellent instructor. She encouraged questions and gave answers right away. Georgia knew what she was talking about!!” 010

Georgia was thrilled that Road was offering computerized quilting classes. “Today’s quilters are more comfortable with electronic devices so they aren’t as fearful of the Statler. Also, they appreciate how it is a less physical way to quilt.”  She loved teaching in the lecture hall setting. “The seats were comfortable, everyone could hear what I was teaching and they had a good view.”  Georgia also felt the set-up provided “a great opportunity for the students to build a relationship with each other and share one another’s viewpoints.”013

The first thing Barbara was going to do when she got home was “soak in the tub and then brow beat my husband to buy me a Statler.” She also couldn’t wait to share what she learned with her quilting group, the board of her quilt guild, Truckee Meadows Quilters, and her Soroptomist group.

Barbara shared some closing thoughts: “I am so grateful for this experience. Thank you Road and Gammill for sponsoring the contest. And I have some advice: Enter Road Contests!!”


A Giveaway: Statler Educational Program At Road 2016

Thursday, November 19th, 2015

Road 2016 will be offering the Statler Educational Program — a series of 4 classes taught by certified Statler instructor Georgia Stull — designed for longarm quilters of all levels.    

Gammill Quilting Systems premier machine, Statler by Gammill, recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The machine was invented by Paul Statler for his wife, Mildred, in 1990.download   [caption id="attachment_3511" align="aligncenter" width="565"]The original Statler design by Paul Statler The original Statler design by Paul Statler[/caption] Mr. Statler sold his first Statler Stitcher technology to Gammill in 1994. He and Mildred continue today to build and advance the Statler by Gammill.     Paul and Mildred 2015 Color The Statler by Gammill utilizes cutting-edge computer software and robust hardware to beautifully stitch any design. The Statler can handle an intricately patterned king-size quilt in a matter of hours instead of days. Available with a 22, 26, 30 or 36-inch Gammill-quality machine head, a Statler gives quilters the flexibility of hands-free quilting. With exceptional features, the latest in quilting innovations, lifetime mechanical warranty, free software upgrades, and unparalleled customer service, it is easy to see why Statler by Gammill® is the choice of experienced quilters everywhere.Vision with Wunderlust by Karen Marchetti How does the computerized software work? [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlRCcf1e1uI&list=PL8TyNRnvApwZaNpYGSRoSsBjSB-KdS95n[/youtube] With a Statler by Gammill system, the possibilities are endless. Attending Road 2016’s Statler Educational Program will allow quilters to get to know firsthand some of the machine’s many features. Road to California is giving away to one lucky winner the chance to for FREE all four classes in the Statler Educational Program. There are several ways to enter:

Write a comment on this blog post

Write a comment on the blog post featuring Georgia Stull

Write a comment on Road’s Facebook Page posts featuring the Statler Educational Program Giveaway.

Entries will be accepted until November 22, 2016. One winner will be chosen using Random Number Generator and will be announced on November 23, 2016. Good luck to all who enter.


Road 2016 Faculty: Meet Georgia Stull Plus A Class Series Giveaway

Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

Gammill instructor, will be teaching Road 2016’s Statler Educational Program which is a series of four longarm lecture/demo classes featuring the Gammill Statler Stitcher: 4017R  Put the Hammer Down for Beautiful Borders! on Thursday; 5015R  It’s a Photo Finish! on Friday; 6015R  Victory Lap! on Saturday; and on Sunday, 7015R Statler Pit Stop.Georgia Stull Bio pic When Georgia Stull’s oldest son announced he was getting married, she thought she would make him and his new bride a quilt as a wedding gift.  Georgia had been a seamstress (wedding gowns to window treatments) since she was a teenager so sewing the quilt was not an issue. When it came time to have it quilted, Georgia and her husband, Ivan, took the quilt to an area quilter who proceeded to tell them all about his quilting machine.  As they were leaving, Ivan said to Georgia, “You could do that!”  Her reply was “Sure, if you buy me a machine!”  Two weeks later, Ivan took off work early and bought Georgia a machine!! She couldn’t have been more surprised.  Ivan was all ready to buy a Statler by Gammill for Georgia but she just wasn’t sure she could do it.  They did lots of research and eventually bought a Statler four months later.  And guess what? Georgia can do it!!stull honeycomb It didn’t take too long after Georgia started quilting that her husband, Ivan, decided he should learn all about quilting.  He pieced and quilted his first quilt with a little help from Georgia.  Now, he has pieced and quilted 5 quilts.  Georgia is hoping that their oldest granddaughter, Ellie, will be a future quilter. She is off to a promising start.  Together, Ellie and Georgia made a quilt for Ellie’s doll babies this past summer. Since most of Georgia’s quilting is for customers, her inspiration comes from the quilt tops they bring to her.  Georgia is a “computerized quilter” and she is honest to say that she “designs by credit card!”  While there are many wonderfully talented digital pattern designers, the trick is to find the perfect pattern to bring a quilt to life.  Georgia loves the challenge of putting together the perfect combination of designs for a quilt.  She is also inspired by the fabulous quilting of others. As a teacher, she is exposed to the very ‘best of the best’ quilts. Georgia remarks, it is “such golden inspiration!”Stull dresdan Georgia has used a Statler by Gammill from the very beginning. Because the Stulls live in Harrisonville, Missouri (just outside Kansas City), it was easy for them to take classes at the Statler facility in Columbia, Missouri. Georgia actually learned from the master, Paul Statler.  She counts Paul and Mildred Statler as good friends whom she respects and admires very much. Both Ivan and Georgia have showed up so many times at the facility that they are sure the Gammill people thought, “It’s those Stulls again!” gammill_plain In 2008, Georgia was asked to be a beta tester for the software and she also became a Certified Statler Instructor. She has come to know many of the members of the Gammill team as she’s traveled and taught. Georgia says that “the Gammill team always takes good care of me as a teacher.” Georgia loves meeting quilters from all over the world. She has been fortunate to travel as far away as England and Wales to teach. She always tries to remember how when she bought her Statler, she was more than a bit overwhelmed and thought, “What did I do?”  She loves helping her students go from “What did I do?” to “I love my Statler!”Stull closeup At Road 2016, Georgia’s desire is for students to become efficient and effective quilters without compromising quality. And more importantly, she hopes that they enjoy the process because, as Georgia says, “quilting is FUN!” What is Georgia’s best quilting tip?   “Don’t be so critical of yourself and your quilting.  Computerized quilters, especially, tend to expect absolute perfection.  I am all about doing the best that I can on every quilt but it is never going to be perfect.  It’s so hard to enjoy the process if you expect perfection.”Stull cherry blossom How would you like to meet Georgia and take her Statler Educational Program classes for FREE? Road to California is going to award one lucky winner admission to all four classes in the series!! To enter, simply comment below, by midnight November 22, 2016, why you want to participate in the Statler Educational Program with Georgia Stull. You can also enter by commenting on Road’s Facebook Page post about the contest. One lucky winner will be chosen by Real Number Generator and announced on November 23rd. Good luck to all who enter.]]>

Meet Road 2016 Platinum Sponsor: Gammill

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Gammill Quilting Machine Company has been an innovative leader in machine quilting. They were the first to develop a large-throat sewing machine on tracks which could be operated from both sides and move in any direction on a specially-designed stand. This revolutionary idea enabled pantograph patterns to be traced directly onto fabric, therefore making it possible to complete a quilt or bedspread in a matter of hours rather than days.download Gammill has continually worked on improving the machine quilting process, creating new models and sizes for different quilting needs.  Gammill recently celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Statler by Gammill. [caption id="attachment_3511" align="aligncenter" width="565"]The original Statler design by Paul Statler The original Statler design by Paul Statler[/caption] After an extensive career in the Air Force and in biomedical technology, inventor Paul Statler began a new career when he built the first Statler Stitcher for his wife, Mildred, in 1990. They began production quilting as Paul continued improving the system, eventually selling his first Statler Stitcher technology to Gammill in 1994. Paul and Mildred continue today to build and advance the Statler by Gammill.Paul and Mildred 2015 Color Gammill has long been associated with Road to California, becoming their platinum sponsor in 2015. As a platinum sponsor, they have the opportunity to support the show and the prizes that are awarded. Says Gammill representative, Shandi Brinkman, “Road to California attracts such outstanding talent. We are excited to be able to recognize the creativity, hard work and dedication of quilters.”Print Gammill is always “thrilled” to be at Road. The company appreciates the show’s great mix of education, vendors, special events, quilt showcases and fun. One of their favorite parts is meeting so many of the nearly 40,000 attendees that come each year. And, they don’t mind the beautiful California weather either!! For 2016, Gammill is excited to sponsor both classrooms and a vendor booth as well as support the Best of Show award, a $10,000 prize to the winner!!  Next year’s lineup includes classes taught by Georgia Stull that will focus on the Statler by Gammill machine. This will be a fantastic learning opportunity for Statler owners or those who are interested in learning more about computerized quilting. They also hope attendees stop by their booth to test a Gammill Vision 2.0 or Statler by Gammill.Vision with Wunderlust by Karen Marchetti Road to California is grateful to Gammill for their generous contributions to the show. To learn more about their products and quilting community, please visit their website.]]>