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Posts Tagged ‘Quilt Exhibit’

Road 2016 Faculty Spotlight AND A Giveaway!!

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

We can hardly stand it: Road to California 2016 is only 4 months away. How would you like two free tickets to come to the show? Read on about one of our outstanding faculty, Shannon Shirley, and learn at the end of this post how you can enter to win!!

Shannon Shirley will be teaching 4016C  Children’s Artwork Quilts, Fusible Appliqué on Thursday; 5014C   Thread Sketching on Friday; 6013C   Introduction to Free Motion Quilting on Saturday; and on Sunday, a handwork class,  7013R   Embroidery for Your Quilts.Shannon Shirley Shannon Shirley is a quilter, teacher, author, and special exhibit curator. Shannon’s love of vintage quilts came from her mum who collected quite a number of old quilts when Shannon was a young adult. Shannon loves looking at all the colors, fabrics and textures that quilting adds. She started collecting vintage orphan blocks and made small wall quilts to practice her skills. She actually started quilting in 1989 and was self-taught until 2004. Shannon has been taking technique classes ever since and loves how quilters have so many different styles, techniques and tools, not to mention an endless array of fabrics and embellishments to create with. She uses some techniques more often than others but they are all there in her toolbox to be used for her current quilt project.ShirleySBottlesandBlooms66x34_tn_w850_h850_wm_w3_o100_gs0_r0_p636.5x344.85 Shannon’s classes are designed for beginning and intermediate quilters. She loves helping students believe they can do something. “That moment when their eyes light up and they smile because they are so pleased with themselves,” is what Shannon enjoys most as a teacher. She hopes her students will be inspired to believe that they can indeed design their own quilt, master a new technique, and finish that quilt! What is her best quilting tip?  To “relax and enjoy the process! Try to do your best work but let go of the desire for it to be perfect.” At Road 2015, Shannon curated the exhibit, Celebrate the Day With Quiltsa display that honored special days in the lives of the quilters that participated. Those days showcased were serious, personal, inspirational and even silly. Something that Shannon has found an interest in is combining children’s art work and quilting. When she was learning to quilt, she had 3 young daughters who loved to draw. Having them draw or paint directly on fabric entertained them while allowing her to spend time on her new hobby. The first piece they made together was a quilt for Shannon’s dad. It had large blocks that her girls drew on, alternated with a print fabric and tied.Shannon Shirley4 Shannon has since published three books and has three traveling exhibits on her method.  “It was very exciting to publish my first book Creating Children’s Artwork Quilts and the response to it and the traveling exhibit has been amazing. I love it when the quilts are on exhibit and I am able to be on the exhibit floor with them. Interacting with the visitors to the shows and answering their questions and hearing their feedback is my favorite thing to do! “  But Shannon also admits that while she loves sharing her work, she “ loves even more when someone shows me something they have created because they were inspired by a presentation, exhibit or book of mine!”Shannon Shirley3 To learn more about Shannon Shirley, please visit her website, Once in a Rabbit Moon. How can you enter to win two free tickets to Road 2016? Simply comment below what you like best about Road to California by Sunday, September 20, 2015. One lucky winner will be chosen using Random Number Generator and will be notified on September 21st. Good luck to all who enter!!    ]]>

Road 2015 Special Exhibit: Inspired by The Beatles: An Art Quilt Challenge

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

Curated by Donna DeSoto, this exhibit was inspired by the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first visit to the United States.  The project began as a simple challenge to Donna’s bee, Playing Outside the Block, located in Northern Virginia. Before she knew it, her idea spread and went viral!  

The challenge was announced in February 2014 and quilts were due in August 2014. The quilts needed to be 24” x 24” and each quilt had to contain a “regulation” hanging sleeve and label. Entries could not contain any copyrighted information, images or lyrics. The collection was not juried; anyone who made a quilt for the project and who got it to Donna on time was included.

[caption id="attachment_2708" align="aligncenter" width="401"]Back in the USSR by Priscilla Stultz Back in the USSR by Priscilla Stultz[/caption]

The exhibit features 150 quilts made by fiber artists from Germany to Utah. While many techniques and materials were used by artists of varying skills and abilities (for some, this was their very first quilt), all of the artists had one thing in common: a shared desire and passion to make a quilt honoring the timeless music of the Beatles.

[caption id="attachment_2707" align="aligncenter" width="446"]Blackbird by Su Gardner Blackbird by Su Gardner[/caption]

Over 300 Beatles titles were considered by the artists and each quilt depicts a different song.  Some quilts were made using the title of the song, or the lyrics quite literally. Other artists studied the meanings behind the songs, and their quilts depict deeper concepts. Some songs are easily recognized right away. Ohers are a bit more obscure, and encourage the viewer to revisit music by the Beatles that is less-familiar.

[caption id="attachment_2706" align="aligncenter" width="448"]Roll Over Beethoven by Pat Dews Roll Over Beethoven by Pat Dews[/caption]

Donna has seen many exhibits containing quilts created by people she regards as “masters” of the fiber art world. While she has had a deep admiration for these artists, she has often looked at those exhibits and felt like she could never do anything good enough for such an exhibit. Her hope for the Beatles exhibit (and for the book) is that when someone looks at these quilts, they would think, “I could do that!” Donna wants the exhibit to inspire quilters to take a chance and do something different.

[caption id="attachment_2705" align="aligncenter" width="452"]Fool on the Hill by Dolly Krach Fool on the Hill by Dolly Krach[/caption]

In addition, Donna is sure that guests will find themselves taking a walk down memory lane, remembering where they were and what they were doing when these iconic songs were popular.

What favorite Beatles song will you be looking for in the exhibit?


2014 Special Exhibit: Best of QuiltCon 2013

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

Graphic and Hip

That was how the  popular special exhibit, Best of QuiltCon 2013 was described.  The exhibit featured quilts from the Modern Quilt Guild’s inaugural show, Quilt Con 2013._i4c3470pg

QuiltCon is the international conference and show held in Austin, Texas, by and for The Modern Quilt Guild. It is the biggest modern quilting event of its kind, bringing together top modern quilting instructors and attendees from around the world. The event includes a juried modern quilt show with cash prizes, vendors, lectures, and workshops. Held every two years, the next QuiltCon is scheduled for February 19-22, 2015._i4c3472pg

The Road exhibit offered attendees the chance to see up close the work of eighteen amazing modern quilters. Included in the display was a quilt awarded one of QuiltCon 2013’s three highest prizes. The Local Quilt, created by Carolyn Friedlander, won Best Machine Quilting.   _i4c3469pg

Road was delighted to be able to showcase these quilts and show support for the modern quilting movement.



A Journey of Discovery: Perspectives

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

Fantasy and reality came together in the Perspectives Exhibit during Road to California 2013. This exhibit showcased quilts that were inspired by maps, aerial views and topography of actual or imaginary places. Curated by Sheila Frampton-Cooper, twenty one quilters had three months to create their interpretations of the theme.exhibits__i4c5995

Sandra Lauterbach from Los Angeles used traditional and non-traditional pieces for her Map of Shanghai. Inspired by hearing stories of her family who escaped from the city during World War II, Sandra created a linear map using graphics and textiles.  Road to Shanghi

Kathy Velis Turan’s quilt had an illustration/cartoon feel. A perspective of life in the city, it was cute how Kathy incorporated plastic shrinky dinks for miniature cars driving through her make- believe town.

A sentimental favorite was a quilt depicting the Jersey Shore. It was completed days before Hurricane Sandy hit in 2012. The area pictured on the quilt no longer exists today because of the damage from hurricane.

One quilter demonstrated a new technique in appliqueing while using recycled blue jeans as the foundation of her quilt. Instead of floating the thread in the background, different shades of the denim were used, creating an image of being “stuck on.”

For some of the participants, the map theme was more than just an exhibit entry. It is inspiration for their regular style of quilting. Take for instance, Valerie S. Goodwin. Her quilts are always inspired by maps and archeology.

In fact, Sheila Frampton-Cooper was first approached by Carolyn Reese to be the curator of Perspectives after Sheila had won 1st place in Houston in 2011 for her quilt, A View From Above. Inspired by her garden, A View From Above is an aerial view from a plane looking down on a Midwest farmland.exhibits__i4c6004

Whether you can imagine yourself in a spacecraft flying over an undiscovered planet or taking a trip along a vast sprawling highway, the exhibit Perspectives proved that any dream can become reality on the top of a quilt.





Yo-Yo's Aren't Just For Playing

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

I bet you thought a yo-yo was just a plastic “object consisting of an axle connected to two disks, with a length of twine looped around the axle, similar to a slender spool.”(Wikipedia) You would have been right, that is, up until Road this past January. Because that is where you would have experienced the quilted kind of yo-yo as displayed in Helen Remick’s exhibit, YoYo Quilts.  yoyo3

What exactly is a traditional fabric yo-yo? A circle, folded under a ¼” with a running stitch made along the edge, and which is gathered to create the yo-yo design. Helen, from Seattle, Washington, has spent the past five years experimenting with different yo-yo patterns.  Her stitching with her first fabric yo-yo’s wasn’t that perfect. They often came out too small and you could see through the fabric. It took some practice. She improvised and played around with not only circle shapes but ovals, squares, and triangles too, both opened and closed. She even makes half yo-yo’s. Using flexible plastic helps the fabric keep its unusual shapes. Helen also likes to play with different color combinations. In addition to using traditional single fabrics, she has made yo-yo’s using sheer fabrics and then putting a print in the middle. 

Helen started designing yo-yo quilts because, “Quilts don’t have to be just three layers.” She sews a pieced quilt top first, tacking the yo-yo’s on top.  Often, her quilts are inspired by the names of yo-yo tricks. Some of her most popular designs use the yo-yo’s to create flower designs, patterned after Islamic mosaics. These flowers can have four, five, seven, or eight petals. yoyo2

One of her most creative quilts? The front is made up of fabric glued over blank CD’s with yo-yo’s tacked to the centers. On the back of the quilt, she has recorded her family history. Very clever!!!   yoyo4

Curating the Yo Yo Quilt Exhibit was the first time Helen had all of her quilts assembled together. Helen found Road to California to be professional, well-organized, and a beautiful venue to show off her quilts. Road was delighted to preview this very unique style of quilting.

Have you ever tried to make a yo-yo?




Get Your Kicks With Route 66 Exhibit

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Road to California is proud to present the West Coast Premiere of the Route 66 Traveling Quilt Exhibit.Route 66

Hurray for Neon by Darlene Schrag

The original idea for this exhibit came from a conversation Carolyn had with “artist turned quilter” Patt Blair at Road to California two years ago.  They found themselves brainstorming what they thought would be fun themes for a quilt exhibit and they both agreed that Route 66 would be a great fit—especially since Road to California is located just a few miles south of the famous roadway. 

Patt and Kelly Gallagher Abbott of www.jukeboxquilts.com are the Co-Curators of this project. Their intent was to have a collection of quilts representing all eight states that host Route 66. When Patt and Kelly called for the entries, they asked prospective quilters to submit what they wanted to represent along the route.  Everyone who participated got to see what all the other entrants were submitting so that there were no duplicates in the quilt stories. In the end, forty six “incredibly talented artists” were selected to participate.  The biggest contingency –twenty four– come from California.

Patt related that the exhibit “Was tons of fun to put together.”  In addition to curating the exhibit, Patt created one of the entries as a tribute to Carolyn Reese’s own personal memories of the famed route. Says Carolyn, “In 1942, when I was five years old, I was suffering from extreme allergies.  The doctors told my mother that I could only get relief by leaving Southern California and go to a dryer climate. Since my parents were originally from Oklahoma and we had family there, it was decided that there was where we would go. So, in my parent’s brand new, maroon, Chevy coupe, we traveled from Lynwood, California to Meeker, Oklahoma via Route 66. One of my fondest memories was when we stopped along the way at a train crossing to let the train pass by. My mother had me get out of the car and wave to the passengers – all young men (some even boys) off to serve in World War II. I have never forgotten that experience and how I felt.” Route 66 Carolyn's Memories

Carolyn’s WWII Memories by Patt Blair

One of the artists, Valerie Victorino, was drawn to this project because of her close ties with the route itself. Valerie lives and works in Rancho Cucamonga, California, where Route 66 travels through the heart of the city.  In addition, her parents travelled along Route 66 from Iowa to California where they eventually settled.  Valerie’s inspiration came from historic photos she obtained from the Rancho Cucamonga archives. Valerie said of her experience, “I tried to be as accurate as possible which is challenging when working with fabric. It was really fun to work on.”Route 66 Rancho

Valerie Victorino-Cucamonga

The exhibit was launched at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in Colorado in August of last year.  Since then, it began its travels to smaller quilt shows as it prepared for its major debut at Road to California. The curators will be on hand at Preview Night, 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening of Road as well as presenting curator talks and a history of Route 66 during the conference. When Road to California turns off its lights for this year, the Route 66 Traveling Quilt Exhibit will resume its travels for the next two years.

We are honored to host the West Coast Premiere and give all of our attendees an up close look at this fabulous exhibit.  

Route 66 CA or bustCalifornia or Bust by Mary Ann Hildebrand