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Posts Tagged ‘C&T Publishing’

Meet Road 2017 Faculty Anita Grossman Solomon

Saturday, October 15th, 2016

Anita Grossman Solomon will be teaching six classes, Wednesday through Sunday, at Road to California 2017:

Wednesday 3005C and Sunday 7004C:  Self-Mitered Log CabinSelf-Mitered Log Cabin Top (detail) Straight Furrows

Thursday: 4004C  Two-Color Pineapple solomon-two-color-pineapple

Friday: 5004C Big Bang Starsags-big-bang-stars

Saturday (Half-day Morning Class):  6004C  BeJeweled solomon-anita-grossman-jewel-quilt-top

Saturday (Half-day Afternoon Class): 6012C Double Wrench

[caption id="attachment_4391" align="aligncenter" width="345"]Double Wrench Quilt Double Wrench Quilt[/caption]

New York native, Anita Grossman Solomon, grew up in Niagara Falls, New York.  She learned to sew garments at the Singer Sewing Center on Falls Street where she “aced” her first dart on a treadle sewing machine!! After graduating from college as an art major, Anita immediately moved to Manhattan where she lives today. Her office and sewing room/studio are both within her apartment. Anita says when she needs to venture outside, she turns “on the Today show to see what the bystanders are wearing” to know how to dress for the day,anita-grossman-solomon-bio-photo-courtesy-craftsy

The idea to start her company, Make It Simpler, began in the summer of 2001. Anita was attending a C&T Publishing retreat in northern California and showed their acquisitions editor Polaroid pictures of her work.  The editor took notice of Anita’s workaround methods and said, “I know what you do, you make it simpler.” A week later, Anita registered the domain name for Make It Simpler. Quilt blocks are what inspire Anita and define her work. “Just place one in front of my eyes and I’m fascinated.” Her first  block design for Make It Simpler was a paper piecing pattern for an unusual quilt block based on a block found on the cover of a book by Terri Zegart. “The block engaged and soothed me when I needed a distraction from the real world, ” recalled Anita. “As I closed my eyes to sleep, a radical new way to paper piece came to mind.” That began Anita’s relationship with C&T Publishing and her innovative paper piecing books. What is Anita’s favorite sewing tip?  “To thine own self be true. Make what you like and enjoy. Do what comes naturally. Trust your color and design instincts.” In her Road classes, Anita hopes her students “get satisfaction from my techniques and leave with inspired additions to their quilt-making repertoire. A lucky someone in each of my classes will win a fat quarter bundle of Make It Simpler KONA cottons courtesy of Robert Kaufman Fabrics. As for me, I always win when someone tells me ‘That tip was  worth the price of admission’.” Road to California appreciates Anita’s contribution to their charity quilt event at Road 2017 on Saturday evening, Roadies Give Back Anita specially designed the block that is being used for the quilts, deconstructing and making simpler her favorite block, Jacob’s Ladder. Of the event benefiting the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center, Anita says. “I’m finding comfort while sewing my blocks for Road. I hope you’ll follow (Road’s) footsteps and assemble a block. You can’t fathom what’s missing from the process until you try it for yourself.” Anita is really looking forward to being at Road 2017.  She hopes to “run into quilters I’ve previously met, see what they’ve been up to, and look at every quilt in the Show.” She bets that while she is in sunny California, when she turns on the Today show, she’ll see everyone in New York walking around in the snow!! You can learn more about Anita at her website and on Craftsy.  ]]>

Great Faculty Make Great Authors Too!!!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Road to California’s outstanding faculty are not only superb class teachers. Many are also published writers.Giveaway3

Their titles vary from quilting how-to books, patterns, and DVD’s  to quilt related novels and even a cookbook!!!. Some use established publishers like C&T Publishing and Martingale. Others use smaller publishers or even self-publish themselves. All should be commended for furthering the love of quilting through their writing.Giveaway5

Which of the 2015 Road to California – 20th Anniversary Show faculty have written books?

Alex Anderson*Rob Appell*Jodi Barrows*Lisa Bongean*Jenny Bowker*Cindy Brick*

Patti Brooks*Debra Brown*Eleanor Burns*Lenore Crawford*Claudia Dinnell*

Kim Eichler-Messmer*Kimberly S Einmo*Cynthia England*Pat Ferguson*John Flynn

Kate Flynn Nichols*Carrie A Fondi*Joan Ford*Carolyn Friedlander*Jacquelyn Gering

Helen Gibb*Diane Gloystein*Valerie Goodwin*Jerry Granata*Debra K Granger

Brian Haggard*Tiffany Hayes*Mary Beth Krapil*Teri Lucas*Nancy Mahoney*Peggy Martin

Karen McTavish*Laura Murray*Gina Perkes*Gina Reddin*Anita Shackleford*Connie Spurlock

Heidi Stagno*Jeanie Sumrall-Ajero*Donna L Thomas*Sandy Thompson*Ricky Tims*

Deb Tucker*Annie Unrein*Cathy Van Bruggen*Virginia Walton*Cathy Wiggins*

Patricia YaminGiveaway6

Who are your favorite faculty authors?










Road 2014 Special Exhibit: Amish Influence From Traditional to Modern

Wednesday, June 4th, 2014

This exhibit featured 14 quilts that were selected from submissions for C&T Publishing’s new book Amish Quilts—The Adventure Continues. The quilts not only represented Amish-made traditional quilts, but also included modern interpretations that referenced Amish quilts in new and unexpected ways.Amish Quilts-The Adventure ContinuesTraditional Amish quilts reflect their religious commitment to reject “worldly” elements in their dress and lifestyle. They use only solid colors, colors that are approved by their local religious leaders. Early Amish quilts were typically made of lightweight wool fabric with black as a dominant color and exhibited lush quilting patterns that contrasted with the plain background.


Modern Quilting naturally lends itself to the style of the traditional Amish quilts.  Aspects of modern quilting such as bold colors; simple, minimalist design; and increased use of negative space translate easily into interpreting a modern approach to Amish quilting._i4c3492pg

What a great way to tie the past and future of quilting.


Proud To Be A Partner With Quilted in Honor

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Do you have a military connection? Maybe you have had a loved one serve or know of someone who is currently serving. Maybe you have personally served. Or maybe you just have respect and honor for those who have or are dedicating their lives to our country.Veterans

Whatever your connection, there is a story to tell and that is what the program Quilted in Honor is all about. Led by Island Batik and supported by the quilting industry, including Road to California, Quilted in Honor was designed to inspire quilters, sewing enthusiasts, guilds, and shops to rally around our troops and give back in an innovative and unique way, creating projects that tell the human side of what “serving our country” really means to soldiers and their families back home.Quilted in Honor

It is hoped that through the collective efforts within the quilting industry, attention and donations will be given to Operation Homefront– a leading national charity providing emergency financial and other support to service members and Wounded Warriors. Operation Homefront is rated among the top charities nationally, with over 99% of its resources going towards assisting the lowest ranking and lowest paid service members. Much like the military itself, Operation Homefront has a “no man left behind” attitude as it works with veterans and their families across the United States.  Besides financial assistance, Operation Homefront also gives aid to challenges with everyday life such as auto repairs and donations, home repair and items, moving and relocation, food assistance and health care services. In addition, Operation Homefront provides support to families learning how to cope with and adjust to family members who have been wounded or injured in service, transitioning to civilian life, and community involvement. Many of their staff, including the CEO, are former military themselves and therefore know firsthand how best to reach out and assist soldiers and their families.    

The flagship of the Quilted in Honor program is Island Batik’s Quilted in Honor fabric line. Made up of 45 vibrant fabrics designed by top designer Kathy Engle, they are sure to be a popular foundation for all kinds of sewing and quilting projects. Additional companies including Aurifil, Pellon, and C&T Publishing, have created additional product lines or are providing marketing opportunities and promotional support for the project.Quilted in Honor Partners

Road to California got involved with Quilted in Honor because of its far reaching effects. As Carolyn explains, “Operation Homefront helps military families in so many ways, not just through quilt donations but with so much more. I hope our Road family will join in and support this cause.” Look for future announcements on the different ways Road to California will be promoting Quilted in Honor at the quilt show in January.