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Posts Tagged ‘Bohin France’

Bohin France Has A New Owner

Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

Bohin France has been a popular vendor at Road to California for several years.

Founded in 1833, Bohin is France’s last manufacturer of needles and pins. The company’s high standards, knowledge, and experience, have made it a leader in its field. Authentic Murano glass used for their glass-head pins comes from Italy. In addition to needles and pins, Bohin also manufactures Dussaussay Gallier specialty scissors made from stainless steel. Recently, President and Chairman Didier Vrac, sold the company to Fabien Regnier and his wife, Audrey. This young, dynamic couple are thrilled to take on this new adventure and grow the company. Why would a 33-year-old banker and a 31-year-old employee at Bohin’s Museum want to buy the Bohin factory? Because they both love French products and wanted to promote a brand they were familiar with. They feel lucky to own a company that has such a good reputation with consumers. Since investing in Bohin at the end of December, 2017, Fabien and Audrey have poured all their energies into learning the business. They work from 8:30 AM until 6:00 PM every day and then put in an additional 1-2 hours each night. They confer often with Mr. Vrac who is staying on with the company until June, 2018. Fabien is responsible for the day to day details of the company. Audrey’s role is with communication and marketing, developing the brand. In addition to running their new business venture, Fabien and Audrey are also very busy with their young family. They have three sons, ages 4 years, 21 months and 9 months old!! Even though he had only owned the company for two weeks, it was important to Fabien to be at Road 2018. He wanted to talk to customers face-to-face and hear their comments, both good and bad, so that he can get to work on improving Bohin’s products and services.  He had only been to California once before when he was a 15-year-old exchange student. Fabien really enjoyed meeting people as he worked in the Bohin booth. At the end of the four days, he felt Road was “a very good first show for me.” Fabien said he will definitely be bringing Bohin back to Road in 2019. What does Fabien see for the future of Bohin? He is looking forward to improving their current line and adding innovative products based on their customer input. We wish Fabien and Audrey Regnier the best of luck as the new owners of Bohin France.      ]]>

Le Projet Fou or "Crazy Project"

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Bohin France, you cover it with a gigantic handmade quilt of course!!!Giant Quilt from France Patchwork7 Bohin, France’s last needle maker, has been a popular vendor at Road to California the past few years. President Didier Vrac and Marketing Manager, Jerome Doussard, have become familiar faces to Road’s guests who never tire asking these two gentlemen questions about their needles and scissors, just to hear their French accents. At the Bohin Factory in Normandy, France, they recently opened a beautiful museum. While the museum is “amazing,” the entrance outside was just a “very big white wall,” noted Catherine Bonte, president of the French quilt guild, Association French Patchwork, an organization with over 12,000 members!! Catherine was very close to the museum project for several years and let it be known that she was not very fond of the huge blank entrance. So, Didier told Catherine to do something to improve it.Giant Quilt from France Patchwork6 Catherine invited all the members of France Patchwork to work on a “nice block with curves,” using the colors of their guild’s logo—white, black and beige — and the color red for Bohin. At the guild’s office in Paris, near the Eifeel Tower, more than 3,500 blocks were sent in!! A team from the guild assembled the blocks to cover the wall. In fact, they could have covered 6 walls with all the blocks they received!!Giant Quilt from France Patchwork3 In addition to the quilt blocks, the group also  pieced together a portrait of Benjamin Bohin and put it in the center of the giant quilt. Benjamin is the founder of the Bohin factory and they wanted to honor him that way. “Le Projet Fou” was turned over to Didier Vrac on May 21, 2016 and work began immediately to get the quilt up on the wall. People have come from all over France to see it.Giant Quilt from France Patchwork Catherine and her guild know that the giant quilt will not be there on the factory wall forever. But for the time being, all of the visitors to the museum have “completely” fallen in love with it.Giant Quilt from France Patchwork2]]>

Meet Road 2016’s International Vendors

Monday, November 30th, 2015

We search all over the world to bring our guests the best vendors. The 2016 show will feature 6 international vendors:  

From Australia: Yazzii International

Owner Yasmita Magan is a fireball of energy, especially when she explains the versatility, stability, and quality of her Yazzii Bags. Proclaimed by Yasmita as “the world’s best bag,” Yazzii Bags come in a variety of sizes to meet a variety of quilting needs._I4C8203  

From Canada: Wonderfil SpecialtyThreads

Wonderfil is a family owned and run business that offers only thread products that enhance both the quality and appearance of stitching results, as well as expanding embellishment possibilities. They have a diversity of thread weights, textures, finishes, and materials. [caption id="attachment_3125" align="aligncenter" width="512"]Photo by Gregory Case Photography Photo by Gregory Case Photography[/caption]  

From France: Bohin France

This will be Bohin France’s fourth year at Road to California. Founded in 1833, Bohin is France’s last manufacturer of needles and pins. The company’s high standards, knowledge, and experience, have made it a leader in its field. Authentic  Murano glass used for their glass-head pins comes from Italy. In addition to needles and pins, Bohin also manufactures Dussaussay Gallier specialty scissors made from stainless steel.Bohin Booth at Road 2013  

From France: Quiltmania

An international company located in France, Quiltmania features both modern and vintage quilt and craft designs.couvsv17gb  

From the Netherlands: BeColourful

A quilt pattern company, BeColourful’s goal to inspire quilters all over the world with traditional designs that have a contemporary and colorful twist. [caption id="attachment_3294" align="aligncenter" width="627"]Photo by Gregory Case Photography Photo by Gregory Case Photography[/caption]  

 From Spain: Apliquick

Road 2016 will be Apliquick’s first venture to California. Apliquick has developed innovative appliqué tools for turned-edge appliqué.download (4)

Save yourself some air fare and come to Road to California 2016 for the best international quilt vendors.


Did You Know? Seven Fun Facts About Needles And Pins

Monday, April 28th, 2014

Didier Vrac, President of Bohin France, gave a lecture on the history of needles and pins during Road 2014. Part of Road’s new $5.00 Lecture Series offering informative sessions in a classroom setting, Mr. Vrac spoke to a room full of interested guests, giving them fun facts of these sewing essentials. Here are some of interesting tidbits he shared:_i4c3203pg

What were the first needles and pins made of? Bones and ivory.

Which country first used steel in making pins and needles? China. From there, steel was used in Arabia, then Europe.

When were pins used for more than just sewing? In the 1500’s, ornate pins were given to women as gifts._i4c3190pg

What great world event did pin manufacturing play a large role in? The Industrial Revolution as well as the unionization of factory workers.

What are some of the specialty needles designed for? Leather working, quilting, embroidery, and clothing manufacturing. 

Where does Bohin France get the glass for their pin heads? Murano (Venezia), Italy

What makes Bohin needles and pins different from other brands regarding shape and sharpness? Bohin’s fine pins are made from piano chord wire which is known for retaining its shape when it is flinged. The lasting sharpness of Bohin’s pins and needles is due to their being polished individually on antique machines._i4c3186pg

Who knew there was so much to learn about needles and pins!!!





Destination France: Grand Opening of the Bohin Factory

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Road to California has a great relationship with Bohin France, manufacturer of fine needles and pins, sewing notions, and office supplies for over 180 years. Since 2012, Bohin executives have come to Road, sponsoring a vendor booth and meeting with guests.vendors__i4c5967

In addition to sharing their tradition of unique products, this year Bohin was also delighted to introduce Road patrons to an exciting venture they were launching: the opening of their factory museum in March, 2014Bohin Factory

Built in the beginning of the 19th century, and located on the Risle River near the town of  L’Aigle in Normandy, France, the original factory has been preserved by continuous use, maintaining its original character and architecture. The facility has earned recognition as a registered Historic Place by the French National Registry.

Why open a museum? Said Mr. Didier Vrac, President of Bohin, “Bohin’s history is special because it still utilizes machinery and techniques developed in the 19th century. We knew visitors would find it interesting to learn about the innovations Bohin has perfected and how those innovations have led to developing quality products.”   

Visitors to the museum receive a tour of the working factory through the eyes of its founder, Benjamin Bohin as well as see exhibits on how it manufacturers pins and needles, their history and uses. Bohin machines

We wish our friends at Bohin much success with this new venture


Bohin France: More Than Just Pins And Needles

Friday, June 7th, 2013

You might think that French Fashion is all about the garments found on their famous runways. Actually, the ultimate French fashion statement, according to Mr. Didier Vrac, President and Chairman of Bohin France, are scissors and a pin cushion. After all, without these perfect tools, there would be no clothes finding their way down the runways.French Fashion Statement

Similar to France’s pins and needles industry once dying off, so was their scissor industry. That is, until Mr. Vrac stepped in and began managing Dussaussay Gallier, the company that has manufactured scissors in France since 1947.  Located in the cutlery-area of Nogent, famous for the crafting of knife-making, the mark “DG” denotes expert craftsmanship and superior quality. In order to maintain the original high standards of the company, one of its original—and talented —  employees, a gentleman who was 84 years old, was brought back to share and teach the unique techniques required to make their specialty scissors. No one else in the world had ever done that before and it reflects how important it was to the new leadership that the scissors retain their value

Dussaussay Gallier scissors have unique features. All scissors are made from stainless steel. Their large, over-sized scissors with handmade rings are used by all of the tailors in France. Smaller, delicate scissors are sold in specialty wooden boxes created exclusively for each individual pair, and have become collector’s items.Bohin Specialty Scissors

Between Bohin France and Dussaussay Gallier, what are their most popular products by those in the quilting industry? Well, it depends where you live. In France, it is their needles and pins.                                                               

Bohin Chalk PencilsBohin Needles


  In America, it is their line of chalk pencils and their scissors.                                                  





Bohin France and Dussaussay Gallier: Whatever your preference, you will always know that you are getting a quality product from a trusted brand that prides itself in both tradition and technology.

What is your favorite quilting tool?