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Posts Tagged ‘Lenore Crawford’

Road 2018 Outstanding Artistry Quilt Winner

Saturday, March 17th, 2018

Lenore Crawford is featured frequently on our blog. Why? Because she has a knack for making award winning quilts.

In 2013, Lenore won Outstanding Art Quilt for Capturing Brittany. She won again in the same category in 2017 for Emma in the Looking Glass. Lenore’s latest winning quilt is Pinecones. It won for Outstanding Artistry at Road 2018. Lenore received a cash prize of $5,000 from Sponsor, Handi Quilter. Lenore’s award winning quilt journey began around 1995. She had just learned about watercolor quilting with 2” squares and wanted to make impressionistic art quilts with fabric using this technique. Lenore developed her own style using those squares. After about 10 years of doing that technique, she felt she needed a change and tried fusing. A large winter project that took months to complete, Pinecones was inspired by a trip to a nursery that Lenore took with her mom and sister who love conifers. It was in spring and the beauty of the brand new pinecones growing on the trees captured Lenore’s imagination. Lenore recalled, “They were bright colors against the dark greens of the branches.” What was Lenore doing when she found out she had won? She was watching TV at about 11:00 at night and was just getting ready to go to bed. She quickly looked at her email and was very surprised to see the one from Road. Lenore was so excited to find out that she won that she immediately texted her husband (who was in California; they live in Michigan) to tell him. Next, she posted it on Facebook. Her husband answered the Facebook post before her text!! What does Lenore plan to do with her prize money? “My husband and I are planning to retire at the end of this year. I am going to save it for a trip to either Ireland and Scotland or a riverboat cruise in France.” Congratulations Lenore Crawford for another outstanding winning quilt.]]>

Outstanding Art Quilt – Road 2017

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Emma in the Looking Glass was made and quilted by Lenore Crawford who won $5,000 from sponsor, Handi Quilter.Winning Quilt by Lenore Crawford

Lenore Crawford is no stranger to Road to California. She has been a member of the teaching faculty in the past and in 2014, she won in the same category, Outstanding Art Quilt, for her work, Capturing Brittany. Lenore started quilting in the late 1990’s using 2” fabric squares as her art medium in the watercolor quilting style.  She created impressionistic art quilts with the squares.  Up until that time, she hadn’t done any quilting; just lots of other things with different mediums. What inspired Lenore to create Emma in the Looking Glass? Lenore along with her friend, her friend’s daughter and granddaughter were visiting Lenore’s mother’s gardens where there is a beautiful lily pond that Lenore’s step-father had built.  Emma, the granddaughter, was playing around the pond when Lenore took her picture.  It was a beautiful sunny day in mid-summer and Lenore was “really inspired by the whole scene.” Lenore spent several months in the winter of 2016 creating Emma in the Looking Glass.  It was one of the very first quilts Lenore had done of a person using her fusing technique.  The most difficult part was finding the perfect flesh tone fabrics which in the shadows and water were very purple.  Lenore ended up using her fabric paints and painting the colors and values of fabrics that she needed for them. When Lenore found out she had won, she thought that it was “very exciting to win a prize like this!  I like to have my art quilts in large shows so others can see what can be done with fabric.  If I win a prize that is the icing on the cake!” She is planning to use her prize money toward the purchase of a new car where she can “enjoy it every day!” What does the future hold for Lenore? She has already finished a large piece this past winter that she plans to enter either in 2018 or 2019 at Road to California.  She loves to have a large piece in the works.  For Lenore, the larger the piece the more detail she can add to it which “makes it all the more fun!” We can’t wait to see what Lenore has created next!! To learn more about Lenore, please visit her website.  ]]>

Found at Road 2016: Quilt Winner Margot McDonnell

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

You never know who you will run in to on the viewing floor at Road to California.

Standing by the 3rd Place Art Pictorial was the maker and quilter, Margot McDonnell, having her picture taken by her friend to record the honor.158

What did Margot have to share regarding her winning entry?

A quilter for the past 15 years, Margot said she didn’t normally do quilts like this unless she was “obsessed with the theme.” Moody Beach, Maine, 1957 took 2 years to make. Margot spent the first year just “thinking about it.” “I think a long time before I get going on a project,” said Margot.Moody Beach, Maine She found the picture that inspired her quilt on eBay and bought it. It was just a tiny black and white snapshot. She named her quilt after the information found on the back of the picture. And by the way, Margot has never been to Moody Beach 🙂 The quilt is fused, quilted with a walking foot, and painted. the most challenging part were the reflections and the white surf bubbles which she cut in piece like lace. As Margot worked on the quilt, she thought about the passage of time and how the three little boys must be in the their 60’s by now. Who inspires Margot with her quilting? “Lenore Crawford changed my life.” She taught Margot the technique used on Moody Beach, Maine, 1957. Margot was thrilled to find out she shared the Art Pictorial winning category with her mentor, Lenore Crawford. “I was honored to be named a winner along with Lenore.” Lenore won first place, Art Pictorial, for her quilt, Spanish Arches.  1st Place Art Pictorial Lenore CrawfordWhat winning idea are you thinking about for Road 2017? The packet for entries for our 22nd annual Quilter’s Contest will be available starting around April 1st on our website.]]>

We're Sponsoring Some Fabulous Weekly Giveaways!!!!

Friday, November 14th, 2014

You don’t see this very often on our Blog, Facebook, and Twitter accounts: a chance to win not one but NINE GIVEAWAYS!!!

Starting today and every Friday until the second week in January, we will be offering prize packages made up of books, patterns, DVD’s and novels– all written and signed by our distinguished Road faculty. The final giveaway on January 9th will include free passes to Road to California 2015 – 20th Anniversary Show, event tickets, and other show surprises.

Here is a preview of what we will be giving away:

Week 1 Giveaway

Week 2 Giveaway


Week 3 Giveaway

Week 4 Giveaway


Week 5 Giveaway

Week 6 Giveaway


Week 7 Giveaway

Week 8 Giveaway

Entering is Easy!! There are up to three ways you can enter to win each week:

1)      Write a comment on the weekly blog post featuring the giveaway and tell us why you want to win that particular prize.

2)      Write a comment on Road to California’s Facebook Page post featuring that week’s giveaway and let us know why you want to win.

3)      Tweet out that week’s giveaway on Twitter using the hashtags #road2ca2015 #giveaway and @Road2CA

Entries for a particular week are accepted beginning on the Friday the giveaway is posted until the following Wednesday. Winners will be chosen each week using Random Number Generator and will be announced each Thursday for the previous week’s giveaway on Road’s Facebook Page.  Any questions? Contact Caryn at carynpayzant@roadtocalifornia.com

A HUGE THANK YOU to all our faculty who contributed to our giveaways and GOOD LUCK to all who enter!!! 

Now, for our first giveaway for November 14,2014:Week 1 Giveaway

Here’s what’s included in this week’s giveaway:

Modern Quilts and More by Kimberly Einmo *** Zen Quilting Workbook by Pat Ferguson***Mastering the Art of McTavishing by Karen McTavish***Mastering the Art of Longarm Quilting by Gina Perkes***Four different technique CD’s by Lenore Crawford.

Ready — Set — Enter!!!



Winning Quilters Are Winning Teachers Too

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Knowing what it takes to win in an exceptional quilt show provides great credentials for a quilt teacher. Three of Road to California’s upcoming 2015 faculty were winners in Road’s 2014 Contest:

Lenore Crawford:

2014 Outstanding Art Quilt sponsored by SewBatik.

Lenore won $3,000 for her work.Lenore Crawford winner

Lenore will be teaching 2 classes at Road 2015:

4601R  Thursday – Saturday  Fusing/Fabric Painting to Create Impressionable Fabric Art

Lenore will demonstrate her techniques to help you use your own photo to design a fused project utilizing fabric painting and machine quilting.

Lenore Crawford2

 Lenore Crawford 1












7003R   Sunday  Shredded Fabric Art

Students will learn to create their own shredded fabric impressionistic art quilt using a technique originated by Noriko EndoLenore Crawford3


Jerry Granata:

2014 Third Place: Mini Quilt Sponsored by Busy Bee Quilt Shop

Jerry won $50.00 for his work.

Jerry Granata winner

Jerry will be teaching three different level classes on how to quilt using your domestic machine:

3005C  Wednesday  Introduction to Domestic Machine Quiltling

4006C  Thursday  Quilting for Show on Your Domestic Machine

6006C  Saturday  Introduction to Domestic Machine Quilting

In addition, Jerry will be guiding students in a quilt/art form he has perfected:

5006C Friday  Quilting with Unusual FabricsJerry Granata mixed mediums

You will learn how to quilt with unusual items such as silk, satin, vinyl, theatrical gels, even aluminum foil, among many others! 


Cathy Wiggins:

Road 2014 Best Painted Surface sponsored by BlocLoc Rulers USAUS LLC

Cathy won $1,000 for her workCathy Wiggins winner

Cathy will be sharing her longarm quilting techniques to assist students in four classes:

3012R Wednesday  Quilting for Show

Students will practice techniques as well as walk the show floor to discuss the award winning quilts.Cathy Wiggins 1

4014R  Thursday  Discover ‘Your’ Quilting Style

Students will go through a series of exercises to determine their personal quilting style as well as walk the show floor to discuss the award winning quilts.  

5013R  Friday  Quilting the Art Quilt

Cathy will teach how to successfully quilt texture into landscapes, animals, plants and even people.Cathy wiggins 2

6012R  Saturday  Quilting Leather

A hands-on workshop on everything involved with the fun, new medium, leather quiltingCathy Wiggins Leather


Please go to the Road to California website for more details on these upcoming classes. Registration begins Sunday, July 13th at 8:00 a.m. PDT. For information on how to register, visit this previous blog post